Where to Get Calcite in Minecraft (All Locations)

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When it comes to building or decorating in Minecraft, there are many blocks that you can choose from. Some can be easy to get, while others may be trickier to get.

So if you’re a fan of building with white blocks, have you ever wondered where to get Calcite in Minecraft?

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You can find Calcite in Minecraft in 2 places: deep underground within the amethyst geodes and on top of mountains in the stony peaks biome.

Let’s see how to find them!

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Where to Get Calcite in Minecraft?

Calcite is an opalescent block added in the first half of the Minecraft 1.17 Cave & Cliff update. With a unique texture and color, many builders are so excited when Calcite is first released. And here’s how to get Calcite in Minecraft!

  1. Find Calcite in Amethyst Geodes

Amethyst geodes are also new content in the 1.17 update.

They only spawn below 30 of the Y layer, down to -64. Each Minecraft chunk has a 4% chance to spawn one geode, so it’s not that common in Minecraft.

Because the amethyst geodes can spawn exposed to the surface, the easiest way to find them is by swimming and looking in the deep oceans or trying to look for big caves and mineshafts.

Amethyst geodes have a featured dark purple color, so they’re super stand out from the rest of the underground world.

Just make sure to turn on the brightness setting up a little bit or drink a potion of night vision will help find it easier.

When you’ve found the amethyst geodes, you may want to break the Budding Amethyst or Block of Amethyst to reveal the Calcite.

If you approach the geodes from the outside, you need to break the smooth basalt blocks instead.

With this method, you can find other minerals while also hunting for Calcite. You can get a few stacks of Calcite within only one amethyst geode.

  1. Find Calcite in the Stony Peaks biome

The Stony Peaks is one of the variants of the mountain biome in Minecraft. It’s high, usually covered by snow, and is a place for the silverfish.

To find this biome, you don’t have any other choice rather than roaming around until you find snowy or mountain biomes.

High up on the mountain within the stone peaks biome, you can find a lot of Calcite blocks spawn exposure to the surface, waiting for you to mine.

If mining deep underground is too dangerous for you, we’d recommend using this method. Although it’s harder to find this biome, it’s quite safe to harvest the Calcite block during the day.

At night, hostile mobs will spawn, so make sure to build a hideout base!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to get Calcite in Minecraft?

The easiest way to get Calcite in Minecraft is by going mining underground and looking for amethyst geodes! Not only can you get tons of useful minerals, but you can come across geodes more often because of the mining.

Can I craft Calcite in Minecraft?

For now, you can’t craft Calcite in Minecraft! And there is no way to get Calcite in Minecraft besides finding it in the world. So Calcite is a non-renewable block.

Can villagers sell Calcite?

Villagers don’t sell Calcite at the moment. But hopefully, in the future, Mojang will consider adding this trade for the mason villagers.

That’s where to get Calcite in Minecraft!

Remember to prepare for the journey because it can be rough out there!

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