Azur Lane – Resources Guide: How To Get Gems, Oil, Cubes, etc.

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There are lots of different resources to collect in Azur Lane, all of which are useful for some purposes.

As some resources are more important than others for progress, many players specifically farm those besides their regular grind.

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By playing and progressing through the game, you’ll get a lot of resources, but there are specific ways to get more of certain resources that you should take advantage of.

In this guide, we teach you how to get all resources in the game, as well as what they’re used for.

The most common resources which you’ll get from several sources through regular gameplay are coins, wisdom cubes, tech packs, blueprints, oil, gear parts, tech packs, and quick finishers.

Other resources like gems are much harder to obtain and not something that’ll just fall into your hands through regular gameplay.

We’ve made the following table, which shows how to get all resources in Azur Lane.

More details on how to get every single resource below.

ResourceHow to get
GemsMissions, Memento, commissions
OilsCommissions, events, missions, retire ships, academy, level-up rewards, login events
Wisdom cubesCommissions, munitions shop, missions, level-up rewards, login events
Quick finishersCommissions, missions, level-up rewards, login events
Tech packsDaily training, munitions shop, battle rewards, missions, exchange medals, level-up rewards
Skill booksCommissions, daily training, Munitions shop, missions, stage rewards
CoinsCommissions, daily training, battle rewards, missions, retire ships, academy, disassemble gear, level-up rewards, login events
BlueprintsCommissions, daily training, event, missions, exchange medals, login events, hard battles
Gear partsMunitions shop, event, battle rewards, missions, exchange medals, disassemble gear
Decor tokensCommissions, missions
Cognitive chipsDaily training, events, login events
SuppliesEvents, missions, purchase
MedalsRetire ships, missions
MeritExercises, missions

Table of contents

How to get gems

The premium currency in Azur Lane is gems.

You can buy extremely valuable items with gems, including extra dock capacity, dorm slots, and rings.

We’ve made an entire guide on what to spend gems on so you can get the most out of your gems.

There are only a few ways to get gems in Azur Lane besides purchasing them directly.

The main way to get gems in the game is by completing missions that give them as a reward.

Specifically, missions that ask you to acquire 3 stars on a particular stage are the ones that give gems.

To get 3 stars on most stages, you need to complete them multiple times, which many players don’t do at the beginning, making them miss out on some sweet gems.

You can see your current mission by pressing the Missions button on the home screen.

Azur Lane gems from missions

From time to time, you’ll get a commission that gives gems as a reward, but they are rare.

Commissions are quests that you assign ships to, and they’ll complete it for you in a given amount of time.

You can find your commissions in the stage selection screen by pressing the Commission button in the bottom menu.

The last way to get gems without paying is by collecting Bands in the Memento.

You can access the Memento by pressing the Memento button in the right-side menu on the home screen.

Here you can collect Bands, which are collections of specific ships and claim rewards for doing so. Many of the rewards for collecting Bands are gems.

How to get oil

Oil is arguably the single most important resource in Azur Lane.

You need oil to start battles, so if you don’t have any, you can’t play the game.

Luckily, there are several different ways to get your hands on some more oil.

The Canteen in the Academy is where you’ll be passively producing oil, so be sure to upgrade it whenever you can.

You should always collect the oil from your Canteen before it reaches its max capacity so you don’t miss out on potential oil production.

Several missions give oil as a reward, including daily missions, which are all easy to complete.

We recommend you always do your dailies to get oil.

As oil is a common resource in Azur Lane, you can also get it from commissions, login events, and level-up events, and retiring ships.

Azur Lane oil rewards missions

Another way to get oil fast in the game is by taking advantage of current events.

Oil is almost always included in event rewards and the event shop.

You can find the current events on the home screen right above the Battle button or by pressing the Exchange button on the home screen as well.

The event shop is located under the Event tab in the Munition. Here you can exchange event currency for all sorts of items and resources, including oil.

How to get wisdom cubes

The main way to get new ships in Azur Lane is by building them, which costs wisdom cubes.

Because of this, wisdom cubes are sought after as getting new ships is not only fun and has the potential to replace a current ship, but also increases the power of your current fleet through enhancing and limit breaks.

You can learn more about wisdom cubes and how to get ships in general in our guide on how to get ships in Azur Lane.

To farm wisdom cubes, you should complete all your daily missions as most of them give cubes as a reward.

There are many other missions, including main- and side story missions that also give wisdom cubes.

Be sure to look for deals in the general tab of the Munitions store, as they occasionally have wisdom cubes for sale in exchange for coins.

In many of the commissions you’ll get, there is a chance to get wisdom cubes, as indicated by the ‘May Find’ text.

Both login events and level-up events give lots of wisdom cubes.

On day 26 in the monthly login event, for example, you get 12 wisdom cubes.

The level-up event also gives more cubes the higher level you get, so get grinding!

How to get quick finishers

When you build a ship in Azur Lane, you have to wait for it to finish before you can launch it, also known as summoning it.

Because most players don’t want to wait the time it takes to build a ship, which is usually 2-4 hours, they use quick finishers instead.

A quick finisher is an item that finishes the building of a ship instantly.

You can get quick finishers in Azur Lane by completing missions, commissions, and claiming rewards from level-up and login events.

Your main source of quick finishers is going to be missions.

Weekly and daily missions are the missions that most often have quick finishers as a reward.

The number of quick finishers you get from login- and level-up events are usually equal to the number of cubes you get.

From regular gameplay you get more cubes than quick finishers, so be sure to claim all quick finishers from the login- and level-up events as you’ll need those quick finishers later on.

How to get tech boxes

Collecting and opening tech packs, also known as tech boxes, is the primary way to obtain gear in Azur Lane.

Gear significantly increases the damage output of ships in the game, which is why you should farm tech packs.

You can read more about how to get gear, enhance it, and more in our gear guide.

The easiest way to get gear packs in Azur Lane is by purchasing them with coins in the General tab of the Munitions store.

Here, you can buy many different kinds of tech boxes, some of which are at a discount.

If you see a great discount on tech packs, you should buy it as it’ll be very much worth your coins.

Tech boxes are also sold in the Merit, Core, and often the Event tab of the Munitions store, but those currencies are harder to obtain than coins.

The Munitions store refreshes daily, so you always have tech packs to purchase.

Azur Lane tech packs boxes in shop

You can also get tech boxes through other means, such as daily training, missions, and level-up missions.

Tech packs are often included in the selection of items you can exchange for medals in the Exchange tab of the Build section as well.

It is, however, better to save medals for powerful ships in most cases.

Lastly, tech packs are part of the loot pool of battles, which means you can farm tech boxes by completing battles in the game.

How to get skill books

In the Tactical Class of the Academy, you can upgrade ships’ skills by spending skill books.

There are several different tiers and types of skill books in Azur Lane.

The higher the tier of the skill book the more exp it gives a skill. Furthermore, if a skill book matches the type of skill you’re upgrading, it’ll give additional exp.

There are plenty of skill books to be earned in the daily training missions, which you can find through the Daily button in the bottom menu when browsing stages.

Skills books are also often for sale in the General tab of the Munitions shop.

Another great source of skill books in Azur Lane is stage rewards.

These are rewards that you get from completing certain stages. You always get a skill book and a piece of gear from stage rewards.

You can find and claim stage rewards by clicking the Exchange button on the home screen and going to the Stage Reward tab.

Skill books can also be obtained by completing missions and commissions.

How to get coins

The in-game currency of Azur Lane is coins, which are required to carry out many actions like limit breaking and building ships.

Coins can, of course, also be spent to purchase useful items and resources, all of which makes coins worthwhile to collect.

Similar to oil production, you can passively produce coins with the Merchant building in the Academy.

Whenever you can, you should upgrade the Merchant to increase its coin production.

The Merchant building has a maximum coin capacity, so be sure to collect your coins before the Merchant reaches this number of coins produced.

As coins are used for so many things in the game, you’ll get it from almost every aspect of the game, including battles, missions, commissions, daily training, and log in- and level-up events.

If you quickly need some coins and don’t have time to farm them, you can get coins by disassembling gear and retiring ships.

How to get blueprints

You can further increase the power and stats of some ships by utilizing the retrofit system.

Retrofit is a series of upgrades to a ship, which costs retrofit blueprints to unlock.

You can only unlock an upgrade once any upgrade next to it in the system has been unlocked. Therefore, you need a lot of blueprints to get the later upgrades, which usually are the best.

The main way to get retrofit blueprints is by completing battles on hard mode.

You can do battles on hard mode in a specific chapter once you’ve collected 3 stars on each of the stages in that chapter.

As retrofit blueprints drop from hard battles, you can easily farm them by doing battles over and over.

Besides hard mode battles, you can get blueprints by completing missions, commissions, and daily training.

Some events give blueprints as a reward or feature them in the event shop, but not all.

The last two ways to get blueprints in the game is through login event rewards and the medal item exchange inside the Build section.

How to get gear parts

Enhancing gear is a great way to improve the power of your fleet in Azur Lane.

To enhance gear, you need gear parts of the same type as the piece of gear you wish to enhance.

The two main ways to obtain gear parts in the game are from rewards from battles and by disassembling gear.

You can disassemble gear by opening the gear tab in your depot and clicking Disassemble in the bottom menu.

You can also get gear parts from the medal exchange, General tab in the Munitions shop, events, and missions.

How to get decor tokens

In some places in Azur Lane, like your Dorm, you can change the appearance of your room by purchasing decorations.

You can change almost anything with decorations from adding new wallpaper to a big cake to place on the floor.

All decorations in the game can be purchased with decor tokens.

Decor tokens are a scarce resource because there aren’t many ways to obtain them.

The only two ways to get decor tokens in Azur Lane besides buying them through gem packs is by completing missions and commissions related to your Dorm, etc.

You’ll probably not get more than one mission a day that gives decor tokens, but most commissions give decor tokens, so start some of those if you need to decorate your rooms.

How to get cognitive chips

When a ship reaches its max level after limit breaking to its maximum rank, you can increase its level cap even further with cognitive chips.

Because of this, cognitive chips are extremely valuable, but not something you will need in the beginning when your ships are nowhere near their maximum level.

The main way to get cognitive chips in Azur Lane is through tactical daily training, which you unlock at level 60.

You do also get some cognitive chips from login-events, so just save those until you can use them.

Azur Lane tactical daily training

How to get supplies

An excellent way to train ships in Azur Lane, even when you aren’t playing the game, is by placing them in the Dorm room.

For ships in the Dorm room to get exp, you need to give them supplies, which will last for a set amount of time.

The easiest way to get more supplies in Azur Lane is simply by purchasing them.

To purchase more supplies, open up the Supplies menu in your Dorm, and tab a supply you’ve run out of.

All rare supplies can be purchased with oil and more powerful supplies with gems.

You can also get supplies from completing missions certain missions, but most don’t give supplies as a reward.

Events do also often feature supplies as a reward or as something you can purchase in the event shop, so check out current events.

How to get medals

Medals are a valuable resource that can be exchanged for items and powerful ships.

You don’t get many medals through regular gameplay, only through some missions.

Instead, the primary way and only other way to get medals in Azur Lane is by retiring ships.

Retiring a ship is the process of deleting a ship in exchange for resources, including medals.

To retire a ship, press the Build button on the home screen and go to the Retire tab.

Here you can select ships you wish to retire and see which rewards you’ll get from retiring the selected ships.

The number of medals you get from retiring a ship depends on its rarity.

How to get merit

The PvP system in Azur Lane, where you can fight other players, is known as exercise.

The reward for participating in exercises is merit.

The Munitions shop in the Academy has an entire tab that only sells items and ships in exchange for merit.

Some of these ships are extremely powerful and of SR rarity.

Therefore, farming merit is a great idea if you’re looking to improve your fleet.

Besides getting merit from exercises, you can also get it from certain missions related to the PvP system.

Azur Lane merit shop

That’s how to get every single resource in Azur Lane!

If you have any input or alternative ways to get a specific resource that we didn’t cover in this guide, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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