Deep Rock Galactic – What Are the Best Weapon Overclocks?

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Weapon overclocks are powerful upgrades available after your first promotion.

However, there are over a hundred of them, and you can only pick one to play each mission.

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That being said, understanding what they do is important. And if you want to save time, we’ll go through some of the best weapon overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic right now!

For Gunner, the best weapon overclocks are Burning Hell, Lead Storm, Carpet Bomber, Salvo Module, Volatile Bullets, Magic Bullets, Lead Spray, and The Mole.

For Engineer, the best weapon overclocks are Mini Shells, EM Refire Booster, Executioner, Explosive Chemical Rounds, Fat Boy, Light-Weight Cases, Plastcrete Catalyst, and Volatile Impact Reactor.

For Driller, the best weapon overclocks are Face Melter, Sticky Fuel, Tuned Cooler, Volatile Impact Mixture, Explosive Reload, Persistent Plasma, and Liquid Cooling System.

For Scout, the best weapon overclocks are Bullets of Mercy, Hipster, Overtuned Particle Accelerator, Thermal Exhaust Feedback, Special Powder, Embedded Detonators, and Trifork Volley.

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Best Weapon Overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic

Before we dive deeper into the best weapon overclocks for each class, it’s worth noting that the overclocks listed below are based on several criteria, such as community choice and personal preference.

So, if you find any better overclocks, feel free to let us know in the comment below.

Or if you’re a perfectionist, we’d recommend picking the clean overclocks because they don’t have any negative effects at all.

1. Best Weapon Overclocks for Gunner

Gunner is well-known for his high DPS and powerful guns. Currently, there are 39 weapon overclocks for Gunner’s guns.

“Lead Storm” Powered Minigun

For the minigun, there are two overclocks that are worth mentioning. They’re Burning Hell and Lead Storm.

Burning Hell allows you to burn any enemy standing near the minigun while making the heat generation 50% faster. Although at first glance, this overclock seems only to bring trouble, wait until we talk about the Bulldog overclock below.

On the other hand, Lead Storm gives you +4 damage but makes it impossible to move while firing the minigun, reducing the stun chance and the stun duration.

The base damage of the minigun is only 10, so four more damage is pretty decent.

“Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon

Sometimes, you will find it challenging to deal with massive waves of bugs while playing the Gunner. If that’s the case, Carpet Bomber is the go-to overclock.

Carpet Bomber adds 3 area damage and 0.6 meters to the splash damage. However, your direct damage is reduced by 7.

Alternatively, Splintering Shells or Big Bertha are great overclocks for the Thunderhead gun.

“Hurricane” Guided Rocket System

If you want to turn your rocket gun into an automatic shotgun, Salvo Module is the chosen one!

With Salvo Module equipped, you can hold the left mouse button to fire up to 9 missiles at once. You can’t guide those missiles, but they fly faster and deal more damage (up to 4) for each missile added.

“Bulldog” Heavy Revolver

For the Bulldog Revolver, we have two overclocks: Volatile Bullets and Magic Bullets.

Volatile Bullets make the revolver cause 300% damage for burning enemies but reduce 10 damage in general. Although each shot can now only deal 50 damage, you can cause 150 damage in a single hit.

If you don’t want to aim that much, Magic Bullets can help you by making the bullets bounce off the terrain and hit the bugs for you. You’ll get +8 max ammo, but the overall damage is decreased by 20.

BRT7 Burst Fire Gun

With decent damage and a high rate of fire, BRT7 Burst Fire Gun works really well with most overclocks.

You could use Lead Spray to multiply the damage by 1.5 times. However, because of the x4 base spread penalty, this gun is only effective at close range.

If you want to kill more bugs, Compact Mags is a perfect option since it provides 84 max ammo but only decreases 1 rate of fire and increases the reload time by 0.4 seconds.

ArmsKore Coil Gun

This gun is well-known for its terrain penetration ability. That said, The Mole is the best overclock for fighting high-value enemies or bosses in DRG.

The Mole gives 500% penetration ability to bullets and adds 150 damage for each terrain the bullet penetrated. This damage stack limitless, so it’s all depends on the bullet penetration.

2. Best Weapon Overclocks for Engineer

Engineer is by far the best class in the game, with solid offensive and defensive builds. Currently, there are 36 weapon overclocks for Engineer guns.

“Warthog” Auto 210

Not everyone loves this default shotgun and its overclocks, but have you tried Mini Shells and Magnetic Pellet Alignment?

Mini Shells simply give you +78 max ammo, +6 magazine size, and reduce 50% recoil. In contrast, it completely removes the stun chance and duration of the shotgun and -2 damage. Who needs stun when you can spam the guns to death?

Magnetic Pellet Alignment reduces the rate of fire by 25% but gives more accuracy and 30% damage to weak points.

“Stubby” Voltaic SMG

Let’s try EM Refire Booster and Light-Weight Rounds for the Stubby SMG!

Both are balanced overclocks, which means they don’t completely change the gun but only give minor penalties and boosts.

EM Refire Booster gives +2 electric damage and +4 rate of fire but increases the base spread by 50%.

Light-Weight Rounds give +180 max ammo but -1 damage and -2 rate of fire.

LOK-1 Smart Rifle

This rifle is pretty good, so any overclock could do the work. However, Executioner and Explosive Chemical Rounds are among the best.

Executioner halves the lock time and causes 50% more damage to weak points on full lock. The downsides are -12 max ammo, -12 magazine size, and -66% of the number of enemies you can lock.

Explosive Chemical Rounds is a fun and strong overclock where the third bullet will explode for 50 damage if you lock an enemy with 3 locks max. In addition, this overclock reduces the weapon’s damage by 5 and -36 max ammo.

Deepcore 40mm PGL

Deepcore 40mm PGL is a powerful gun with massive damage, high range, and a high fear factor. Same as the LOK-1 Rifle, all Deepcore’s overclocks are pretty useful.

Fat Boy is by far the best overclock with its enormous radiation damage, x4 area damage, and +1m radius. However, if you love a weapon with decent ammo, this is not the best choice since your max ammo will be reduced to 30% (so only 3 max without modifications) and 30% nerf to projectile velocity.

Alternatively, you can pick Clean Sweep for a small boost in damage and radius, RJ250 Compound for flexibility, and Hyper Propellant for a massive damage boost.

Breach Cutter

If you don’t want to think much, Light-Weight Cases and Stronger Plasma Current do a pretty good job with the increase in max ammo, beam DPS, projectile lifetime, and reduce a little bit of reload time.

Ultimately, Inferno is the best overclock with the highest DPS so far. But because it deals fire damage, it’s best to check the mission carefully (avoid Magma Core, for example) before picking this overclock.

Shard Diffractor

For Shard Diffractor, we’ll use Plastcrete Catalyst and Volatile Impact Reactor.

Plastcrete Catalyst reduces 50 total capacity and +0.8s recharge time, but you will be able to shoot your platform to create a massive explosion that deals 300 damage.

On the other hand, the Volatile Impact Reactor halves the area radius and charge capacity of the gun, but it will burn the ground for 7 seconds with 10 damage every 0.1-0.15 seconds. This is pretty useful for defensive purposes, especially for Escort Duty missions.

3. Best Weapon Overclocks for Driller

Driller is a tough class with many elemental guns, making him ideal for specific mission types. Currently, there are 36 weapon overclocks for Driller’s guns.

CRSPR Flamethrower

Face Melter or Sticky Fuel is the best unstabled overclock for this flamethrower!

Face Melter gives you +4 damage and +1.8 fuel flow rate while reducing your flame reach and tank size. This is a good trade-off since you can just smelt any bugs with little effort.

On the other hand, Stick Fuel improves the stickiness of the flame. This makes the flame stay longer where you shoot by adding 6 seconds for the sticky flame and +10 sticky flame DPS. However, your max fuel is reduced by 75, and the tank size is reduced by 25.

Cryo Cannon

With the help of the Cryo Cannon, you can say goodbye to those annoying flying bugs and exploders.

Tuned Cooler is the only overclock that increases your freezing power by 1. In addition, it also increases the flow rate, charge up time, and reduces the pressure gain rate by half.

Corrosive Sludge Pump

Volatile Impact Mixture is a good overclock since it doubles the damage of your regular and charged shot. However, the corrosive damage duration is reduced by half, and the puddle duration is multiplied by 0.75.

If you want to create more fragments (or a mess), Disperser Compound is an excellent overclock! It adds 6 charged shot fragments with +4 more damage. However, the charged shot area damage is reduced by 24.

Subata 120

Explosive Reload is a unique overclock that can help you deal massive damage to a single enemy. Whenever you reload, each bullet on the enemy will deal 42 damage. This damage is stacked and can be applied to multiple enemies.

Explosive Reload halves your max ammo and magazine size, however.

If you want to turn this pistol into a fully automatic rifle, Automatic Fire could be a great choice. This allows you to hold the left mouse button to fire, +2 rate of fire, double base spread, and triple recoil effect.

Experimental Plasma Charger

Persistent Plasma reduces the charged damage and area damage overall by 15. But the charged shot will create a big plasma trail with 8 damage per 0.2-0.25 seconds for 7 seconds.

Alternatively, Energy Rerouting is a clean overclock that works really well for mineral-mining purposes. It gives 16 battery capacity and speeds up the charge time.

Colette Wave Cooker

The Colette Wave Cooker is already a good weapon with its damage and long-range advantages. So a clean overclock like Liquid Cooling System is sufficient.

Liquid Cooling System improves the heat generation, cooling rate, and reduces the overheating duration by 0.2 seconds.

Many dwarves in the DRG community also use Gamma Contamination. But it has too many disadvantages compared to a medium boost in damage.

4. Best Weapon Overclocks for Scout

Scout is the most mobility class in the game. He can fly across the terrain without being afraid of fall damage. Currently, there are 37 weapon overclocks for Scout’s guns.

Deepcore GK2

For GK2, Bullets of Mercy could work really well since Scout can cause many elemental damages with his secondary weapons.

Bullets of Mercy reduce the magazine size by 40% but increase the weapon damage by 33% to afflicted targets (burning, stunned, frozen, poisoned, electrocuted,…).

M1000 Classic

We could say M1000 is a sniper gun for Scout because of its damage, accuracy, and focus shot.

And with the Hipster overclock, this sniper gun can fire faster, just like a rifle. Hipster halves the recoil effect, almost double max ammo and +3 rate of fire. The only downside is the damage reduction, bringing the total damage down to 38.

DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine

To maximize the potential of the Plasma Carbine, using Overtuned Particle Accelerator or Thermal Exhaust Feedback is a great option!

Overtuned Particle Accelerator increases the DPS furthermore by adding 8 direct damage to the gun. With 12 rates of fire and 17 damage, you can deal up to 204 damage per second. In contrast, the overclock increases base spread, heat per shot, and reduce battery capacity by 20%.

Thermal Exhaust Feedback adds +6 damage per shot when the heat is over 50%, increasing overheat duration and multiplying the heat per shot by 1.2 times. So, the more you shoot, the more damage you will deal.

Jury-Rigged Boomstick

If you often fall to death, even if you’re familiar with the grappling hook, Special Powder is the best overclock for the Boomstick.

You can launch yourself into space without penalties with a shotgun shot. And that’s it!

If you prefer to deal more damage with the shotgun, try Jumbo Shells or Stuffed Shells.

Zhukov NUK17

Similar to the Subata 120 of the Driller, we use Embedded Detonators overclock for this submachine gun.

You will deal 38 damage for each bullet on the enemy whenever you reload. This effect stacks and can be applied to multiple enemies. Plus, it also works for any penetrated bullet.

Nishanka Boltshark X-80

This is a fun weapon for anyone who loves crossbows. However, retrieving the bolts can sometimes be tedious.

Trifork Volley could be the best overclock for the Boltshark X-80 if you’re tired of picking the bolts. This triples the projectiles and gives 20% more ammo capacity. On the other hand, each projectile deals 15% less damage, and your reload time is slower.

You will run out of ammo quickly, so saving some for high-value bugs, such as the Wardens, Menaces, or Bulks, is wise.

Those are the best weapon overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic for each class!

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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