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If you’ve played Deep Rock Galactic for a while, surely you may have seen some mysterious machines located deep on Hoxxes. They’re Machine Events!

What are they? And what do they do? In this article, we’ll guide you on how to activate machine events in Deep Rock Galactic.

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To active machine events in Deep Rock Galactic, you must have the Tritilyte Key – a reusable item that you can get after your first promotion. Then look for a nearby Core Infuser machine and put your key into it. Afterward, the main machine event will rise up with 4 inactivate buttons. When all 4 buttons are pressed (by holding “E”), the event will start immediately!

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How to Activate Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

Currently, there are 4 different machine events in Deep Rock Galactic. No matter what they do, the activation process is still the same. Let’s see how to activate them, step-by-step.

  1. Get the Tritilyte Key

Machine events are considered late-game content since their main purpose is to farm weapon overclocks and cosmetic items. And to get your rewards, you have to promote at least once with any dwarf.

After your first promotion, you will unlock a lot of new end-game features, and one of them is the Tritilyte Key. This is a special key that has infinite usage, so you can activate an endless amount of machine events as long as you can find them.

To promote and get the key in DRG, you will need to reach 25 levels with any class, 8,919 credits, and 62-69 of 3 random crafting materials.

  1. Find the Machine Events

Machine events can spawn in all missions and biomes. Depending on the mission length, the spawning chance can vary from 15% for one, 20% for two, and up to 35% with three-length missions.

It’s wise to aim for missions with 2 or 3 lengths because they have a higher chance to spawn a machine event, plus other things like the Cargo Crate or the Lost Pack.

It’s rare to find a machine event spawn in the first room in DRG. Usually, it will spawn in a separate room with a large space a little bit deep underground.

Machine events are quite big, so you can’t easily miss them. Below is a quick description for each of them so you can recognize them better the next time mining.

  • Ebonite Mutation: a medium green machine with four big pipes. The pipes will deploy Overcharge Sprinkler to help you fight through waves of rocky Ebonite Glyphid.
  • Kursite Infection: a little bigger than Ebonite Mutation, this machine event has a gray texture with a purple radiation beam in the center. You have to defeat Kursite bugs to collect their minerals.
  • Omen Modular Exterminator (OMEN): This is the largest machine event and, yet, the deadliest turret as well. It’s a tall tower with 3 separate sections that can do different attacks. Along with them are the 3 platforms where you need to stand on to deactivate OMEN’s defensive system.
  • Tritilyte Crystal: the second-largest machine event in DRG! Tritilyte Crystal is a giant red crystal with 4 laser turrets facing it. Depending on the location, this may be the easiest machine event in the game!

So you’ve found a machine event and promoted a character at least once. What’s next?

  1. Activate Machine Events

Every machine event in Deep Rock Galactic spawns with a Core Infuser nearby. It’s a small white machine that has a small hole on the top to insert the Tritilyte Key.

When you’ve located the Core Infuser (not the machine event), simply press “E” to insert the key.

Once the key is inserted, you can interact with four buttons around the main machine event to push them in. When all the buttons are activated, the machine will pop up and start right after.

Stay back, and good luck challenging yourself!

That’s how to activate machine events in Deep Rock Galactic!

Keep mining and promote your beautiful dwarf for more challenges and rewards, brothers!

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