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Have you ever wondered about the big structure with a furnace, an anvil, and all of the blacksmith things at the end of the corridor in DRG?

That’s one of the most important features to furthermore upgrade your dwarves!

In today’s article, let’s see what is the Forge in Deep Rock Galactic.

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In Deep Rock Galactic, the Forge is one of the terminals that allow you to forge weapon overclocks, matrix core cosmetics, and earn forge mastery. These overclocks make a huge change and impact how you play the game. That said, the Forge is the most important feature you have to visit after your first promotion.

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What Is the Forge in Deep Rock Galactic

Just like other terminals in the game, the Forge is the place where you forge your discovered overclocks and matrix core cosmetics.

You can find the Forge pretty early in the game by going straight to the end of the corridor of the Space Rigs. But you won’t be able to interact with it just yet.

The Forge is unlocked after your first promotion, along with other great features.

The interface of the Forge is quite simple. You will see your character on the left and discovered overclocks on the right, along with their forging price (Credits and rare minerals).

By clicking on the overclocks, you can further read about what they do in advance, what is the negative points, and which weapon this overclock can apply to.

When you’re satisfied with any overclock, simply forge them by clicking the big button. A short forging animation will play, and you will have access to a new powerful overclock.

You can head to the Equipment Terminal, choose the correct weapon, and equip your newly unlocked overclock (Assuming you’ve already purchased the fifth upgrade in the tree).

Back to the Forge interface, do you see the level bar right below your character on the left?

It’s the Forge Mastery!

Each Forge Mastery level has 5 segments. In order to level up a Forge Mastery by one level, you have to fill up those 5 segments.

And you can fill a segment by forging an overclock. Easy as that!

When you reach a new Forge Mastery level, you can pick 1 from the 2 random overclocks the game gives you. These 2 overclocks are selected alternatively between weapon overclocks and matrix core cosmetics.

When you have already forged all of the available overclocks in the game, you will receive a blank matrix core instead.

But that’s a far perspective since there are over 140 overclocks in Deep Rock Galactic. So good luck unlocking them all.

That’s all about the Forge in Deep Rock Galactic.

Let’s go out there and farm as many overclocks as you can, then prepare the materials and forge your favorite overclocks, miners!

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