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Assassin’s Cowl is an Exotic armor piece in Destiny2 that every Hunter should have unlocked. It provides a lot of utility in end-game activities.

If you still don’t have Assassin’s Cowl unlocked, continue reading this guide to find out how you can get Assassin’s Cowl today.

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To unlock Assassin’s Cowl in Destiny 2, complete the Shadowkeep campaign with the Hunter Class. Legendary Lost Sectors on Helmet Day can reward Assassin’s Cowl.

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How to Get Assassin’s Cowl in Destiny 2

Assassin’s Cowl is an Exotic Helmet for Hunters that was added with the release of the Shadowkeep Expansion.

It has become a staple for many Hunters, allowing every subclass to regain health and go invisible. There are two methods to unlocking this Exotic Helmet.

Shadowkeep Campaign

A new Expansion in Destiny 2 means a new campaign and new Exotic armor pieces. Select Exotic armor pieces are rewarded to players who complete the Expansion’s campaign.

The Shadowkeep campaign rewards players with one Exotic armor piece depending on the Class they use to complete the campaign. For Hunters, they are rewarded with the Assassin’s Cowl.

The Shadowkeep campaign is one of the shortest campaign experiences in Destiny 2. Taking place on the Moon, you will need to help Eris Morn fend off the Hive while trying to find out why they are there to begin with.

The story has its ups and downs, generally regarded as one of the weaker Expansion campaigns. It is still worth it if only to unlock the Assassin’s Cowl.

Aside from the campaign, the Shadowkeep Expansion has plenty of extra content that players can enjoy. See our guide on How to Start Shadowkeep.

Legend Lost Sector

If you don’t feel like completing the Shadowkeep campaign, or you need an Assassin’s Cowl with better stats, then you will need to do Solo Legendary Lost Sectors to get one.

Legend Lost Sectors are on a daily rotation, with each day rewarding either Helmet, Gauntlet, Chest, or Leg armor from the most recent Expansions.

You will have to wait until it is Helmet Day before finding the daily Legend Lost Sector. You can use your Directory to see which planet the Legend Lost Sector is on today.

Selecting this planet and hovering over the Legend Lost Sector will show you what type of Exotic armor piece it is rewarding that day.

You will need to be at least Power Level 1750 to unlock Legend Lost Sectors, though a Power Level closer to 1800 is recommended.

Completing a Legend Lost Sector will give you a chance at obtaining one of the Exotic helmets in the Exotic reward pool.

You are not guaranteed an Assassin’s Cowl, meaning multiple runs of Legend Lost Sectors may be required before you finally get it to drop.

Make sure you are using your Hunter for these runs. You will only be rewarded with Exotic armor that your current Class can equip.

Legend Lost Sectors are by far the best way to unlock Exotic armor that you do not have from the most recent Expansions. It is also a great way to farm for high-stat Exotic armor.

While Master difficulty has a common chance of rewarding Exotic armor, we recommend sticking with Legendary difficulty as they are much easier.

Most players, with a decent Loadout and understanding of the Lost Sector, can complete Legendary difficulty runs in under 10 minutes.

On average, you should be able to complete multiple runs of Legendary Lost Sectors in the time it would take to complete one Master difficulty Lost Sector.

If you are new to Legend Lost Sectors, be sure to check out our guide on How to Unlock and Do Legendary Lost Sectors.

Is Assassin’s Cowl Worth It?

Assassin’s Cowl is a staple Exotic for Hunters using the Arc subclass, which is a lot of Hunters at this time.

The Gathering Storm Super ability is the best DPS Super in the game right now when paired with the Star-Eater Scales Exotic Leg armor. Many Hunters are using the Arc subclass in PvE activities for this reason.

Before you can use your Star-Eater Scales Super on the Boss, you need to survive and make it to the damage phase. This is where Assassin’s Cowl comes in.

This Exotic has the Exotic Perk Vanishing Execution, causing your Powerful Melee final blows to restore a portion of your health and shields while granting you invisibility.

Finishers and final blows against stronger enemies will enhance this effect, granting you even more health, shields, and invisibility duration.

When combined with the Arc Hunter’s Combination Blow Melee ability and Gambler’s Dodge Classs ability, you can maintain health, shields, and invisibility near-infinitly throughout an encounter.

Every melee kill will give health and invisibility, while your Class ability will recharge your Melee ability.

Once you make it to the damage phase of the encounter, you can swap off of the Assassin’s Cowl and put on your DPS Exotic armor of choice.

This Exotic also plays very nicely with the Hunter’s ranged Melee abilities, with Throwing Knives becoming an on-demand heal without putting yourself in melee range. This is true for your Stasis and Strand Melee abilities as well.

Hunters can rely on this Exotic to carry them through most of the end-game content in Destiny 2. Grandmaster Nightfalls require every bit of survivability you can find just to make it to the Boss.

This Exotic will keep you healthy and let you revive your teammates while invisible when they inevitably fall in a dangerous spot.

Overall, this is a very fun Exotic Helmet that has recently become part of the meta with its Arc subclass synergies and survivability. Every Hunter should have an Assassin’s Cowl in their Loadouts.

Now you are ready to go and get your own Assassin’s Cowl!

What made you decide it was time to unlock Assassin’s Cowl? Is there a certain build you are excited to try out with it? let me know in the comments!

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