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In Fire Emblem Engage, one of the main priorities is gaining EXP and leveling up your units to increase the stats for your Units, resulting in them being much more useful in battle.

EXP can be gained consistently through a variety of reasonably quick methods, allowing you to boost your favorite characters to their full potential.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can gather EXP and level up your characters quickly by using one of several methods available in combat or around Somniel. These methods range from completing activities and simple planning of your unit composition to more refined trapping and skill usage in combat.

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How Do Levels Work in Fire Emblem Engage? Explained

Your Units will start at various levels as you meet and welcome them into your alliance. However, any Unit Promoted to an Advanced Class with a Master Seal, or changed to a new Base Class with a Second Seal, will start back at level 1 with each Master Seal or Second Seal use.

The highest level you can reach with a Unit at both Base Class and Advanced Class is level 20. Advanced Classes at level 20 are generally more powerful than a Base Class Unit.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to promote and Change Class

This is because Advanced Classes have access to unique skills and higher stat growth than their Base Class counterparts.

This is important to remember when deciding you want to farm levels on a Unit; if you plan to promote or change class, it will make the most sense to commit to this before you start grinding out levels.

While Advanced and Basic classes can only reach a maximum level of 20, Special classes are able to reach a maximum level of 40, and learn their exclusive class at level 25.

All special classes in Fire Emblem Engage are listed below for your convenience:

  • Thief
  • Fell Child
  • Dancer

How to Farm EXP & Level Up Characters Quickly at Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a number of ways to farm EXP and level up your characters while outside of battle and roaming Somniel, as well as during combat.

These techniques involve completing various tasks and activities between Chapters for some helpful boosts of EXP, contributing to much more rapid growth of the levels of your Units.

Here is a complete breakdown of every EXP farming method that can be used at Somniel and within combat in Fire Emblem Engage:

Complete Training Matches at the Arena

Completing training matches at the Arena in Somniel is a very useful method for farming EXP on your Units.

The arena lets you fight against your allies in mock battles after each Battle you complete in the main story, Skirmish, or paralogue.

Battles that your Unit loses will result in a small EXP boost, while mock battles that they win will grant a much more significant amount of EXP.

FE Engage - How Does Support Work?

You can complete mock battles up to three times after each battle, so be sure to participate in all three matches to utilize these EXP boosts to their full potential.

Complete Available Skirmishes

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

In Fire Emblem Engage, you will have the opportunity to participate in Skirmishes between Story Battles. These Skirmishes will be indicated with a little red bubble showing enemy icons and tend to appear with each chapter of the story or prologue that you complete.

Skirmishes may also disappear and reappear on their own every so many hours, either as replacement Skirmishes in the same areas or completely new locations.

If you’re in the early chapters of the game, there may only be a couple of Skirmishes appearing from time to time. However, if you’re already completed a decent few chapters, then you’ll begin to notice Skirmishes becoming much more frequent on the world map.

Skirmishes will appear at a range of different difficulties and recommended levels/classes. You can use this to your advantage by planning the Units in which you select for the match.

For example, a low-level Skimish may be good for quickly boosting some of your weaker Units, as they’ll be around the same level.

A higher-level Skirmish may require you to assign your most powerful Units, but you can also make the most of power-leveling by adding one or two of your weaker Units to the mix. Ideally, you’d want to play to protect these weaker units, then have your strongest Units go on the offensive to deal damage to the enemies.

Once an enemy is extremely low on HP, have your weak units swoop in for the killing blow and let them gain all the benefits of a much more significant EXP boost, helping them level up much more quickly.

Use Corrin’s Dragon Vein to Farm EXP For Your Healing Units

This method has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to Emblem Corrin
  • Plenty of healing abilities/Staves

This is a simple method to boost EXP for your staff-using Units quickly. To set up this technique, you’ll want to head into a Chapter or Skirmish and ensure that Emblem Corrin is paired with one of the units you have selected to use in battle.

Once the battle begins, you will want to keep your units very close to one another regarding their location on the map, as his method works best when a small group of units is bundled together.

Now you want to wait out the first few turns until you can Engage with Corrin. Once you’ve triggered the Engage, you’ll need to use the Dragon Vein ability to set your own Units on fire.

This will damage your team on the next turn, allowing your healers to swoop in and heal them, which will grant EXP boosts with each healing ability used.

Use Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice on Injured Units & Pair with Celica’s Favorite Food

This method has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to Emblem Micaiah
  • Access to Emblem Celica (optional, for Favorite Food combo)

Emblem Micaiah has an extremely useful ability titled Great Sacrifice that heals all Units simultaneously. This ability can be used to your advantage for gaining EXP in battle, by simply equipping Micaiah’s Emblem Ring to the Unit of your choice.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Farm Skill Points

Each use of Great Sacrifice can earn up to 120 EXP for a Unit, which is quite a significant number. You should have no troubles boosting your lowest level Units with this method, as it can be used multiple in every single battle or Skirmish.

You can also pair Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice with Emblem Celica’s Favorite Food Iheritance Skill. This skill fully restores the Engage meter to a Unit, allowing whichever unit you’ve equipped with Micaiah to use Great Sacrifice twice in one turn, therefore earning double the EXP.

FE Engage - How Does Support Work?

Bonus EXP Farming Tips & Tricks in Fire Emblem Engage

While the techniques listed above are very specific methods for farming EXP in a reliable manner, there are a series of small adjustments and tweaks to your gameplay that can also go a very long way in terms of collecting EXP and leveling your Units as fast as possible.

Let Your Lower-Level Units Finish off the Enemy

In Fire Emblem Engage, when one of your Units deals a killing blow to an enemy, they will receive more EXP than if they were to just deal regular damage in a turn.

Fire Emblem Engage - How To Reroll

This means that you can prioritize your stronger Units for dealing damage and then finish each enemy off with your weakest units to gain considerable EXP and level up with ease.

Equip Marth’s Mercurius Engage Weapon

This method has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to Emblem Marth
  • Bond level 10 with Marth

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a variety of different weapons, including Engage Weapons held by each of the twelve Emblem rings when synced with a Unit.

Marth’s Maercurius Engage Weapon grants a huge benefit by doubling the EXP earned by the individual that is holding it, so you can really make the most of this by increasing your Bond Level with Marth as soon as you are granted access to his Emblem Ring.

Mercurius will be unlocked once a Unit reaches level 10 Bond Level with Marth. After you unlock Mercurius, you will be able to make the most of the EXP benefits by equipping it with the Unit you wish to level and then switching this Unit around as necessary.

Equip Byleth’s Mentorship

This method has the following prerequisites:

  • Access to Emblem Byleth

Mentorship is the title of one of Emblem Byleth’s Synchro Skills, granting a Unit 1x2x any EXP they and adjacent allies receive.

Mentorship is a Level 5 Sychro Skill, and can be purchased for 250 Skill Points. This is a very handy Sychro Skill to think about using alongside your preferred EXP grinding techniques, as it allows you to give helpful boosts to multiple units at a time.

Mentorship pairs well with the method of letting your lower-lever Units finish off the enemy, as you will be wanting to play your strongest Units surrounding your weaker allies, which already sets up the perfect opportunity for making the most of the EXP boost to adjacent allies Mentorship provides.

Make Use of the Lineage Synchro Skill if You Own Fire Emblem Engage DLC

If you own Fire Emblem Engage’s DLC content, you can also make the most of the Lineage Sychro Skill to help boost EXP gained in combat.

This skill belongs to the Edelgard / Dimitri / Claude Emblem, and is a level 3 Sychro Skill, costing 150 Skill Points to obtain.

That’s everything you need to know about how to level up characters quickly in FIre Emblem Engage.

Which techniques do you plan to use, and in what sort of combination? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out our other Fire Emblem Engage guides for plenty more tips and tricks to help you along your journey in Elyos.

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