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In Fire Emblem Engage, there is a Gift mechanic that allows you to give presents to your favorite ally Units. In doing so, you can increase Alear’s personal Support Bond with whichever Unit you present a Gift.

This makes the Gift feature a very useful addition to the game, so you should take advantage of it whenever you get the opportunity.

The stronger the Support level Alear and her Units hold with each other, the stronger stat boosts will be provided in battle when standing next to one another.

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In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a couple of different ways in which you can obtain Gifts for your ally Units. However, both of these methods for obtaining Gifts are available to access while exploring Somniel only.

Because of this, if you’re planning to stock up on Gifts through purchase or foraging, you’ll first need to clear any Skirmishes or Battles and then return to Alear’s home base. Once you’ve arrived, you will have complete access to both getting your hands on Giftable items and have the freedom to present these Gifts to your preferred Units.

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What Are Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage?

In Fire Emblem Engage, Gifts are items that can be obtained and presented to a Unit of your choice to raise your Support level with them.

This is a fairly important mechanic to take advantage of, as the higher Alear’s Support level is with a Unit, the more benefits and stat increases they will receive when standing next to one another on the battlefield.

Every Unit will also have its own preferences as to which Gifts they do and do not like, which will affect their reaction to the Gifts you give them, and, ultimately, the Support gained from Gifting them one item over another.

Your Support level between Alear and their ally Units is also factored into which characters you can or cannot romance at the end of the game with the use of the Pact Ring.

Because of this, it’s very important to know where you can access and obtain a Unit’s favorite Gifts and what Gifts each Unit dislikes, as Gifting them one of these items would simply be a waste and could be better used on a Unit that does have a preference for that same item.

Where to Get Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

There are two ways to obtain Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage.

Gifts can only be found, obtained, and given to your ally Units while you’re exploring Somniel, so if you’re planning to do some serious Gift buying and giving, then you’ll first need to wrap up any ongoing Chapter Battles or Skirmished and head back home to the Somniel.

Once you’ve arrived back in Somniel, you will have two options for obtaining Gifts. However, if you are yet to reach Chapter 13 during your playthrough, you will be restricted to the first option listed below.

The first option for obtaining Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage is by foraging Giftable items from around Somniel.

Each time you visit Somniel, there will be various items scattered around the map, indicated by a small sparkle icon – just like the items you can pick up from each Chapter’s battle locations by clearing the encounter.

Fire Emblem Engage - What Does Horse Manure Do?

While many of these items will be Ingredients or Materials, there are a few items that you can also gift to your Units:

Luckily, these three items are very straightforward when it comes to Gifting. Spirit Gems and Pretty Pebbles are appreciated or found neutral by every Unit, meaning you can’t go wrong when giving these Gifts.

However, Horse Manure is hated by every Unit in the game, making it more of a gag gift that results in some hilarious reactions and dialogue.

Every other item is only appreciated by certain Units and will be disliked by the others.

While each of these items can be found around Somniel, the chance of them appearing is completely random.

This means that if you’re yet to reach Chapter 12 of the game, your chances to obtain Gifts will be left completely up to luck, so it’s important to keep an eye out and check Somniel for new items at every possible opportunity.

The second method in which you can obtain Gifts in Fire Emblem Engage unlocks after you complete Chapter 12. Once you hit Chapter 13, you will receive Unit Timerra, who will open and run the Flea Market at Somniel.

The Flea Market stocks a wide variety of items that you can purchase and Gift to your Units, so as long as you have Gold to spend, this will always be the quickest and easiest option.

When purchasing Gifts for your Units, knowing which items will be admired by the recipient is key.

For this reason, we’ve included a list of all Gifts in the game below to help you evaluate which items you should buy to raise Support with your favorite Units, which can lead to Pact Ring romance endings after completing the game.

All Gifts list

Every Unit will have unique preferences for the gifts they receive, with some being admired and others being heavily disliked.

Gifts can be scarce until you obtain the Flea Market for Somniel in Chapter 13, and expensive to buy in bulk once you have obtained it.

For this reason, it’s important to pair each Gift to the correct Unit, as this will have the best effect on the Support gained.

On the flip side, Gifting a Unit an item they dislike is a complete waste and won’t have very noticeable results.

We’ve compiled a list below of every Giftable item in the game, as well as which Units will appreciate each item.

This way, you can prioritize the Gifts you have to the Units who prefer them and raise Support levels with your favorite Units.

Gift Item:Best Units For This Gift:Flea Market Cost (Gold):
Spirit GemAll Units will enjoy this gift.None, found at Somniel
Pretty PebbleAll Units are natural to this gift.None, found at Somniel
Spicy SeasoningsChloe, Panette, Veyle, MauvierNone, found at Somniel
Horse ManureNo Units will appreciate this Gift, but it ca be used to trigger humorous dialogue and amusing reactions.None, found at Somniel
Butterfly NetChloe, Lapis, Amber, Jade, Timerra, Panette, Merrin, Jean200
ChrysanthemumFramme, Veyle, Mauvier20
LilyCitrinne, Veyle, Mauvier20
HornAlfred, Yunaka, Fogado, Pandreo, Timerra, Merrin, Seadall600
Flower WreathFramme, Alfred, Etie, Celine, Louis, Citrinne, Fogado, Bunet, Hortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Veyle, Mauvier150
Utility KnifeYunaka, Lapis, Diamant, Amber, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Panette, Merrin, Saphir, Mauvier, Anna500
Bear CarvingChloe, Lapis, Amber, Jade, Timerra, Merrin, Hortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Jean600
Sheep WoolVander, Lapis, Zelkov, Anna40
Lupine FlowerHortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Veyle, Mauvier20
Fine Quill PenVander, Clanne, Alcryst, Citrinne, Diamant, Jade, Ivy, Hortensia, Lindon, Anna, Jean700
Fancy DaggerYunaka, Diamant, Kagetsu, Panette, Merrin, Saphir, Mauvier500
Tea LeavesClanne, Etie, Celine, Louis, Citrinne, Amber, Ivy, Zelkov, Bunet, Goldmary, Lindon, Anna, Jean500
Antler EarringsFramme, Celine, Fogado, Pandreo, Bunet, Timerra, Panette, Merrin, Hortensia, Seadall, Rosado, Goldmary450
BandagesAlfred, Etie, Yunaka, Diamant, Kagetsu, Saphir, Mauvier, Jean80
Landscape ArtBoucheron, Ivy, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Fogado, Hortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Lindon, Anna100
Dried MeatBoucheron, Ivy, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Fogado, Hortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Lindon, Anna100
Lovely CandleFramme, Celine, Citrinne, Kagetsu, Fogado, Pandreo, Timerra, Hortensia, Seadall, Rosado, Goldmary, Veyle, Anna400
YogurtAmber, Pandreo, Bunet, Saphir, Anna200
Field GuideChloe, Lapis, Amber, Jade, Panette, Merrin, Jean450
Roasted YamLapis, Amber, Bunet, Lindon, SaphirNone, found at Somniel
Fishing BaitBoucheron, Alcryst, Diamant, Saphir20
Training WeightFramme, Alfred, Etie, Yunaka, Lapis, Diamant, Kagetsu, Saphir, Mauvier600
Muscle BalmFramme, Alfred, Etie, Yunaka, Alcryst, Citrinne, Lapis, Diamant, Amber, Jade, Kagetsu, Saphir, Mauvier300
Animal TreatsChloe, Lapis, Amber, Jade, Timerra, Merrin100
Sharp ChiselYunaka, Lapis, Diamant, Kagetsu, Zelkov, Panette, Merrin, Lindon, Mauvier, Anna300
Fairy-Tale BookClanne, Boucheron, Celine, Chloe, Alcryst, Citrinne, Jade, Ivy, Pandreo, Seadall, Lindon, Veyle, Jean450
Poetry BookClanne, Boucheron, Celine, Chloe, Louis, Yunaka, Alcryst, Jade, Ivy, Zelkov, Seadall, Lindon, Veyle, Jean450
Philosphy BookClanne, Alcryst, Citrinne, Diamant, Ivy, Lindon, Jean450
Dragon ScriptureVander, Clanne, Framme, Alfred, Etie, Boucheron, Celine, Chloe, Louis, Ivy, Pandreo, Jean450
White CloverClanne, Alfred, Louis, Lapis, Amber, Ivy, Zelkov, Bunet, Seadall, Goldmary, Lindon, Anna20
Large PlateClanne, Louis, Amber, Zelkov, Fogado, Pandreo, Bunet, Timerra, Rosado, Goldmary, Lindon, Saphir, Anna100
Sun VisorFramme, Alfred, Boucheron, Chloe, Alcryst, Jade, Ivy, Bunet, Hortensia, Seadall, Rosado, Goldmary, Lindon, Veyle200
Lentil FlowerAlfred, Etie, Celine, Louis, Veyle, Mauvier20
Desert MarigoldFogado, Bunet, Veyle, Mauvier20
Cute ApronHortensia, Rosado, Goldmary, Anna350
Sewing KitVander Lapis Zelkov Anna100
Quality KerchiefVander, Clanne, Framme, Celine, Citrinne, Timerra, Hortensia, Seadall, Rosado, Goldmary, Anna700
Playing CardsKagetsu, Fogado, Pandreo, Timerra, Rosado, Saphir, Veyle350
Spooky ScrollPanette10
Elyos HistoryClanne, Boucheron, Celine, Yunaka, Alcryst, Citrinne, Diamant, Jade, Ivy, Zelkov, Seadall, Lindon, Veyle, Jean450
Strong PerfumeFramme, Celine, Timerra, Hortensia, Seadall, Rosado, Goldmary600

Which Units do you plan to shower in Gifts and raise Support levels with?

Feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our content here at Gamer Empire for plenty more Fire Emblem Engage guides to help you out during your playthrough.

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