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Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG mobile game made by Moonton, the creators of the MOBA, Mobile Legends.

ML: Adventure features heroes from their MOBA, but is entirely different in terms of gameplay.

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The object of this idle RPG is to assemble a team of 5 heroes, increase their power, and beat levels of enemy teams.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks to help you in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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Focus your resources

Resources are scarce in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

The majority of the resources you earn through time-based methods such as idle rewards.

Therefore, we recommend you spend your resources wisely.

In order words, focus your resources on specific heroes.

Try to assemble a team you like, and focus on those heroes through a lot of the campaign.

Doing this makes you progress faster and more efficiently than were you upgrading a ton of different heroes.

You can still power up a new hero to the level of your current team if you pull a hero you wish to use, but we do recommend not spending resources on too many heroes.

If you wonder which heroes are the best to spend resources on, check out our guide on the best heroes in the game to get an idea of some great ones.

Focus resources Mobile Legends Adventure

Use the Friends system

The Friends system in ML: Adventure allows you to send and receive friendship points, known as Hearts in-game.

You can have a maximum of 30 friends at a time and send Hearts to your friends daily.

10 Hearts can be exchanged at the Wishing Shrine for a new hero.

Therefore we strongly recommend you fill up your friend list with as many active players as you can.

Using this method will quickly get you a lot of new heroes for free.

To get friends quickly, go to the world chat and write “add me”, or add people writing the same or anything else for that matter.

Friendship hearts system ML Adventure

Do other activities if stuck

As with any idle RPG mobile game out there, you will eventually find yourself stuck at a specific level.

Once this happens, there are multiple things you can do, including summoning new heroes and so forth.

However, what you might want to start off by doing instead is other activities in the game.

The ones that will net you the best rewards quickest are Tower of Babel and Crusade.

You can also do Labyrinth for Equipment Coins and gear, and Arena of resources and diamonds.

Doing these things will undoubtedly increase the power of your team and thereby your chances of beating that specific level.

Mobile Legends Adventure gameplay screenshot

Rearrange team

Related to the previous tip, if you are stuck at a specific level, rearranging your team is a method that is often overlooked.

Even though you might not believe it makes that big of a difference, the placement of each hero can be the difference between victory and loss.

Try to move damage-dealers closer to the action, this often results in an overall higher damage output of those heroes throughout the fight, as they charge their initial super move faster if they can survive, of course.

Besides rearranging the same five heroes’ position, you might want to restructure your team faction-wise as certain combinations of hero powers result in powerful buffs to your entire team.

Learn more about this in our faction advantages guide.

Rearrange team in Mobile Legends Adventure

Reset the Market often

On the far left of the main screen resides the Market.

Here, you can purchase different useful items, including heroes and hero experience.

Some items are for sale for gold and some for diamonds.

We recommend you always buy the common summoning ticket for 10k gold, and whatever amount of Advance Stone is for sale.

The Market will have the same items for sale forever until you reset it.

Every 4 hours, you receive a free reset allowing you to purchase new goods.

Use this free reset as often as you can as and stock up on Advance Stone as it becomes scarce later on in the game.

Common summoning tickets are useful because they almost guarantee a 1 or 2-star hero.

You should dismantle these heroes for valuable items including Shrine Crystal.

Once you’ve collected 20k Shrine Crystal, you can buy 50 5-star hero fragments and thereby a guaranteed 5-star hero.

Below you can watch a video of this exact method, just done with diamond resets instead of waiting 4 hours for each reset.

Utilize ways to upgrade heroes

Upgrading your heroes’ power is essential in Mobile Legends: Adventure to progress through the game.

There are several ways to do this, including leveling up heroes, farming better gear, enhancing gear, upgrading runes, and fusion.

You should take advantage of all these methods when trying to increase the power of your team.

Learn more about this in our guide on upgrading heroes.

Upgrading hero power ML Adventure

You are now ready to take on the world of Mobile Legends: Adventure!

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