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Planks are one of many commodities in Old School RuneScape used to train various skills. More commonly used in Construction, planks come in four different types: regular, Oak, Teak, and Mahogany.

Unsurprisingly, making planks is not as simple as using a Saw on a set of logs. Instead, you will need outside assistance to create them or use magic to make them yourself from scratch.

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You can make planks in OSRS by taking logs to a sawmill and paying for them to turn them into planks or by casting the “Plank Make” spell on a log in your inventory to make them yourself.

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How to Make Planks in OSRS

Planks are highly traded items that can often burn through your gp if you plan on buying them in bulk from the Grand Exchange.

However, there are ways that you can make planks on your own, even making a decent profit in the process.

Making Planks Through a Sawmill

Players can take a stack of any applicable logs, along with a stack of gp to pay for the process, to any of the sawmills in Old School RuneScape to turn them all into planks.

There are currently three sawmills in Old School RuneScape:

  • Varrock Lumberyard
  • Woodcutting Guild
  • North-East of Prifddinas

The price for each plank depends on which kind of log you are trying to convert. However, for all of them, you are expected to make a couple hundred gp profit per log.

  • Regular Logs – 100gp
  • Oak Logs – 250gp
  • Teak Logs – 500gp
  • Mahogany Logs – 1,500gp

For players looking to solely make planks for money-making, the most efficient method is to utilize the Hot Air Balloon transport system between the Varrock Lumberyard and the bank chest at Castle Wars.

This will require the completion of the “Enlightened Journey” quest, along with you completing the various Hot Air Balloon routes for continued use.

Making Planks With Lunar Magicks

For players who have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” and “Dream Mentor” quests, they will be able to cast the “Plank Make” spell.

The “Plank Make” spell requires 86 Magic, as well as 15 Earth, 2 Astral, and 1 Nature Rune to cast. You will still need logs and gp to create the planks as if you are taking them to a sawmill.

The cost for each log is reduced by around 30% of the regular price at a sawmill, making this method even more profitable than taking logs to a sawmill.

  • Regular Logs – 70gp
  • Oak Logs – 175gp
  • Teak Logs – 350gp
  • Mahogany Logs – 1,050gp

Once you cast “Plank Make” on a log, it will start to cast the spell one by one for each log steadily.

Alternatively, if you want to increase the amount of planks you make per hour, you can quickly click on the spell and each log to make them more efficient.

”Plank Make” is one of the best spells to train Magic, as not only can you earn between 85k-170k Magic exp/hr, but you can also make around 350k gp/hr.

That is how to make planks in Old School RuneScape!

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