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Planks are a common item when it comes to training your construction skill. They’re used in various different construction products, repairs, and quests.

Making planks is also a pretty decent money-making method. By turning your logs into planks, you could be making around 221,100 GP an hour.

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Either way, whatever you choose to use your planks on, you’re going to need to get them one way or another. This guide goes over how to acquire planks in Old School RuneScape.

You can get planks in OSRS by talking to sawmill operators, turning your logs into planks by casting the Plank Make spell, or by finding them in various different locations.

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How to Make Planks in OSRS

Planks are a common construction item and are used in several quests. So understanding how to acquire these planks is pretty crucial throughout your OSRS journey.

Luckily, acquiring said planks is pretty easy and doesn’t require much effort at all.

Talking to Sawmill Operators

One of the most common ways to make planks in Old School RuneScape is by talking to the sawmill operator. Sawmill operators can be found in the Lumber Yard, Woodcutting Guild, or in Prifddinas Courtyard.

Although sawmill operators can be found in three different locations, players often default to talking to the sawmill operator located at the Lumber Yard since it’s pretty close to Varrock.

When talking to the sawmill operator, players will get four kinds of different options to turn logs into planks for a small fee. The different planks with their prices are as follows:

  • Regular plank – 100 GP
  • Oak plank – 250 GP
  • Teak plank – 500 GP
  • Mahogany plank – 1,500 GP

Remember, you’re turning your logs into planks, so make sure you have the correct logs before talking to any of the sawmill operators.

In addition to physically interacting with the sawmill operator. Players may also send their house servants to the sawmill to convert their logs into planks.

Casting the Plank Make Magic Spell

Once you reach level 86 in magic and have completed the dream mentor quest, you’ll be able to convert logs into planks through magic. You will still need to pay a fee to convert said logs into planks. But the fee is substantially smaller than the fee the sawmill operator gives you.

Unfortunately, the savings from the smaller fee are negated by the cost of runes that are required to cast the spell. Usually players use Plank Make for training magic rather than making money.

To cast a Plank Make spell, you’ll need the following items in your inventory:

  • Logs of your choice
  • 70 coins
  • 1 Nature rune
  • 2 Astral runes
  • 15 Earth runes

Finding Planks on the Ground

Regular planks and teak planks can be found in various locations.

Regular plank spawn locations are as follows:

  • Port Khazard
  • Barbarian Outpost – north of the agility course
  • Kebos Lowlands Mine
  • Ape Atoll – hut in the southwestern coast
  • Wilderness – Graveyard of Shadows
  • Fossil Island – Museum Camp
  • Entrana – near the Law Altar entrance
  • Crandor – crashed ship at the southeastern coast
  • Wilderness – Larran’s small chest
  • Miscellania and Etceteria Dungeon – up the lift
  • Underground Pass – first level
  • Isle of Souls
  • Necropolis – southeast of Sophanem

As of now, teak planks can only be found in the Prifddinas sawmill and can be acquired through a telekinetic grab.

That’s how you make planks in Old School RuneScape!

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