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Runes in Old School RuneScape aren’t just vital but a requirement for training your Magic level. From simple teleports to high-damage combat spells, runes are required for any Mage’s setup.

Despite the need, runes can naturally be tough to come by. Other than buying from the Grand Exchange (which for Ironman accounts is completely unavailable), there are only a handful of other places where you can buy them.

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Below, I am going to provide a list of locations where you can buy runes, as well as any requirements to get there.

You can buy runes in OSRS on the Grand Exchange, in Varrock, Port Sarim, the Void Knight Outpost, Yanille, the Mage Arena, Mor Ul Rek (Tzhaar City), Ape Atoll, and Prifddinas.

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Where to Buy Runes in Old School RuneScape

Runes can be found all over RuneScape, but only about a dozen of the shops in the entire game officially sell them in their stock.

Here are all the different shops that sell runes in the game:

Besides the above-listed locations, runes can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

Aubury’s Rune Shop in Varrock

Aubury can be found in the southeast portion of Varrock, where he sells a standard collection of runes.

If you have completed the “Rune Mysteries” quest, you should be familiar with him.

Betty’s Magic Emporium in Port Sarim

Better can be found in a small shop in Port Sarim, just west of Draynor Village.

Here, she will sell a collection of runes similar to Aubury’s shop while also selling some Eye of Newts and Wizard hats.

Void Knight Magic Store at the Void Knight Outpost

At Port Sarim on the southernmost docks, you can find a Void Knight to charter you to the outpost.

Along with the Pest Control minigame, you can also find a magic store where you can buy runes for your next fight.

The Magic Guild in Yanille

OSRS players with 66 Magic will be granted access to the Magic Guild in Yanille. Upstairs, along with the same wizard who sells you the Magic skillcape, is a wizard who will sell you a plethora of runes.

Not only do they sell the standard elemental runes, but they also include high-level catalytic runes (Death, Law, Blood, and Soul runes), along with a couple of battlestaffs and elemental staffs.

Using the Magic skillcape is also how players in Old School RuneScape can change their spellbook wherever, as detailed in this article.

Lundail’s Arena-side Rune Shop at the Mage Arena

Those who dare venture off into the deep wilderness may find themselves at the Mage arena, where they can slash a couple webs with a sharp weapon (or knife) and pull a lever to go into the Mage Arena’s cave area.

Now that they’re in a safe zone and away from Pkers, players may buy a variety of Runes, including Nature, Law, and Death runes.

Getting here can be tricky, as it is all the way in Lvl-55 Wilderness. Players may either take the lever in Edgeville or Ardougne to teleport nearby or travel by other means while trying to avoid getting killed.

TzHaar-Mej-Roh’s Rune Store in Mor Ul Rek (TzHaar City)

Although difficult to pronounce, players who are able to reach the city of the TzHaar will have access to its Rune Store.

However, this store is different from the others as the only currency they accept is Tokkul.

Players in OSRS have been known to stack up on thousands of Chaos runes to trade in for a mass amount of Tokkul. Then they take that Tokkul and trade it for the coveted Uncut onyx at the nearby Gem Store.

But if you have a few thousand Tokkul lying around from a previous Slayer task and need some runes, here would be the best place to do it.

Tutab’s Magical Market at Ape Atoll

Players in Old School RuneScape who have completed the “Monkey Madness I” quest are rewarded with access to all the stores on Ape Atoll (besides the bank and javelin store). This, of course, includes its Rune shop.

Though its stock isn’t as marvelous as other stores, as it only sells the standard elemental runes and a stack of Law runes.

Amlodd’s Magical Supplies in Prifddinas

Last but not least on our list, we have the Rune store in the northwest corner of Prifddinas.

Players in Old School RuneScape can only access this area after completion of the “Song of the Elves” quest, but take it from me that it’s worth the journey to do so.

In this shop, you can buy all the elemental runes, including Chaos, Nature, Cosmic, Law, Death, and Blood runes, all with a bank less than 50 tiles away.

Those are the locations where you can buy runes in Old School RuneScape!

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