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In Project Zomboid, vehicles are a valuable asset that can help players travel long distances, carry heavy loads, and even act as mobile bases.

However, sometimes a vehicle can run out of fuel or be damaged, making it impossible to drive. In such situations, you need a solution.

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Learning how to tow a vehicle in Project Zomboid can be a lifesaver in a zombie apocalypse, and this post gives insights on how to do it effectively.

To tow a vehicle in Project Zomboid, you must drive your car close to the front or rear of the vehicle you intend to tow. Then, get out of your car and stand between the two cars, press “V” to enable the vehicle’s radial menu, and select the “+” symbol.

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How to Tow Vehicles in Project Zomboid

To tow a vehicle, you first need a car.

There are three types of cars in Zomboid: Standard, Sport, and Heavy Duty. Standard cars can only pull the smallest cars, Sports can tow medium cars, and Heavy Duty can tow most vehicles.

As a mobile base, even for sleeping, a car can be found in parking lots, garages of residential houses, and on highways.

Next, locate the vehicle you wish to tow. Make sure the surrounding area is zombie-free so that you can avoid being in danger. If there are many obstacles, try to clear them first.

Drive your car to your targeted vehicle. To drive, get in the driver’s seat, check whether you have a key, and if not, try to hotwire it. Press “N” or “W” to turn on the engine. It doesn’t matter if you park your car in front of or behind the targeted vehicle.

Get out, walk through the area between the cars, and press “V” to open the vehicle’s radial menu.

You’ll see a “+” symbol in the vehicle’s radial menu, along with the text “Attach <The Car You Tow> to <Your Car>”. Select it, and then you’re ready to tow!

Once you reach the destination, you can do the same to detach your car.

Get around the area between two cars, press “V” to open the vehicle’s radial menu, locate a “-“ symbol, and click on it.

It’s advisable to track your current car’s fuel. If it’s low, you should refill it using a gas can or get more fuel from a nearby gas station.

Engine power (HP) matters significantly in towing. The higher the engine power, the better the speed outcome.

To check your car’s power, press “E” when standing in front of the car and looking up the engine power stat. Another way to check a car’s engine is to press “V”, then click the wrench icon.

Vehicles with at least 400 HP are better at towing.

Towing a car while driving will make everything more complicated. Therefore, you should only tow vehicles before sunset to ensure visibility.

To prevent colliding with trees and risking damage to your vehicle, you should avoid driving through grassy areas where zombies may be lurking. Sticking to the road not only provides better speed but also reduces the chance of encountering unexpected obstacles.

If you choose the trait Sunday Driver, you can’t tow any cars.

The weight of the towed car and tires affects the process. So, make sure to inflate the tires properly for both cars. Once again, you can check the condition of the tires via the vehicle mechanics by pressing “E” or “V”.

You can do all the same steps if you want to attach the trailer to your car as well.

That’s how to tow vehicles in Project Zomboid!

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