Project Zomboid – Which Guns Are the Best? (Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle)

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Possessing guns or firearms means a lot in a world like Project Zomboid, as you can encounter several zombies simultaneously.

However, since the number of guns in the game varies, determining which one is the best is quite challenging.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss which gun is the best in Project Zomboid.

In Project Zomboid, our picks for the best guns are the M9 Pistol, Magnum, M36 Revolver, Sawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun, Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun, and M16 Assault Rifle.

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Which Gun is The Best in Project Zomboid?

First and foremost, keep in mind that guns require a high level of aiming and reloading skills to be effectively used, as opposed to melee weapons, which can be used regardless of skill level.

There are a total of 14 guns in Project Zomboid, categorized into 3 types: handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

Each gun has its own pros and cons, so deciding which one is the best is just our perspective and is subjective. Therefore, consider our list as a preference, and you can pick yours according to your taste.

Now, let’s take a look at the best guns in each category in Project Zomboid!

Best Handguns in Project Zomboid

All handguns in Project Zomboid can be equipped in one hand, allowing you to wear handhelds (first-aid kit, gun case, etc.) on the other for extra capacity.

Handguns offer less damage than shotguns or rifles, yet they’re versatile and effective in narrow areas. Our picks for the best handguns in Project Zomboid are the following:

1. M9 Pistol

When it comes to the best handgun in Project Zomboid, most votes on communities (for example, Reddit) go to the M9 Pistol.

The special thing about this handgun is not its damage or range but its magazine capacity (up to 15), which is double that of the others. This allows you to encounter multiple zombies in one reloading attempt.

Despite the unimpressive damage, which is only 1 at its peak, its accuracy is a game-changer.

Not to mention that this gun and its ammo (9mm round) are extremely common in Project Zomboid. All these things make the M9 Pistol the best handgun so far.

You can loot the M9 Pistol and its ammo in crates, wardrobes, dressers, and containers. Sometimes you can get these things by lotting zombie corpses.

2. Magnum

Magnum is the highest-damage handgun in Project Zomboid, thanks to its 1.9 damage per shot. Besides, Magnum also has the best range among handguns, making it ideal when dealing with the undead from afar.

On the other hand, Magnum uses .44 Magnum Round ammo, which is quite scarce in the game.

Additionally, its sound radius is quite large (up to 80 tiles), so use this handgun with caution if you are trying to sneak or avoid the horde.

You should search in gun stores or police stations to acquire the Magnum, while its ammo is available in vehicles, gun stores, and rarely in houses.

3. M36 Revolver

M36 Revolver has the least ammo in its magazine among all handguns. On top of that, its range and damage are a little bit above average. So, why M36 Revolver?

Most players love this handgun because of its silence. In other words, its sound radius is only 30 titles, making it the most silent handgun.

That said, this gun is suitable for foraging in buildings or forests.

Moreover, the M36 Revolver also offers the highest accuracy of any handgun. This value is important for a beginner with low aiming skill, as a gun means nothing if you miss your shot.

You can get the M36 Revolver in gun stores, police stations, or maybe in drawers and wardrobes.

Its ammo, .38 Special Round, is inserted directly into the M36 Revolver without a magazine and can be found commonly in houses, medical centers, and military buildings.

Best Shotguns in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, shotguns offer powerful close-range firepower, capable of taking down multiple zombies with one shot.

However, shotguns are loud and can attract more zombies, potentially leading to overwhelming hordes.

They have limited range and may require frequent reloading, making them less practical for long-range combat.

In those cases, you must carefully consider the trade-offs when deciding to use shotguns.

All shotguns share the same type of ammo – Shotgun Shells. This ammunition can be found separately or in a box of 24 Shotgun Shells.

Now, let’s see the best shotguns in Project Zomboid!

1. Sawed-off JS-2000 Shotgun

The first shotgun we want to introduce is the Sawed-off JS-2000. It’s a lightweight weapon, weighing only 3.5, but it contains a substantial ammo capacity of 6 rounds per reload, making it effective for dealing with multiple zombies.

The JS-2000 also offers an impressive accuracy of 100%, ensuring you hit your targets without fail, no matter your aiming skill.

Additionally, it carries a high critical chance of 60%, providing a good chance for critical hits against the undead.

It’s very rare to find the shotgun by searching. Alternatively, you can use the saw to cut off the JS-2000 Shotgun, which can be found in kitchen cabinets, warehouses, and police departments.

2. Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun

The Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun offers 2.7 damage per round, making it the most powerful gun in the game, and this is also the best gun in Project Zomboid.

While its accuracy and critical chance are at 80%, it suits players with lower aiming skills and offers fast reload times with no risk of jamming.

However, it has the lowest bullet capacity of any firearm, which is only 2 shells per shot. Therefore, consider using this gun with a fast, sustainable melee weapon (such as a spear) to make a deadly combination.

Similar to the Sawed-off JS-2000, it’s impossible to find the Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun. Instead, you must use the saw to modify the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Best Rifles in Project Zomboid

Rifles seem to be a mixture of handguns and shotguns since they provide longer range, higher accuracy, and superior power, making them valuable assets for taking down zombies from a safer distance.

M16 Assault Rifle

Our choice for the best rifle in Project Zomboid is the M16 Assault Rifle. This gun stands out with its massive magazine capacity (30 rounds in a magazine) and versatility, offering both auto-fire and single-fire modes.

With the ability to hit multiple targets and pierce through enemies, it becomes a deadly weapon in skilled hands. Additionally, it also offers the option to attach various enhancements, further enhancing its effectiveness.

However, the M16 has its downsides. It is prone to jamming and consumes more ammunition than other firearms, requiring careful resource management.

On top of that, its accuracy is the lowest among rifles (20% of hitting correctly), making it less suitable for beginners or survivors with lower aiming skills.

The M16 Assault Rifle uses 5.56mm Rounds, which can be obtained in a box of 60 units in police stations, gun stores, and even on zombies.

You can find this gun at military bases and gun stores.

That’s our discussion on which gun is the best in Project Zomboid.

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