Raft – How to Build a New Raft: Is It Possible?

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In Raft, a raft is your only friend in the flooded apocalyptic world. It keeps you safe from the hungry shark and provides a place to survive on the vast sea.

But what if you somehow lose your raft? Is there any way to build a new raft, then?

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You cannot build a new raft in Raft. Since everything in the game occurs around your starter raft, you have to either swim back and find your raft (if it has drifted away) or create a new world (if it has been destroyed by the shark).

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How to Build a New Raft in Raft

The first thought of those who have lost their raft due to exploring islands irresponsibly without using an anchor or letting the shark eat the entire starter raft is, “can I build a new raft?”.

While you can still swim back to your raft in the first case, you can’t do anything in the latter case besides creating a new world.

However, not everyone accepts this answer or simply doesn’t know how the game works.

Some players believe that they can abandon their starter raft and live on an island. This way, they will have more space to work with and don’t need to worry about the shark.

But little do they know, everything in Raft happens around your starter raft, and the island they’re staying on will soon disappear, leaving them on the vast empty ocean.

Although you can’t build a new raft in Raft, you can still expand the starter raft by building more foundations and a second floor.

Alternatively, there is an unofficial way to build separate rafts in Raft. It has 2 disadvantages:

  1. You can only use this method if your starter raft isn’t completely destroyed by the shark. (has at least 1 starter foundation)
  2. Everything still happens around your starter raft (the 4 starter foundations), so your newly built rafts do not act as the spawn point for islands and ocean trash, leaving them with little use.

To build a separate raft, simply use your Building Hammer and build the Foundation structure in your desired direction.

In the image below, we build 2 more foundations in a straight line.

Next, build more foundations around the endpoint until there are at least 2 foundations in the outer corner.

In the example below, we build another foundation at the end of the line.

You can also build it on either side of the second foundation. Like this:

Finally, use an Axe to destroy the connected foundation.

And there you have it! A new separate raft.

You can build an endless number of separate rafts in Raft.

They’re not limited to distance or size, so you can even spread them out or make an entire floating village like other story islands using this method.

That’s what you need to know about building a new raft in Raft!

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