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In Raft, you play as a scout who ventures through the endless ocean to find resources and habitable land for human beings.

By going through the different story islands and doing quests, you’re one step closer to reaching Utopia and unveiling the story behind Raft.

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Unlike other story islands, Utopia doesn’t contain new coordinates, and therefore, many players might not know what to do after it.

After completing Utopia in Raft, you have essentially completed the game, and there aren’t new things to do aside from expanding and decorating your raft, trying to achieve all the achievements, finding rare islands, unlocking all new characters, collecting all rare animals and treasures, killing the big bear, replaying the game with higher difficulties, or trying out some mods.

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Is There Anything to Do After Utopia?

Utopia is technically the final destination in Raft. After solving its puzzles and defeating the final boss, you basically complete the game.

Utopia has the most useful blueprints, such as Big Backpack and Titanium Tools. So, it’s a bit of a waste to stop playing at this point without testing those new tools, right?

Raft is an open-world game, and there are still a lot of things to do after completing its story.

If you just want to explore Raft’s story, then there is nothing to do after Utopia.

But if you want to enjoy the game more, here are a few things you should do after Utopia!

What to Do After Utopia in Raft

Here are 12 things to do after Utopia in Raft!

1. Expand and Decorate Your Raft

Like any other survival game, Raft provides a dynamic building system where you can expand your raft and let your creativity run free.

Try building a nice raft, a cruise ship, a mansion, or even a penthouse. Everything is possible! You can even expand your raft endlessly on the vast ocean.

Also don’t forget that you can decorate your raft using tons of decorative items, plants, furniture, and even a giant piano.

You can paint your raft with over 40 different colors and patterns, giving you plenty of options to differentiate your creation from others.

2. Complete 100% Achievements

Raft has over a hundred achievements for you to obtain.

You may have completed the storyline, but have you captured at least 50 animals and put them on your raft?

How many items have you collected with your hook? Have you survived for 365 days? Or have you collected all the notes on each story island?

The list goes on to make sure you have enough tasks to play Raft for a long time.

Some achievements may be too repetitive for some players, but all of them are obtainable with enough time and patience. So, if you don’t know what to do after Utopia, go hunt achievements!

3. Find Rare Islands and Hidden Treasures

Spoiler ahead!

There are two rare islands in Raft: shipwreck and plane crash island.

They have unique structures and contain cosmetic hats. One of them even has a Radio that you can insert cassettes into to play custom songs.

The rare islands only have a 2% chance of spawning, so if you somehow find one, it’s your lucky day!

All story islands are handmade, and the developer has added a lot of easter eggs and hidden treasures to them.

One of the most notable hidden treasures is the hidden basement located in Tangaroa.

4. Unlock all Playable Characters

Besides upgrading your raft, you can play a new character for a fresh survival experience.

Fortunately, we have a guide on how to unlock new characters in Raft.

5. Reach Max Reputation Level and Buy All Items in the Trading Post

Reaching the maximum reputation level (level 3) at the Trading Post is fairly easy, as you only need to make Trash Cubes and use them to buy special fishing bait to catch rare fish.

To reach reputation level 3, you need to sell 30 tier 1 rare fish and 30 tier 2 rare fish, which costs around 16 Trash Cubes in total.

Buying all items in the Trading Post, on the other hand, requires a lot more effort than you think.

You need around 114 Trash Cubes and 157 Trade Coins to buy all items in the Trading Post.

The numbers above are only for special items and recipes, as it’s pointless to count common resources and fishing bait.

6. Find Tokens and Buy All Items in Vending Machines

Vending Machine Tokens are special items that are stored in your Journal instead of a regular backpack.

They usually spawn in random places on Tangaroa, Temperance, and Utopia.

Vending Machine Tokens are used to purchase various items from the Vending Machines, which can also be found on the same island where you found the Tokens.

In total, you’ll need around 58 Vending Machine Tokens to be able to buy each item at least once in every single Vending Machine in Raft.

7. Collect Rare Animals

In Raft, you can tame animals like the Clucker, Goat, or Llama to farm their resources.

Each animal has three variants with the following chances of spawning: 88% for common and 8% and 4% for rare variants.

Rare animals don’t give you extra resources, nor do they have any special perks. Their appearance is just different.

So, it’s a great task to add to your to-do list to show off your efforts.

8. Find All Developer Paintings

There are a total of 8 Developer Paintings in Raft.

Unlike normal decorative paintings, they display the developers’ easter eggs, and some of them are really cute decorations.

While hunting for treasures using a Metal Detector, you can find 4 different types of treasures in Raft.

Among them, Briefcase and Safe are the two types that can give Developer Paintings, with a 4.2% and 4.7% chance, respectively.

You’ll need a lot of luck to find all 8 different Developer Paintings, as the chance of getting one variant is only 0.525% and 0.5878%.

9. Find All Tiki Pieces

Tiki Piece is one of the four treasure types in Raft that only has a 7.5% chance of spawning when treasure hunting.

There are 4 different pieces, so you may need to find a lot of treasures to get all 4 pieces. (1.875% chance of finding each piece)

Once you find all the pieces, you can stack them up in the correct order to get a special mask and a hidden achievement.

10. Kill The Big Bear

The big bear lives on Balboa Island, and because of its toughness, many players prefer to lure it away to complete the quest instead of killing it.

Fortunately, we also have a guide on how to kill the big bear. So, make sure to check it out for a huge trophy and another achievement!

11. Replay With Higher Difficulties

Although there are no achievements for beating Raft on higher difficulties, if you’re a fan of hardcore gaming, you may want to beat the game on Hard Mode.

On Hard Mode, you’ll lose thirst and hunger at a faster rate and take more damage from all sources.

The shark will also attack your raft more frequently, and all other enemies will deal extra damage to you.

12. Try Mods

Raft has a lot of mods that add new content to keep you engaged throughout the game.

Most Raft mods add quality-of-life features instead of adding new content like new story islands, so don’t expect too much!

However, by installing the right mods, you can achieve the above-listed goals faster and in a much more pleasing way.

Some of the recommended mods are:

  • Bulk Crafting
  • Craft From All Storage
  • Pipe Through Blocks
  • UI+

That’s everything you can do after Utopia in Raft.

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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