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Artifacts, also known as gear, are the pieces of equipment you can give your champions to increase their stats and unlock set bonuses.

There are many unique types of artifacts in RAID: Shadow Legends, each of which can give different stats, allowing you to optimize the stat boosts to a specific champion’s needs.

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In this guide, we give you all the information you need on artifacts and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends.

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Rarities, stars, and stats

In RAID: Shadow Legends, each artifact comes in one of five rarities and with between 1 and 6 stars.

The higher rarity and the more stars an artifact has, the better potential it has to become a strong and useful artifact.

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The five different rarities artifacts can be in the game are:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

The rarity of an artifact determines how many substats are already on the item before you upgrade it.

Here you can see how many substats an artifact has at upgrade level 0 depending on its rarity.

  • Common = 0 substats revealed to begin with
  • Uncommon = 1 substat revealed to begin with
  • Rare = 2 substats revealed to begin with
  • Epic = 3 substats revealed to begin with
  • Legendary = 4 substats revealed to begin with
  • Mythical = 4 substats revealed to begin with, one substat +1

When you upgrade a common artifact to levels 4, 8, 12, and 16, you reveal its bonus substats.

Artifacts of uncommon or higher rarity, upon reaching an upgrade level where you’d reveal a bonus substat on a common artifact, instead get a boost to one of their existing already revealed substats.

For example, if you have an uncommon helmet, which has its first substat revealed because of its rarity, will at level four get a boost to that already revealed substat as it’s the only one it has revealed.

A rare artifact, which has its first two substats already revealed at upgrade level zero, will, upon being upgraded to levels 4 and 8, get a boost to a random one of the two substats that were revealed from the beginning.

From then on, you unlock the remaining substats at levels 12 and 16 without getting any more boosts to the existing ones.

A legendary artifact that has all four substats revealed at upgrade level 0 will therefore receive four boosts to its substats at random at upgrade levels 4, 8, 12, and 16, which is why legendary artifacts have the potential to be the best.

However, you also need to understand the star system to get a full understanding of how artifacts work and what their potential can be.

Every artifact in the game will have between one and six stars, and the further into the Campaign or the higher the stage in a dungeon, the higher the number of stars a dropped artifact can have.

The number of stars on an artifact determines the base value as well as the maximum value of the main stat of the artifact.

The main stat of an artifact is the stat right under the box that tells its rarity.

Some artifacts always have the same type of main stat, while others can have different ones.

Weapons always have flat attack as their main stat, helmets have flat HP, and shields have flat Defense.

Weapons, helmets, and shields cannot have their main stat as a %, only as a flat ‘+’ boost.

Gloves (Gauntlets), Chests (Chestplates), and Boots can have different stats, including Speed, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Attack, HP, and DEF.

Some of these stats can be both flat stats, meaning they give +X number of that stat while others can be +%.

Stats that can be +% like Attack and HP on Gloves, Chests, and Boots should always be +%, not +X.

A pair of boots with three stars and % Defense as its main stat has a base value (stat boost at upgrade level 0) of 4% Defense and a maximum main stat value (stat boost at upgrade level 16) of 30%.

A pair of boots with four stars instead and also % Defense as its main stat has a base stat value of 6% Defense and a maximum stat value of 40%.

You can see how just having one more star on your artifact can make a major difference in the stat boost and, in the end, the power of your champion.

In most cases, having a higher number of stars on an artifact is better than having a higher rarity.

Of course, the best-case scenario would be a legendary artifact with 6 stars, but that is not easy to obtain, especially not at the beginning of the game.

Therefore, when you are gearing up your champions for the early game, go for stars rather than rarity.

Here is a complete overview of every main stat and substats that each type of artifact and accessory can have in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Artifact/AccessoryMain statSubstats
Weapon+ ATK+ HP, +% HP, +% ATK, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, + RESIST, + ACC
Helmet+ HP+% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, RESIST, ACC
Shield+ DEF+ HP, +% HP, +% DEF, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, RESIST, ACC
Gauntlets+% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, + HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF+ HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, RESIST, ACC
Chestplate+ ACC, + RESIST, + HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF+ HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, RESIST, ACC
Boots+ SPD, + HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF+ HP, +% HP, + ATK, +% ATK, + DEF, +% DEF, + SPD, +% C. RATE, +% C. DMG, RESIST, ACC
Ring+ HP, + ATK, + DEF+ HP, + ATK, + DEF, +% HP, +% ATK, +% DEF
Amulet+% C. DMG, + HP, + ATK, + DEF+ HP, + ATK, + DEF, + ACC, + RESIST, +% C. DMG
Banner+ ACC, + RESIST, + HP, + ATK, + DEF+ HP, + ATK, + DEF, +% HP, +% ATK, +% DEF, + SPD

All potential stats for each type of artifact and accessory comes from Plarium, the developers of the game.

Artifacts and accessories cannot have the same substat twice.

Besides having to hit the right rarity and number of stars on an artifact, you also need to roll the correct stats and boosts on the substats for an artifact to be considered truly perfect, which is an incredibly unlikely event.

Because of this, you, in almost every case, want to settle for good but not perfect artifacts.

Artifact sets

Besides the stats boosts artifacts themselves give, you can get additional boosts by equipping multiple artifacts of the same set to unlock set bonuses.

Set bonuses are additional boosts unlocked when you equip either 2 or 4 artifacts of the same set, depending on the set.

For example, if you give a champion two artifacts of the Life set, you get an additional +15% HP.

You can obtain multiple set bonuses at once, so if you were to give a champion six pieces of Life equipment, it would receive a total of +45% HP from set bonuses.

Here is a complete overview of every artifact set in the game, the bonus they give, as well as how many artifacts of that set you need to equip to receive their bonus.

SetArtifacts per setSet bonus
Accuracy2ACC +40
Crit Damage2C. DMG +20%
Critical Rate2C. RATE +15%
Cruel2ATK +15%. Ignores 5% of enemy DEF
Defense2DEF +15%
Defiant2DEF +10%, -15% Damage taken from enemy AoE attacks
Divine Critical Rate2C. RATE 12%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns.
Divine Life2HP 15%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns.
Divine Offense2ATK +15%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns.
Divine Speed2SPD 12%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns.
Fatal2ATK +15%. C. RATE +5%
Fortitude2RES +40, DEF +10%
Frostbite215% chance to block Freeze debuffs. 10% chance to place Freeze debuff on attacker.
Immortal2HP +15%. Heals by 3% every turn
Killstroke2C. DMG +20%, SPD +5%
Life2HP +15%
Offense2ATK +15%
Perception2ACC +40%. SPD +5%.
Resilience2HP +10%. DEF +10%.
Resistance2RESIST +40
Speed2SPD 12%
Affinitybreaker4C. DMG +30%. 20% chance to change weak hit into critical hit
Avenging430% chance to Counterattack when hit with a critical hit
Bloodthirst4C.RATE +12%. Heal by 30% of damage dealt.
Bolster4Protected 30% HP Ally Shield for 3 turns. Heals by 10% every turn.
Curing420% bonus Heal
Cursed450% chance to place 50% Heal Reduction debuff
Daze425% chance to place Sleep debuff
Deflection4HP +20%. Def +20%. 25% chance to deflect 1 debuff onto the attacker when a debuff is placed on the wearer
Destroy4Decreases enemy MAX HP by 30% of damage dealt
Frenzy4+10% Turn Meter for every 5% HP lost
Frost420% chance place Freeze debuff on attacker
Fury4Damage increases as HP decreases
Guardian4Wearer absorbs 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. Heals by 10% every turn.
Immunity4Immunity for 2 turns
Instinct4SPD +12%, Ignores 20% of enemy DEF
Lethal4C. RATE +10%, Ignores 25% of enemy DEF
Lifesteal4Heals by 30% of damage dealt
Reflex430% to reduce random Skill cooldown
Regeneration4Heals by 10% every turn
Relentless418% chance to get Extra Turn
Retaliation425% chance to Counterattack when hit
Savage4Ignores 25% of enemy DEF
Shield4+30% HP Ally shield for 3 turns
Stalwart4-30% Damage taken from enemy AoE attacks
Stun418% chance to place Stun debuff
Swift Parry4SPD +18%. C.DMG +30%. 50% chance of Unkillable when hit with a fatal hit
Taunting430% chance to place Provoke debuff
Toxic450% chance to place 2.5% Poison debuff
Untouchable4Immunity for 2 turns. RESIST +40
Stone Skin6*+8% HP, +40 RES, +15% DEF, 1 turn Stone Skin buff at start of round, +15% Def, 2 turns Stone Skin buff at start of round. The Stone Skin buff gives an 85% reduced incoming damage buff as well as a 50% chance of blocking removals or steals.
Protection6*+20 RES, +15% HP, +12% SPD, +15% chance to protect buffs cast by wearer, +12% SPD, +30% chance to protect buffs cast by wearer

*Stone Skin and Protection give bonuses no matter how many artifacts of the set you wear. The more artifacts of the set you wear, the more bonuses you get. Wearing 1 Stone Skin artifact gives +15% DEF, for example, while wearing all 6 Stone Skin Artifacts gives all the bonuses listed above.

Some sets are much easier to obtain than others, which means it’s easier to farm the right stats for them.

At the beginning of the game, you might, for example, want to settle for the Life set with artifacts with great stats rather than trying to farm Immortal artifacts with the right stats, as they are much harder to obtain.

How to get artifacts

There are many different ways to get artifacts in RAID: Shadow Legends.

You can get artifacts in the game by completing stages in the Campaign, completing stages in certain Dungeons, purchasing them in the Shop, opening Arena and Clan Boss chests, participating in events, and crafting them at the Forge.

The easiest way to farm artifacts for your champions is by completing Dungeons and stages in the Campaign.

When you farm artifacts in Dungeons or in the Campaign, you will get a lot of artifacts quickly, increasing your chances of getting ones with the stats you need.

The farther into the game you’ve progressed, the easier it is to obtain artifacts with more stars.

The higher the stage in a Dungeon and the harder the difficulty in the Campaign, the higher the number of stars on artifacts can be.

In the following chart, you can see where you can obtain artifacts of each type of set.

SetWhere to get
AccuracyFelwin's Gate (Campaign), Dragon's Lair (Dungeon)
AvengingDragon's Lair (Dungeon)
Crit DamageFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
Critical RateDurham Forest (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
CruelClan Boss chest
CuringBrimstone Path (Campaign), Fire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
CursedIce Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
DazeDragon's Lair (Dungeon)
DefenseCatacombs of Narbuk (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
DestroyThe Deadlands (Campaign), Dragon's Lair (Dungeon)
Divine Critical RateArena chest
Divine LifeArena chest
Divine OffenseClan Boss chest
Divine SpeedArena chest
FrenzyFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
FrostDragon's Lair (Dungeon)
FuryHallowed Halls (Campaign), Fire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
ImmortalClan Boss chest
ImmunityFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
KillstrokeClan Shop
LifeKaerok Castle (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
LifestealValdemar Strait (Campaign), Dragon's Lair (Dungeon)
OffenseSewers of Arnoc (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
ReflexIce Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
RegenerationFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
RelentlessEvents & Tournaments
ResistanceTilshire (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
RetaliationGodfrey's Crossing (Campaign), Ice Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
SavageFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
ShieldFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
SpeedPalaca of Aravia (Campaign), Dragon's Lair (Dungeon)
Stone SkinHydra
StalwartDragon's Lair (Dungeon)
StunFire Knight's Castle (Dungeon)
Swift ParryForge
TauntingIce Golem's Peak (Dungeon)
ToxicDragon's Lair (Dungeon)

How to get accessories

Besides the six basic artifacts you can equip, you can also unlock three additional slots for accessories.

There are three types of accessories, each of which are unlocked upon reaching specific points in terms of upgrading a champion.

You can find them here.

  • 1st Accessory: Ring = Unlocked upon champion reaching rank 4 (4 stars).
  • 2nd Accessory: Amulet = Unlocked upon champion reaching rank 5 and ascension level 5 (5 stars, all of which have to be ascended, purple)
  • 3rd Accessory: Banner = Unlocked upon champion reaching rank 6 and ascension level 6 (6 stars, all of which have t be ascended, purple)

You can get accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends by completing stages in the following dungeon:

  • Spider’s Den

You can also obtain accessories in the game from Clan vs. Clan and some events.

How to upgrade artifacts and accessories

You need to upgrade your artifacts and accessories to obtain the full potential of your champions’ gear.

To upgrade an artifact or an accessory in RAID: Shadow Legends, go to the Champions tab located at the bottom of the screen in the City.

Select any champion whose artifacts you wish to upgrade and choose an artifact on the right side.

When you select an artifact from a champion’s inventory, your entire artifact inventory will appear as well, allowing you to select and upgrade any artifact, even if it’s not been given to a champion.

Upon selecting an artifact you wish to upgrade, its information window will appear on the left side. Click the ‘Upgrade’ button in this window.

You will now be taken to the upgrade page for that artifact, where you can upgrade it by clicking either the regular Upgrade button to the left below the item or the Upgrade 1 Level.

Using the regular Upgrade button on the left starts a single attempt to upgrade the artifact.

The Upgrade 1 Level button on the right keeps attempting to upgrade the artifact until it has reached the next level.

You can change the level you’re aiming to upgrade your artifact to with the button on the right side by clicking the settings icon on it.

An attempt to upgrade an item costs an amount of silver that depends on the current upgrade level of that artifact and its number of stars.

The probability of an artifact reaching the next level from an upgrade attempt decreases as the level of the artifact increases.

If you are just starting out in RAID: Shadow Legends, going for level 8 on your artifacts is a great goal, and once you’ve played for a week or two, start going for level 12 on all your artifacts.

From then, only start upgrading your artifacts one level at a time when needed.

We don’t recommend going for level 16 right of the bat, only when you have a mission that asks you to do so, as upgrading an artifact to this level costs a lot of silver.

We’ve spent more than 2 million silver to get an artifact to level 16 multiple times, as the probability of reaching the next level decreases sharply as you approach level 16.

Accessories are upgraded in the exact same way in RAID: Shadow Legends.

You just select them in the Champions tab and click upgrade.

Accessories often yield great stats, so make sure to upgrade those as well.

You can further upgrade artifacts and accessories’ substats by enchanting them with glyphs.

To enchant an artifact or an accessory with a glyph, go to the Enchant tab on the right side when that artifact or accessory is selected for upgrading.

Select the glyph you wish to use on the item and click Enchant.

You need to have the corresponding glyph to upgrade the substats of an item, and as you level up the substat, you’ll need the next star (level) of the glyph to upgrade it further.

The glyphs that you can use on your items will light up on the left side under the Glyph Storage.

What artifacts and accessories to keep

You will get a bunch of artifacts and some accessories without even trying when playing RAID: Shadow Legends.

You’ll get so many that you want to get rid of most of them.

But which ones should you keep and which ones should you sell?

Mostly, it comes down to the stats, stars, and rarity of the artifact.

Unless you’re at an early point in the game, there is no reason to keep artifacts with 3 stars or less.

Further on in the game, you don’t need artifacts with 4 stars or less.

Do keep in mind that some artifact sets are rarer than others, such as the Immortal set, so you might want to keep artifacts of that set even if they are 3 stars or less.

If an artifact has the wrong stats and you can easily farm it, then you should just sell it.

Artifacts that can easily be farmed in plenty include Life, Speed, or HP.

For Gloves, Chests, and Boots, if you can get a +% version of the stat you’re looking for like you can with the attack stat, then you don’t want to use the flat stat version.

Therefore, if you get a pair of Gloves, a Chest, or a pair of Boots with flat (‘+’) Attack, Defense, or HP instead of +%, then you should sell it.

Other stats like speed on your Boots cannot be a %, making the flat + SPD stat on boots the best for speed builds.

The higher the rarity and the higher the number of stars on an artifact, the more silver you can sell it for.

Therefore, when you are farming artifacts for silver, consider what artifacts you already have and need because you might be better off selling artifacts with the right stats if you already have some equally as good and aren’t close to having to gear up a new champion.

If you get an artifact with the perfect stat combination of high rarity and number of stars, you, of course, don’t want to sell it.

The same mentality should be applied when it comes to deciding whether or not to keep accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Accessories don’t have sets, but they are bound to a specific faction, so keep that in mind, as you might want to save an accessory for a specific faction if you’re close to unlocking the corresponding accessory slot for a champion of that faction.

How to sell artifacts and accessories

After playing for a while, your inventory will probably be filled up with a bunch of artifacts and accessories.

The only thing you can and should do with unwanted artifacts and accessories is to sell them.

If you’re farming silver by gathering artifacts, then you obviously also want to sell them.

To sell artifacts and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends, click the Champions tab at the bottom of the screen in the City.

Click any artifacts that any champion is wearing, and your artifact inventory will appear in the middle of the screen.

Select the artifact you wish to sell and click the Sell button in the top right of the artifacts inventory window, and then click the orange Sell button that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Before you click the orange Sell button, you can select other artifacts as well if you wish to sell multiple artifacts at once.

Once you’ve selected all the artifacts you wish to sell, click the orange Sell button, and then click the new orange Sell button that appears in the middle of the screen this time.

To sell an accessory, go to the accessories tab of your artifact inventory by clicking the ring icon at the top of your inventory.

Here you’ll find all your accessories, and you can sell them the same way that you can sell artifacts.

As accessories are less common in the game than artifacts unless you specifically farm a lot of accessories, you probably won’t have many, and it could therefore be best to not just sell all that you have.

That’s everything you need to know about artifacts and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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