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The overall goal of RAID: Shadow Legends is to beat stages of enemies and bosses to progress through the game.

Because of this and the fact that much of the content in the game is first unlocked later, players understandably want to progress as fast as possible.

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There are a lot of different things to do and ways to build your champions, which can make it confusing as to how you can progress the fastest.

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In this guide, we cover what you should prioritize and what areas of the game you should focus on to progress quickly and efficiently.

To sum up, the fastest way to progress in RAID: Shadow Legends is to focus on maxing out just one champion that can carry you through the campaign and most other content, like Kael, max out your gem mine, do Arena and Faction Wars, and spend your resources efficiently. Find more information on all of this below.

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Champion and team priority at the beginning of the game

How to choose to build your team and prioritize upgrading champions have a major impact on how fast you can progress in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Many players choose to simultaneously power up many champions to create a balanced team, as it seems like a natural thing to do.

While upgrading several characters at the same time might be a good strategy in many RPG games, it’s not the strategy you want to use in RAID: Shadow Legends if fast progression is your goal.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, you want to start out by focusing almost exclusively on one single champion that can solo through the campaign and most other content in the game.

For a champion to be suitable as a carry, it should have great AoE and preferably also be at least decent against bosses. An excellent choice will be your starting champion, with Kael being the best of the four.

All four starting champions can be used as a carry, but Kael is the best. If you’ve just started playing the game, you might want to consider starting over and choosing Kael if you didn’t already.

The fact that all four starter champions are of rare rarity makes it easier for you to max them out and thus allows you to progress faster.

If you don’t want to use one of the starter champions as your first hard-hitting carry champion, we recommend that you go with either a rare one or an epic one that has a similar overall skill set, including AoE.

Choosing a legendary champion as your first to max out will slow your progress a bit, as it’ll be more difficult to upgrade them fully.

Now that you’ve chosen what champion to prioritize upgrading, your first goal is to get it to rank 6 and then level 60 as soon as possible. This is the single most important thing you can do to make it stronger.

Getting a champion to 6 stars is no easy task, however, so expect this to take a couple of weeks from when you start the game, even when prioritizing your resources on it.

Even though you should focus on getting that one carry champion to level 60, it does not mean that you cannot make other champions on your team stronger, just don’t waste too many resources upgrading a lot of champions. Getting the carry hero to level 60 is the most important first step to progressing fast.

Just like you want to strongly prioritize your resources and fodder champions for upgrading your main carry champion, you want to use the best artifacts that you have on it as well.

More specifically, you want to use your four best lifesteal artifacts, and for your remaining two artifacts and three accessories, the ones that are best for the champion. Check out our best artifacts guide for more information on what the best for your champion might be.

The lifesteal set is by far the best artifact set to use for progressing through the game.

Using this setup, where you focus on one carry champion, the lifesteal set allows them to sustain themselves through battles.

With your first level 60 carry champion done, you will be able to progress far into the game.

Now comes the more tricky part, though, as what the next champion you should prioritize and get to level 60 depends on what your team currently lacks and what part of the game you’re struggling in.

The second champion you want to build can be a tanky defense champion, a support, or another strong AoE damaging champion.

If you’re looking to do a lot of arena battles, getting a second AoE damaging champion can be a great choice, but if you’re looking to focus more on the campaign and dungeons, then a defense or a support champion will probably be better.

Your next goal when starting to choose what champions to bring to 6 stars after getting your first and second one is to create a team that can do well in all aspects of the game. This will require you to have all three types of champions – tank, support, and attacker.

You can get a better idea of how strong a champion is in our RAID: Shadow Legends Champion Tier List.

Spend resources efficiently from the start

Efficiently spending your resources is key to optimizing your progress in RAID: Shadow Legends.

It’s no secret that RAID: Shadow Legends is a grindy game, which means that spending what you have wisely and not having to farm more unnecessarily goes a long way.

The first objective you want to focus on in terms of spending your resources is fully upgrading the Gem Mine located in the Bastion.

Unlocking the Gem Mine costs 500 gems, and the two additional upgrades cost 500 gems as well – a total cost of 1,500 gems to fully unlock and upgrade the Gem Mine.

Saving your first 1,500 gems to unlock the Gem Mine is the best way to spend your gems in RAID: Shadow Legends, as the Gem Mine pays itself back in 100 days, after which the 15 gems generated per day are profit.

For it to make sense to upgrade the Gem Mine, you should make sure to claim the gems it generates daily and plan to play for more than 100 days.

If you don’t claim the gems daily, it will hit its maximum capacity and stop generating gems until you claim them.

The most efficient way to spend almost all other resources in the game is to spend them when they help you get points in events or tournaments.

There is almost always at least one event and one tournament running in RAID: Shadow Legends, and these often require you to do things like summon champions, upgrade your champions, or earn as many points as possible by completing stages in dungeons.

Spending the majority of your resources while events and tournaments are running is a fantastic way to ensure that you get the most out of what you have.

It’s especially crucial to wait for summoning events, as there are often events that double the rate of getting epics and legendaries or, in some other way, increase your chances of getting better and higher-rarity champions significantly.

Therefore, we recommend that you not spend Ancient, Void, and Legendary shards until a good summoning event comes around.

Even though you get the most out of your resources if you wait for events, it, of course, doesn’t mean that you cannot play the game when they aren’t running. Just make sure to spend the bulk of your resources when they are.

Energy is the most important resource in the game, and you want to spend it wisely if fast progression is what you’re after.

To get the most out of your energy, you should try to use it when you both earn points from events, have an XP boost running, and train as many fodder champions as you can while spending it.

You can check out our RAID: Shadow Legends energy guide to get more details on the best way to spend it.

Artifacts and accessories are a major part of making your champions stronger in the game, but they can also cost you a lot of silver.

Therefore, we recommend that you only upgrade your artifacts to level 12 to begin with to unlock the third substat or substat boost.

You should not upgrade more artifacts than you need to have all the champions that you’re using fully geared up, either.

Once you’ve gotten all your champions’ artifacts and accessories to level 12 and you’ve started making your way through a good chunk of the campaign, start upgrading only the artifacts and accessories of your main carry to higher levels.

When actually playing and progressing through RAID: Shadow Legends, it can be difficult to implement all of these tips we’ve just given you.

However, just keeping them in mind and trying to follow the principles somewhat is sure to make you progress faster.

Daily tasks to do

RAID: Shadow Legends is a grindy game, as mentioned, and it features tons of things for you to do every single day to make sure you come back and play daily.

It would, of course, be best if you could complete all the daily tasks in the game every day, but that isn’t realistic for most players.

Therefore, if you only have time to do some of the things in the game daily, we recommend prioritizing them like this:

  1. Claim daily login rewards and free daily pack
  2. Fight in the Arena
  3. Daily and advanced quests
  4. Do Faction Wars
  5. Clan Bosses

There are many other great tasks to do in the game, but these are the ones that reset daily, forcing you to do them every day if you want the maximum benefit from them.

Claiming your daily login rewards is very important, as the rewards are free and very useful. While you’re claiming your daily login rewards, you might as well also claim the daily free pack. Claiming both takes no time either.

Fighting in the Classic Arena might not seem that important, but building up your Great Hall from the start will help you in the future, as it provides amazing permanent boosts. You should also do Tag Team Arena runs to build up your Gold Bars stash for the Bazaar.

Completing all your Daily Quests is important, as you want to build toward completing both your weekly and monthly quests to get the shards and XP boost. You need to complete all your daily quests on 5 and 30 days before you can complete your weekly and monthly quests. It doesn’t have to be in a row, though.

Completing your advanced quests is also a great idea, as the rewards you build towards with every advanced quest completed are very useful.

Faction Wars is another part of the game that doesn’t seem that important for new players, but you’ll really need strong glyphs for your gear later on, and having the materials you also get from stages isn’t bad either. The star rewards from Faction Wars are also great.

Lastly, it’s great to get your Clan boss runs in, but this task first becomes really important later on in the game when you’re able to earn chests from the higher difficulties of bosses.

Though there is no time limit on progression missions in RAID: Shadow Legends, they help you get on the right track for progression, making them a good use of your time if you’ve done your daily tasks already.

Build towards farming at chapter 12 stage 6 brutal mode

One of the milestones that you want to build towards is being able to farm stage 6 in chapter 12 of brutal mode with just one champion.

The champion that you’re going to solo-farm stage 6 is the carry-champion that you’ve been focusing on getting to level 60 and maxing out as described earlier in this guide.

Stage 6 in any chapter in the campaign is the one that gives the most XP, making it the best for leveling up fodder.

You want to be able to farm it with just one champion so that you can bring three other fodder champions on your team to train.

If you’re in need of silver, consider farming stage 3 instead, as it yields a lot of XP too but gives more silver than stage 6 when you sell the shields dropped.

Some players choose to always run stage 3 instead of 6, as they believe it’s better to get a little less XP and a little more silver, but that’s up to you.

Once you’re able to farm stages 6 and 3 in chapter 12 on brutal mode with just one champion, you can level up fodder champions at a much faster pace, enabling you to 6-star champions faster and thus progress faster.

The key to being able to farm these stages on brutal mode with just one champion is that they have strong AoE, are using the lifesteal artifact set, and are heavily upgraded in both level, rank, ascension, skills, masteries, and gear.

When you have a champion that can solo-farm stage 6 and 3 in chapter 12 on brutal mode, you can also solo-farm many higher stages in all dungeons, enabling you to farm useful items while training fodder there as well.

That’s how to progress fast in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Have any input or tips for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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