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Spending shards to summon in the Portal is the primary way to get champions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

There are four different types of shards in the game, all with different summon rates and thus different values.

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The better the rates of a shard, the more valuable it is and the harder it is to obtain.

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You can get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends by battling, completing missions, challenges and quests, participating in events and the Arena, opening chests, fighting bosses, collecting various rewards and free gifts, purchasing them from the market, and buying packs.

In the four segments below, you’ll find all the different ways to get each type of shard in the game.

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How to get Sacred Shards

The Sacred Shard offers the best summoning rates and is thereby the most valuable in the game.

Because of this, it is also by far the hardest to obtain, especially early on in the game.

When you reach late game, you can earn up to around 13 Sacred Shards per month if you’re dedicated.

Earlier on in the game, you’ll have to rely more on special reward systems and one-time rewards to obtain Sacred Shards, as the methods that can be used over and over aren’t available before you get a very strong team.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there are a total of 12 different ways to get Sacred Shards, all of which are listed here.

  • Daily login rewards
  • Progression rewards
  • Star rewards
  • Mission milestones
  • Monthly quests
  • Dungeon challenges
  • Doom Tower
  • Clan Boss
  • Arena
  • Events
  • Referral
  • Packs

Daily login rewards are a series of rewards you can claim every day in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Once you claim the reward for one day, you can claim the reward for the next day the day after.

If you don’t claim the reward one day, you don’t lose that reward. It will be claimable the next time you open the game.

However, you won’t unlock the next day’s reward before you’ve claimed the previous, which is why you should make sure to claim daily login rewards every day.

The first Sacred Shard you get from login rewards is on day 78.

Once you reach the end of the daily login system, the same series of login rewards are repeated every day, at which point you’ll start getting one sacred shard every month if you claim daily.

You can find the daily login rewards menu through the menu on the left side of the main screen.

Progression rewards are rewards that you can claim when your account reaches specific levels.

When you reach level 60 you can claim a Sacred Shard from this system, and when you reach level 100 you can claim one more.

The progression rewards system can be accessed through the menu on the left side of the main screen.

Star rewards are rewards that you can claim once you’ve collected a specific number of stars in either Normal, Hard, Brutal, or Nightmare mode in the Campaign or in Faction Wars.

Check out our guide on how to get stars in RAID: Shadow Legends to learn more.

You can claim Sacred Shards from the star rewards system upon collecting 252 stars in the Hard, Brutal, and Nightmare mode of the Campaign and 655 stars in Faction Wars.

It will take a while for new players to reach any of these points in the star rewards system, especially in Faction Wars and Brutal and Nightmare mode in the Campaign.

You can access the star rewards system at the bottom of the stage selection screen in the Campaign and Faction Wars.

Mission milestones are special rewards that you can claim upon completing a specific number of missions.

When you complete one mission, you get one point towards the milestone you are currently working towards.

Upon completing a milestone, you unlock the next one.

The first mission milestone that gives a Sacred Shard as a reward is the second one, which is completed upon completing a total of 151 missions in the game.

You can find the mission system and mission rewards through the Missions button located at the bottom of the screen in the City.

Monthly quests also offer a Sacred Shard as a reward.

Upon completing all your five monthly quests, you can claim a Sacred Shard.

One of the monthly quests is to complete all your daily quests and claiming the reward for that 30 times.

Therefore, the fastest you can complete all your monthly quests is 30 days.

Your monthly quests don’t reset every month, so if you miss out on some days, you don’t lose the progress you’ve made.

Monthly quests only reset when you’ve completed all of them and claimed the Sacred Shard.

You can access your monthly quests through the Quests button in the bottom of the screen in the City.

Dungeon challenges are challenges specific to dungeon-related objectives.

The reward for completing all dungeon challenges in your current part is a shard.

Once you reach part 5 of dungeon challenges, the reward upon completion of all tasks is a Sacred Shard.

You can access your challenges through the Challenges button at the bottom of the screen in the City.

Doom Tower is a series of enemies you challenge to progress through the tower.

Every time you complete a level in the Doom Tower, you get a reward.

On the hard mode of Doom Tower, there are two Sacred Shards to earn, the last one being the final level.

Again, this is for late-game players, as Doom Tower hard mode is very difficult.

You can access Doom Tower through the Battle menu when you reach level 40.

Clan boss is a feature that allows you to challenge bosses multiple times a day if you’re in a clan.

You receive a reward for challenging a clan boss.

The reward is a chest, but the contents of this chest vary depending on the difficulty of the clan boss as well as how much total damage your clan dealt it.

If your clan manages to deal enough damage to a clan boss on either Nightmare or Ultra Nightmare mode, the chest you receive has a chance to give a Sacred Shard as a reward.

All other chests you can get from clan bosses do not have a chance to give Sacred Shards.

You will need to be in a very powerful clan for you to receive the top chests that can give Sacred Shards, which means that you yourself also need to be very powerful.

Arena offers a way to earn Sacred Shards if you are powerful enough.

The platinum Arena chest, which you earn if your reach the platinum tier in the arena, has a chance to contain Sacred Shards.

The platinum tier is the highest tier, which means you need to be very powerful to reach this.

You can also purchase Sacred Shards from the Bazaar in the Tag Team Arena upon reaching Gold.

Events sometimes offer Sacred Shards as a reward, but not always.

Therefore, we recommend you always check out was events are running.

Referrals are players that you invite to the game through your referral link.

You can find your referral link through the Referral Program button in the top left of the screen in the City.

If a player you refer reaches level 60, you receive a Sacred Shard.

If you refer three players that all reach level 60, you receive a total of four Sacred Shards, one for each player reaching level 60 and a bonus one.

It can be difficult to find referrals and even harder to find ones that reach level 60.

Therefore, some very dedicated players refer themselves and create an alt account to earn the rewards on their main account.

Packs are offers you can purchase in RAID: Shadow Legends for money.

Many of these packs contain Sacred Shards, but those that do are not always the best to purchase.

Learn more in our guide on the best packs to buy in RAID: Shadow Legends.

How to get Void Shards

Void Shards are the second most valuable shards in RAID: Shadow Legends.

They offer the same summon rates as Ancient Shards but are guaranteed to summon only champions of the Void affinity.

Void Shards are easier to obtain than Sacred Shards but are still rare.

There are a total of 13 different ways to get Void Shards in RAID: Shadow Legends, all of which are listed here.

  • Daily login rewards
  • Referral
  • Progression rewards
  • Monthly quest
  • Mission rewards
  • Dungeon challenges
  • Last campaign stage
  • Star rewards
  • Arena
  • Doom Tower
  • Clan Boss
  • Clan vs Clan
  • Events
  • Packs

Most of the ways that you can obtain Void Shards in the game are the same as those for obtaining Sacred Shards.

However, the methods that are the same usually require you to reach a much earlier point in the area of the game/system.

This means that you won’t have to be anywhere near as strong to earn Void Shards compared to Sacred Shards for some methods.

Furthermore, Void Shards appear more often in rewards than Sacred Shards do.

Upon completing the final stage in the last chapter of the Campaign, you receive a Void Shard.

In the monthly quest tab, you, unlike with Sacred Shards, get a Void Shard from one of the regular quests.

The specific quest is the one that asks you to complete all daily quests and claim the reward for it 30 times.

In the missions tab, you can also get Void Shards.

These are also given as rewards from some regular missions later on in the game.

Clan vs Clan is a feature where your clan fights another.

Depending on how well you do, you get various rewards.

Some of the rewards in the later tiers include Void Shards, but you’ll need to be in a strong clan to reach these tiers.

How to get Ancient Shards

Ancient Shards are the third most valuable shards in RAID: Shadow Legends.

They’re going to be your main source of rare champions in the game, making them useful.

Ancient Shards are much more common to come by than both Sacred Shards and Void Shards.

You will get a couple of them here and there even without trying to, but if you want to get a lot of them quickly, there are several ways you can do so.

Unlike Sacred Shards and Void Shards, you can actively keep farming for Ancient Shards as long as you have the energy to do so.

There are a total of 14 ways to get Ancient Shards in RAID: Shadow Legends, all of which are listed here.

  • Free claim
  • Daily login rewards
  • Weekly quests
  • Mission rewards
  • Dungeon challenges
  • Star rewards
  • Arena
  • Doom Tower
  • Clan Boss
  • Dungeons
  • Market
  • Clan activity chest
  • Events
  • Packs

Most of these are the same as both Sacred Shards and Void Shards.

However, once again, Ancient Shards appear more often as rewards and at a much earlier point in the game than Void Shards.

Every week, you can also claim one Ancient Shard for free in the Packs tab of the shop.

The free Ancient Shard you can claim doesn’t reset at a specific time each week.

Instead, once you claim it, a countdown will begin, and after seven days, you can claim it again.

Though a bit rare, Ancient Shards can appear in the market for you to purchase with 200,000 Silver.

Only up to five Ancient Shards can be purchased from the market per month, after which Ancient Shards cannot appear until the next month.

All dungeons in the game except Minotaur’s Labyrinth have Ancient Shards in their loot pool, which means there is a chance you’ll get one upon completing a stage in one of these.

In your clan window, you can claim an activity reward chest whenever your clan unlocks one.

One of the rewards from these chests can be Ancient Shards.

You can learn more about each remaining method on how to get Ancient Shards in the previous paragraphs of this guide.

How to get Mystery Shards

Mystery Shards are the most common by far, and consequently the least valuable of the shards in the game.

The highest rarity champion you can summon with Mystery Shards are rare champions, at a very low rate, though.

Mystery Shards are, however, great for acquiring fodder and greens for champion fusions.

You can easily farm a bunch of Mystery Shards quickly, even if you are at the beginning of the game.

Furthermore, Mystery Shards can be bought in abundance from the market and are given for free multiple times throughout the day through different rewards systems.

There are a total of 10 different ways to get Mystery Shards in RAID: Shadow Legends, all of which are listed here.

  • Campaign
  • Dungeon challenges
  • Star rewards
  • Playtime rewards
  • Free claim
  • Mission rewards
  • Dungeons
  • Market
  • Clan activity chest
  • Events

Every single day, you can claim a free Mystery Shard on top of the free one from the shop.

After playing the game for 20 minutes, or after simply having it open for 20 minutes, you can claim a Mystery Shard from the playtime rewards system.

You can access playtime rewards through the hourglass icon in the bottom right corner of the screen in the City.

Mystery Shards is part of the loot pool in both dungeons and the Campaign, which means you’ll automatically earn some while just playing the game.

Furthermore, Mystery Shards have a way higher chance of dropping than Ancient Shards because they are less valuable.

We recommend you claim all your free Mystery Shards every day, even if you don’t need them at the moment.

The fastest way to farm Mystery Shards in RAID: Shadow Legends is to first claim the free ones, purchase all the ones for sale on the market, and run stages in the Campaign or any dungeon that has it in its loot pool.

You can see the specific loot pool of any stage or dungeon on the left side right before starting it.

That’s how to get every single type of shard in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Know of any way to get any of the shards that we didn’t cover here? Let us know in the comment section.

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