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Ascension is one of the many ways to upgrade the power of champions in RAID: Shadow Legends.

You not only increase the stats of a champion when you ascend it, you also unlock a new skill or upgrade a current one when it hits ascension level three.

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Champions can be ascended in the Tavern located in the Bastion with potions that can be obtained from dungeons, the shop, faction wars, chests, missions, challenges, and occasionally events.

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The requirements, or costs, of ascending a champion to the next ascension level depend on the rarity of the champion as well as what ascension level it currently is.

You can find more information on the potion requirements and everything else that you need to know about the ascension system in RAID: Shadow Legends below in this guide.

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What is ascension?

The ascension system in RAID: Shadow Legends allows players to further increase the stats and power of their champions by ascending them to the next ascension level.

Ascension is an upgrade that is based on the number of stars a champion has.

You can see the current ascension level of a champion by looking at its stars on its icon, information page, etc.

The number of purple stars a champion has is equal to the ascension level it has reached.

Whenever a champion reaches a higher ascension level, one more of its yellow stars will turn purple.

The maximum ascension level is 6, just like the maximum rank, and thus the maximum number of stars on a champion is.

How to ascend champions

You can ascend champions in RAID: Shadow Legends in the Tavern located in the Bastion by clicking the Ascend tab on the right side, selecting the champion you want to ascend on the left side, and then clicking the yellow Ascend button.

Before you can ascend a champion, you need to have the required combination of potions. All champions require both Arcane potions and potions corresponding to their affinity to be ascended.

The higher the rarity and the higher the current ascension level of a champion, the harder it is to ascend it to the next ascension level.

When you select a champion to ascend in the Tavern, you can see both the potion requirements and what that next ascension level will bring.

If you’re curious, you can see the potion requirements for each ascension level for each rarity in our potion costs chart later in this guide.

Ascension levels are displayed by the number of yellow stars that have turned purple in a champion’s icon, information page, etc.

If a champion does not have any more yellow stars, you cannot ascend it further. In this case, you’d have to rank up the champion to give it one more yellow star before you can ascend it.

Once you’ve ascended a champion to ascension level 6, you cannot ascend it further, as the maximum number of stars on a champion is 6 as well.

How to get potions

The main way to get potions for ascension in RAID: Shadow Legends is from the five Keep dungeons.

There are five keeps in the Dungeon Map, each of which gives a different type of potion:

  • Arcane Keep
  • Spirit Keep
  • Magic Keep
  • Force Keep
  • Void Keep

All champions need potions from the Arcane Keep as well as potions from the keep that corresponds to their affinity to be ascended.

For example, Ninja, a champion of the Magic affinity, needs both Arcane potions and Magic potions to be ascended.

There are several other ways to get potions in the game as well. Here is a complete list of all the ways to get them:

  • Dungeons
  • Shop
  • Faction Wars
  • Chests
  • Missions
  • Challenges
  • Events

Even though there are many ways to get potions, none of the other methods are as effective for getting potions as farming dungeons.

Getting potions of greater and superior rarity can be difficult, which is why you should use the Potion Mixer that is located in the Ascend tab of the Tavern.

In the Potion Mixer, you can combine potions of lesser rarity to potions of higher.

Here is an overview of the cost to mix potions:

  • 10 Lesser Potions -> 1 Greater Potion
  • 10 Greater Potions -> 1 Superior Potion

Besides the potion cost, there is also a 20,000 Silver cost to mix lesser potions into greater potions and a 100,000 Silver cost to mix greater potions into superior potions.

Ascension potion requirements chart

The combination of potions required to ascend champions to the next level depends on the rarity and the current ascension level of the champion that you wish to ascend.

Arcane potions are the general white potions that all champions need when being ascended.

Affinity potions are the colored potions that correspond to the four affinities, of which champions require the one corresponding to their affinity.

Here is a complete overview of the potion requirements needed to ascend champions to their next level.

You’ll find a chart for each rarity, except common, which cannot be ascended.

Uncommon champion ascension requirements

Ascension levelAffinity Potions CostArcane Potions Cost
0 -> 12 Lesser Potions2 Lesser Potions
1 -> 22 Lesser Potions2 Lesser Potions
2 -> 33 Lesser Potions2 Lesser Potions
3 -> 43 Lesser Potions3 Lesser Potions
4 -> 55 Lesser Potions3 Lesser Potions
5 -> 65 Lesser Potions3 Lesser Potions
1 -> 6 (Total)20 Lesser Potions15 Lesser Potions

Rare champion ascension requirements

Ascension levelAffinity Potions CostArcane Potions Cost
0 -> 14 Lesser Potions2 Lesser Potions
1 -> 26 Lesser Potions3 Lesser Potions
2 -> 32 Greater Potions1 Greater Potion
3 -> 42 Greater Potions2 Greater Potions
4 -> 55 Greater Potions3 Greater Potions
5 -> 66 Greater Potions4 Greater Potions
1 -> 6 (Total)10 Lesser Potions, 15 Greater Potions5 Lesser Potions, 10 Greater Potions

Epic champion ascension requirements

Ascension levelAffinity Potions CostArcane Potions Cost
0 -> 14 Greater Potions3 Greater Potions
1 -> 27 Greater Potions5 Greater Potions
2 -> 39 Greater Potions7 Greater Potions
3 -> 43 Superior Potions1 Superior Potions
4 -> 53 Superior Potions2 Superior Potions
5 -> 64 Superior Potions2 Superior Potions
1 -> 6 (Total)20 Greater Potions, 10 Superior Potions15 Greater Potions, 5 Superior Potions

Legendary champion ascension requirements

Ascension levelAffinity Potions CostArcane Potions Cost
0 -> 11 Superior Potions5 Greater Potions
1 -> 22 Superior Potions2 Superior Potions
2 -> 33 Superior Potions2 Superior Potions
3 -> 44 Superior Potions3 Superior Potions
4 -> 55 Superior Potions4 Superior Potions
5 -> 66 Superior Potions4 Superior Potions
1 -> 6 (Total)21 Superior Potions5 Greater Potions, 15 Superior Potions

Boosts from ascension

Ascending a champion in RAID: Shadow Legends increases their power in several ways.

First of all, their base stats are increased, which not only improves their power directly but also makes artifacts that give +% stat scale better.

Secondly, ascending a champion to ascension level three gives it a new skill or upgrades a current one.

You can see whether or not a new skill will be unlocked at ascension level three under the skills tab of a champion.

If there is a locked skill with ascension level 3 on it in the skills tab of a champion, it’ll unlock that skill at ascension level three. If not, it will have one of its current skills upgraded at ascension level three.

At ascension levels 5 and 6, you unlock the amulet and banner slot. Being able to equip both of these accessories will greatly increase the damage of your champion.

Ascension priority

Ascension is only one of many ways to increase the power of champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, and as shown in the charts above, the potion costs quickly become expensive.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about getting your champions to the highest ascension level as soon as possible.

Instead, we recommend that you try to get your champions to ascension level 3 quickly to get the new skill or skill upgrade, and then don’t actively farm for potions until you can easily acquire lots of them.

Otherwise, you might end up spending a bunch of energy that you could have used for other activities that would have resulted in a higher power increase for your champions.

Once you start being able to easily farm stage 10 and later in dungeons, then you can start farming to ascend champions to ascension level 5 and a little later level 6.

Furthermore, the requirements for ascending champions increase sharply the higher the rarity of a champion, so take that into consideration, too.

It’s much easier farming-wise to get a rare champion to ascension level 5 or 6 than a legendary one.

Ascending a champion to a high ascension level is, however, crucial to its power late-game, and at that point, you want to have all your champions ascended as much as possible.

Can you ascend common champions?

No, you cannot ascend champions of common rarity in RAID: Shadow Legends.

If you’ve ever tried to ascend a champion in the game and have gotten the message “This Champion cannot Ascend.”, then it’s because that champion is common.

You can ascend any other champion in the game that is of uncommon or higher rarity.

That’s everything you need to know about the ascension system in RAID: Shadow Legends!

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