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In RAID: Shadow Legends, not only do your champions have a level, but your account itself also has one.

You can see the current level of your account on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen in the City.

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Having a high-level account in the game comes with a number of benefits, including higher energy capacity and access to more content.

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Furthermore, you receive various useful rewards when you level up your account.

The quickest way to level up your account in RAID: Shadow Legends is to farm campaign levels over and over. We recommend farming chapter 12 stage 3 or 6 – more information below.

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How to level up your account fast

Leveling up your account is important in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Your account will gain EXP from most activities in the game, but there are some that give more than others, making them more viable if you’re looking to level up your account quickly.

The fastest and most energy-efficient way to level up your account in the game is by farming stages in the Campaign.

The best stages for farming are chapter 12 stage 3 and stage 6.

We recommend that you choose one of these to farm based on what your current needs in the game are.

If you’re in need of silver, choose stage 3 in chapter 12, as this gives more silver when you sell the artifacts obtained compared to stage 6 – learn more in our silver farming guide.

Stage 6 in chapter 12, however, gives more EXP to your champions, so if you need to level up some champions, go with this stage.

It’s best to farm chapter 12 stage 3 or 6 in the Campaign on the Brutal difficulty.

However, if you cannot beat them on this difficulty yet, the best way for you to level up your account is most likely going to be by progressing through the Campaign.

If you’re stuck in the Campaign and wish to level up your account, go with chapter 12 stage 3 or 6 on Normal or Hard difficulty, or try out some of the stages you’ve made it to on your current difficulty, as these could perform better for you.

Benefits of leveling up your account

There are several reasons why you want to level up your account quickly in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Firstly, and most importantly, upon leveling up, your energy capacity increases.

Your energy capacity is the number you see on the right of your energy bar at the top of the screen.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have much more energy than your maximum capacity, as you can go above it when energy is earned from missions, quests, and other rewards.

However, you cannot generate more energy than your maximum capacity.

This means that if you have a maximum energy capacity of 100, and your current energy is 150 (150/100 energy), you will not generate any more energy until you go below 100.

Having a higher energy capacity, therefore, means that you can potentially generate more energy.

After playing the game for a while, you’ll exhaust all your energy and will start relying on the energy you generate, in which case having a higher maximum energy capacity comes in handy.

Secondly, being higher level in RAID: Shadow Legends gives you access to content like the Doom Tower, which is otherwise not available for you.

Having access to all the content in the game allows you to earn more rewards and experience, which helps you progress faster.

Lastly, every time you level up in the game, you get Gems and energy equal to your maximum capacity as well as other various rewards at some levels.

You can see at what levels you receive extra rewards, including Sacred Shards, in the Progression Rewards menu, which you can access through the menu on the left side of the screen in the City.

The maximum account level in RAID: Shadow Legends

The maximum account level in RAID: Shadow Legends is currently 100.

Even though level 100 is the maximum level, getting to level 60, the original maximum level, is more important than reaching level 100.

The reason why it’s more important to reach level 60 is that your maximum energy capacity stops increasing every level from level 60 and onwards.

This means that the only benefit of reaching an account level higher than 60 are the various rewards, which are, of course, useful but not as important as the maximum energy capacity increases.

From level 60 to level 100, you still get energy refill and Gems every time you level up, and you also get progression rewards at some of the levels from 60 to 100.

That’s the quickest way to level up your account in RAID: Shadow Legends!

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