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In RAID: Shadow Legends, the premium currency is Gems, which are not easy to come by.

There are several useful items and boosts you can purchase with Gems in the game, but if you wish to get the most out of your gems, here’s what you should spend them on.

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In short, if you’re looking to play RAID: Shadow Legends for more than 100 days, the best way to spend your Gems is to first unlock and fully upgrade your Gem Mine and then unlock more purchase slots in the Market.

After setting yourself up with the Gem Mine and more slots in the Market, the best way to spend your Gems is to purchase masteries for champions directly or to refill your energy.

Whether you should purchase masteries directly or spend your Gems on energy depends on where you are in the game – more details on this below.

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Best way to spend gems

There are a lot of different useful things to purchase in RAID: Shadow Legends with Gems, but some are simply a better use of your Gems than others.

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What the best thing to spend your Gems on is depends on your situation in the game as well as your level of progress.

If you’re planning to play the game for more than 100 days, the best use of your Gems is to unlock the Gem Mine.

The Gem Mine, upon being unlocked, passively generates Gems for you to claim.

After unlocking the Gem Mine, which costs 500 Gems, you can upgrade it two times, both of which costs 500 Gems each as well.

It takes 100 days for a purchase in the Gem Mine to pay itself back, after which all Gems generated are profit.

This is true for both the unlock itself and both of the upgrades.

They all pay themselves back after 100 days, so go ahead and upgrade it fully as soon as possible.

Given that it takes 100 days for an unlock or an upgrade in the Gem Mine to pay itself back, you shouldn’t spend your Gems on them if you’re not planning to play the game for long, as it will then only result in fewer Gems than you started with.

The second thing you should spend Gems on in RAID: Shadow Legends is additional purchase slots in the Market.

In the Market, you can purchase various useful items, including shards, champions, and gear.

At the beginning of the game, you can only purchase from the first six slots in the Market, but you can unlock an additional six, some with Gems and some with Silver.

As the Market is a great source to obtain champions and occasionally powerful gear, we recommend you open all six slots.

Here is an overview of the cost to upgrade each slot in the Market:

  • First additional slot = 50 Gems
  • Second additional slot = 40,000 Silver
  • Third additional slot = 80 Gems
  • Fourth additional slot = 60,000 Silver
  • Fifth additional slot = 120 Gems
  • Sixth additional slot = 100,000 Silver

Once you’ve unlocked and upgraded the Gem Mine as well as unlocked all slots in the Market, the next best thing to spend your Gems on depends on your current progress in the game.

If you’re early in the game, the best thing to spend your Gems on in RAID: Shadow Legends, besides the Gem Mine and Market slots, is masteries for champions.

You can purchase all the mastery scrolls required to fully unlock all masteries for a champion by going to that champion’s mastery page, clicking an unlockable mastery, and selecting ‘Get All Scrolls’.

A window will pop up that offers you all scrolls you need to unlock all of the selected champion’s masteries for the cost of 800 Gems.

The price is 800 Gems no matter how many scrolls you already have for that champion, so don’t buy this offer for a champion you’ve already farmed a lot of scrolls for.

At the beginning of the game and until quite late in the game, purchasing this mastery scroll offer is the single best way to spend your Gems, as you get the most out of them.

Once you reach late game, specifically when you are able to properly farm Minotaur’s Labyrinth stage 15, the best use of your Gems is to purchase energy refills in the Shop, as the total energy gained results in more mastery scrolls when exclusively used to farm mastery scrolls compared to purchasing them directly.

However, before you reach this point, you’ll get more mastery scrolls per Gem spent by purchasing them directly through the 800 Gems offer.

So, to sum up, our recommendation is to start by unlocking and fully upgrading the Gem Mine, then unlocking all slots in the Market, then purchasing mastery scrolls directly, and lastly, using all your Gems to refill energy.

Once you start to purchase energy with your Gems, you can also use it to obtain items through events, etc., which require you to spend a bunch of energy on different activities.

Other purchases you can make with Gems that could be the best for you, depending on the situation, include the Big Shard Pack for 900 Gems and XP boosts.

That’s the best way to spend your Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends!

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