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The Doom Tower in RAID: Shadow Legend is an area that you unlock upon reaching account level 40.

It is one of the toughest challenges to take on in the game, consisting of 120 levels, 12 of which feature a special boss.

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When you’re strong enough to push floors in the Doom Tower, there are tons of great rewards for you waiting to be earned.

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Right when you unlock Doom Tower, you might be surprised, as chances are that the floors are quite a bit harder than where you currently are in the Campaign.

In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on the Doom Tower in RAID: Shadow Legends, from what rewards you can get to what the best teams to use are.

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What is Doom Tower

Doom Tower is a series of floors, each of which features powerful enemies and some bosses. The higher the floor you face, the more powerful the foes are.

To challenge a floor, you must have defeated all floors below it first.

There are 120 regular floors in the Doom Tower, 12 of which feature a boss.

On top of the 120 regular floors, there are 12 special rooms, which feature special rules and rewards but are not required to be defeated to move on to the next floor.

The Doom Tower resets monthly, at which point the rotation of enemies and bosses changes, meaning that you’ll face new enemies and bosses on each floor. What floors you face a boss stays the same.

There are two difficulties in the Doom Tower – Normal and Hard.

You unlock the Doom Tower when your account level reaches 40.

How to fight in the Doom Tower

To fight in the Doom Tower, click the BATTLE button in the bottom-right corner when in the Bastion, and select Doom Tower on the far right.

Inside the Doom Tower, choose the floor that you wish to challenge, set up your team, and click Start.

Before you can challenge a floor, you must have defeated every floor below it, not including secret rooms.

You must, of course, also have reached account level 40 to unlock Doom Tower before you can fight there.

Floors without bosses cost one golden key to access for the first time in a new rotation, and floors with bosses and secret rooms cost one silver key the first time you access them in a new rotation.

Once you’ve spent a key attempting to defeat a floor, you don’t lose more keys by trying again and again if you didn’t defeat it on the first go.

If you choose to farm the same boss floor over and over after defeating it, it costs one silver key per run.

The actual battles inside the Doom Tower play out like regular campaign levels with three rounds of enemies. On boss floors, the third round features a boss.

The difference between Campaign levels and floors in the Doom Tower is that you can find much stronger teams of enemies in the Doom Tower. Enemy teams in the Doom Tower consist of 5 enemies, not 4 like in the Campaign.

The two difficulties of Doom Tower – Normal and Hard mode are two separate series of floors, just like the Campaign. What you do in Normal mode won’t affect floors in Hard mode and vice versa.

Chances are, though, that you’ll be struggling even with Normal mode right when you unlock the Doom Tower. So we recommend that you wait till you’ve become much stronger before you face Hard mode.

Floors without bosses cannot be reaccessed until the next reset after you’ve beaten it, but floors with bosses can be farmed over and over after you’ve beaten them.

How to get Doom Tower keys

You get 10 of each type of Doom Tower key every single day in RAID: Shadow Legends at daily reset.

Other ways to get Doom Tower keys in the game include rewards from advanced quests and rewards from clearing secret rooms in the Doom Tower.

Because you get both types of Doom Tower keys filled up for free every single day, we recommend that you spend as many of them as you can daily.

Right when you unlock the Doom Tower, you might not be able to spend any, though, as you might not be strong enough to clear any floors in there yet.

Once you’re strong enough, it’s important for your progression in the game that you spend your daily keys to get as much out of the Doom Tower as possible.

Doom Tower rewards

You get several useful rewards that are important to your progress from defeating floors in the Doom Tower.

Some of the rewards that you can get from Doom Tower cannot be obtained elsewhere or are difficult to obtain from other parts of the game.

You can see what rewards a specific floor in the Doom Tower gives in the top-right corner of the floor’s icon.

Usually, you get more than just one of the items or resources displayed.

Like the enemies on each floor rotate every time Doom Tower is reset, so are the rewards.

Here is a list of all the various rewards that you can get from stages in the Doom Tower, including secret stages:

  • Rank charms
  • Rarity charms
  • Type charms
  • Substat charms
  • Chickens
  • Gems
  • Champion fragments
  • Silver
  • Glyphs
  • XP brews
  • Silver keys
  • Crafting materials
  • Potions
  • Energy
  • Skill books
  • Shards
  • XP boosts
  • Champions

The crafting materials for artifacts that you can get from floors in the Doom Tower can only be obtained there.

As every single reward that is listed above is useful and will help you progress through the game, we highly recommend starting to clear as much of the Doom Tower as you can each reset.

Secret rooms

On top of the 120 regular floors in the Doom Towers, there are 12 secret floors, known as secret rooms.

Secret rooms are located above every 10th floor starting from floor 5, meaning above 5th floor, 15th floor, 25th floor, and so on. Instead of the regular #F notation, secret rooms have an SR# notation on them.

The secret rooms are extra stages in the Doom Tower, which means that you do not have to clear them to move onto the next floor.

If you can, we do, however, recommend that you clear secret rooms, as they give you great rewards.

Secret rooms give both 2 silver keys and champion fragments as a reward.

It is harder to clear secret rooms, though, as they feature special rules.

The first secret room in the Normal mode of Doom Tower, for example, only allows you to bring rare champions.

It costs one silver key to start a secret room for the first time. You do, however, get two silver keys upon clearing it, which means that you’ll end up with one more silver key.

Best champions to use in Doom Tower

Enemies in the Doom Tower are much stronger than those you’ll face throughout the entirety of the Brutal mode of the Campaign, and the teams that you’ll face on each floor have 5 champions instead of the familiar 4.

Therefore, it’s only natural that some of your champions might be struggling in the Doom Tower, especially against floors with bosses, which are the toughest.

It’s more important to use a strong combination of champions that work well together in the Doom Tower rather than just five strong champions.

Here are some of the best champions to use on your team in the Doom Tower that are sure to help you clear more floors:

  • Arbiter
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin
  • Warlord
  • Var-Gall
  • Doompriest
  • Visix the Unbowed
  • Scyl of the Drakes
  • Lydia the Deathsiren
  • Jareg

Which champions are best to use in the Doom Tower depends heavily on what boss you are facing. All of these are strong picks that are likely to be useful in any situation but might not be against all bosses.

On a lot of the earlier floors in the Doom Tower, it’s possible to do well with any roster of strong champions, even if they don’t synergize particularly well. You can find how strong a champion is in our RAID: Shadow Legends tier list.

Later on, though, you need to consider the skills and mechanics of bosses and enemies and use team compositions built to counter them. Otherwise, you’re going to have a tough time climbing the Doom Tower.

The higher in the Doom Tower you make it, the more important a strong team composition becomes, even against floors without bosses. Especially in the hard mode of Doom Tower.

Best teams for Doom Tower

As you make your way through the Doom Tower, you’ll quickly fínd that you can’t just use any team of champions.

The composition of champions on it has to synergize and counter the mechanics and skills of the enemies and bosses you face.

Through most of the Normal mode, you be able to run any five champions as long as they are individually strong and close to maxed out, but at least in the Hard mode, you need to build specific teams.

You’ll also find that different floors require different team compositions, given the unique challenges bosses and enemies present.

Because there are so many different floors and bosses in the Doom Tower, we’ve gathered a long list of team examples that do well against different bosses and stages in the Doom Tower:

  • Magma Dragon: Zavia, Arbiter, Scyl of the Drakes, Var-Gall, Coldheart. Team by EliteGuy.
  • Scarab King: Urost, Var-Gall, Iron Brago, Lord Champfort, Geomancer. Team by Dirtbag Gaming.
  • Nether Spider: Astralon, Scyl of the Drake, Visix the Unbowed, Mausoleum Mage, Mordecai. Team by StewGaming.
  • Frost Spider: Leorius, Elenaril, Medame Serris, Magnarr, Ithos. Team by boomer.
  • Celestial Griffin: Drexthar Bloodtwin, Hurndig, Ninja, Kreela, Scyl of the Drakes. Team by BGE.
  • Eternal Dragon: Drexthar Bloodtwin, Jareg, Doompriest, Vrask, Apothecary. Team by StewGaming.
  • Dreadhorn: Magnarr, Vrask, Doompriest, Godseeker Aniri, Vogoth. Team by MurderInc.
  • Dark Fae: Deacon Armstrong, Alure, Ninja, Hurndig, Kreela. Team by BGE.
  • Floor 114 + 119: Whisper, Scyl of the Drakes, Visix the Unbowed, Lydia the Deathsiren, Psylar. Team by StewGaming.

All these teams are created by top RAID: Shadow Legends players.

They are all designed to be strong enough to take down the Hard mode version of each boss, given that they’re properly built.

Because these teams are designed for Hard mode, you can get away with a not as strong a setup against Normal mode bosses.

When building a team for a specific floor or boss in the Doom Tower, we recommend you keep our overall team building advice in mind, as well as what challenges that specific boss or floor presents and try to counter that.

That’s everything you need to know about the Doom Tower in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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