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With more than 600 unique champions in the game, players can create an unbelievable number of team combinations in RAID: Shadow Legends.

The number of champions paired with all the various aspects of combat and upgrading makes for an incredible number of strategic opportunities.

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Furthermore, RAID: Shadow Legends is continuously adding new champions and content to keep the game fresh and possibilities growing.

Many factors go into what makes a perfect team in RAID: Shadow Legends. Some of the most important aspects to consider when building your team is:

  • Roles of champions
  • Affinities on the team
  • Balance of damaging skills and buffs
  • Individual champion potential
  • Synergy between allies

How you prioritize these aspects dictates how you should build a team. What content you are facing also has a large say in how you should build your team.

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In this guide, we give you tips on team building in RAID: Shadow Legends, as well as examples of real teams made by top players for specific parts of the game.

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Best teams in RAID: Shadow Legends

Building a powerful team from scratch can be an overwhelming task with the number of champions in the games and the various factors to consider.

To help you get started with team building in RAID: Shadow Legends, we’ve gathered examples of real teams created by top players for specific parts of the game.

You can either draw inspiration from these teams or simply copy one that you like, given that you have the required champions.

Best teams overall

These teams are used by top players from one of the largest clans in RAID: Shadow Legends.

  • Team 1: Duchess Lilitu, Rotos the Lost Groom, Ultimate Deathknight, Siphi the Lost Bride
  • Team 2: Cupidus, Venus, Nekhret the Great, Mortu-Macaab

Best teams for Spider

These teams are some of the best to use against the Spider boss in the Spider’s Den dungeon.

  • Team 1: Paragon, Coldheart, Coldheart, Mordecai, Renegade
  • Team 2: Coldheart, Coldheart, Coldheart, Teumesia, Prince Kymar

Best teams for Ice Golem

These teams are some of the best to use against the Ice Golem boss in the Ice Golem’s Peak dungeon.

  • Team 1: Bad-el-Kazar, Renegade, Prince Kymar, Lydia the Deathsiren, Seer
  • Team 2: Seer, Archmage Hellmut, Bad-el-Kazar, Renegade, Prince Kymar

Best teams for Fire Knight

These teams are some of the best to use against the Fire Knight boss in the Fire Knight’s Castle dungeon.

  • Team 1: Royal Guard, Lydia the Deathsiren, Seer, Alure, Renegade
  • Team 2: Tomb Lord, Elenaril, Prince Kymar, Dark Kael, Alure

Best teams for Dragon

These teams are some of the best to use against the Dragon boss in the Dragon’s Lair dungeon.

  • Team 1: Seer, Renegade, Archmage Hellmut, Ghostborn, Ninja
  • Team 2: Seer, Dracomorph, Prince Kymar, Dark Kael, Archmage Hellmut

Best teams for Sand Devil

These teams are some of the best to use against the Sand Devil boss in the Sand Devil’s Necropolis dungeon.

  • Team 1: Duchess Lilitu, Riho Bonespear, Septimus, Septimus, Quargan the Crowned
  • Team 2: Duchess Lilitu, Armiger, Husk, Riho Bonespear, Quargan the Crowned

Best teams for Demon Lord Clan Boss

This team is the best to use against the Demon Lord Clan Boss. It has the record of dealing the most damage against the Ultra-Nightmare version of the boss – over 1.5B damage.

Team 1: Krisk the Ageless, Hellborn Sprite, Underpriest Brogni, Lanakis the Chosen, Corpulent Cadaver

Best teams for Arena

These are some of the top-performing teams in the Arena, making them some of the best to use.

  • Team 1: Mortu-Macaab, Hegemon, Nekhret the Great, Hephraak
  • Team 2: Warlord, Arbiter, Ramantu Drakesblood, Leorius the Proud
  • Team 3: Prince Kymar, Leorius the Proud, Nekhret the Great, Hegemon

Best teams for Campaign

The campaign can be beaten with a bunch of different team setups. Here are some of the best teams for the Campaign that will enable you to easily beat it.

  • Team 1: Tayrel, Bad-El-Kazar, Arbiter, and Juliana
  • Team 2: Vlad the Nightborn, Duchess Lilitu, Nekhret the Great, Konstantin the Dayborn

Best teams for Doom Tower

There are many bosses in rotation in the Doom Tower. Here are some of the best teams you can use against the different Doom Tower bosses and Floor 114+119.

  • Magma Dragon: Zavia, Arbiter, Scyl of the Drakes, Var-Gall, Coldheart
  • Scarab King: Urost, Var-Gall, Iron Brago, Lord Champfort, Geomancer
  • Nether Spider: Astralon, Scyl of the Drake, Visix the Unbowed, Mausoleum Mage, Mordecai
  • Frost Spider: Leorius, Elenaril, Medame Serris, Magnarr, Ithos
  • Celestial Griffin: Drexthar Bloodtwin, Hurndig, Ninja, Kreela, Scyl of the Drakes
  • Eternal Dragon: Drexthar Bloodtwin, Jareg, Doompriest, Vrask, Apothecary
  • Dreadhorn: Magnarr, Vrask, Doompriest, Godseeker Aniri, Vogoth
  • Dark Fae: Deacon Armstrong, Alure, Ninja, Hurndig, Kreela
  • Floor 114 + 119: Whisper, Scyl of the Drakes, Visix the Unbowed, Lydia the Deathsiren, Psylar

Best teams for Hydra

This is the best team to use against the Hydra boss, one of the Clan Bosses.

  • Team 1: Tuhanarak, Krisk the Ageless, Sicia Flametongue, Cardiel, Acrizia, Acrizia

Role balance

Creating a great team is no easy task. Therefore, we’ll look at some of the most crucial aspects you should consider when choosing which champions to put on your team.

We’ll also look at why these aspects are important and how to take advantage of them to increase your chances in battle.

All champions in RAID: Shadow Legends are one of the following four roles.

  • Attacker
  • HP
  • Defense
  • Support

The balance of roles on your team is important. Having too many attackers can be damaging to your team, even though it will dish out a lot of damage.

Also, even though we believe having attackers is incredibly important, we recommend bringing at least one support and one HP or defense champion.

Bringing support and defense champions will give the team more utility and make it more adaptable to situations, as you can change up your tactic in battle.

With a pure attacker team, you have no choice but to try and burst down the enemy before they take you out, which may not always work.

Affinity system

Keeping affinities in mind when creating your team is important.

There are four affinities, Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void.

Champions with the Magic affinity deals extra damage to champions with the Spirit affinity, but take extra damage from champions with the Force affinity.

Spirit deals extra damage to Force, but takes extra damage from Magic.

Force deals extra damage to Magic, but takes extra damage from Spirit.

Void is a special affinity that doesn’t deal extra damage to any affinity, but doesn’t take extra damage from any affinity.

In terms of team building, you want to avoid stacking your team exclusively with or close to exclusively with a single affinity that isn’t Void.

If you only bring champions of the Spirit affinity on your team, you will be in trouble if you run into a Magic team.

Having a balance of affinities or having primarily Void affinity champions ensures stability.

Because of this, Void is generally considered the best affinity, as you can bring as many Void champions as you please, without hurting your affinity composition.

Skill types

If you are building a team for a variety of game modes, you want to make sure your team has both buffs, AoE damage, debuffs, and high-damage single-target skills.

If you, however, are building a team for a specific game mode, this might not be necessary.

From our experience, having a mix of these skills will allow you to take on most setups of enemies.

Synergy between champions

Synergy is another aspect that is great to keep in mind when creating your team.

Synergy is a term for how good champions on your team work together.

An example of excellent synergy is a champion that has a single target damage buff and a champion that has a very high damage single target skill.

In this case, you can buff that champion for a turn and dish out an insane amount of damage on a boss.

A setup like this can deal more damage than just having two champions use a damage skill.

Another example of synergy could be an extremely tanky HP champion and a support champion with a lot of healing skills.

In such a case, you can have a champion the enemy will have an incredibly difficult time taking out before you heal it back up.

Best champions for your team

Even though most legendary champions and some rare and epic ones excel at some niche, some champions simply are better picks in almost any situation.

Some of the very best champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, which can be used in almost any team composition, include:

  • Krisk the Ageless – Defense, Void affinity
  • Kyoku – Defense, Spirit affinity
  • Lydia the Deathsiren – Support, Void affinity
  • Mithrala Lifebane – Support, Void affinity
  • Underpriest Brogni – Support, Magic affinity
  • Warlord – Support, Void affinity
  • Leorius the Proud – Attack, Void affinity
  • Arbiter – Support, Void affinity
  • Dracomorph – Attack, Magic affinity
  • Nethril – Attack, Spirit affinity

All of these champions are exceptionally powerful and can be used late-game. If you pull any of these champions, you can safely invest resources into them.

You can find more powerful champions to use on your team in our RAID: Shadow Legends tier list.

You are now ready to build your very own super team in RAID: Shadow Legends with all the tips and inspiration given in this post.

If you have any other tips or input you believe should be in this guide, let us know in the comments below.

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