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Players have to collect different kinds of resources in RAID: Shadow Legends to progress through the game.

By playing the game, you will get some resources. However, if you wish to get your hands on a specific resource quickly, there are ways to do so.

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Skill tomes, shards, silver, xp, energy, mastery scrolls, and potions are all resources that you can earn from rewards.

Almost any feature in the game that rewards you, such as completing a quest or mission, will give you one of these resources.

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Some resources, such as xp, silver, and potions, are much more common than others, however.

Skill tomes and shards are the rarest resources in the game besides chickens.

We have put together the following table, which shows you most of the ways to obtain a specific resource.

Below this table, you will find a detailed explanation of how to get each resource.

ResourceWhere to get
Skill tomesMissions, faction wars, progression rewards, daily login rewards, events, chests
ChickensEvent rewards, special pack offers, faction wars, missions, advanced quests
EnergyMissions, level up, monthly quests, chests, faction wars, daily login rewards, events
ScrollsDungeons, missions
XPContent, quests, campaign, dungeons, faction wars
SilverChallenges, dungeons, campaign, faction wars
PotionsQuests, challenges, chests, missions, dungeons, faction wars
ShardsMissions, playtime rewards, campaign, pack shop, weekly & monthly quests, marketplace, chests, dungeons, faction wars, progression rewards, daily login rewards, events, challenges
GemsLevel up, quests, chests, progression rewards, daily login rewards, faction wars, campaign, missions
XP BrewsDungeons, missions
GlyphsFaction Wars, events

Table of contents

How to get skill tomes

Skill tomes allow you to upgrade the skills of your champions.

There are different tiers of skill tomes with legendary skill tomes being the best.

Legendary skill tomes allow you to upgrade a legendary or lower rarity champion.

You can upgrade an epic champion or lower rarity’s skills with an epic skill tome and so on.

There are several ways to get your hands on skill tomes, but the epic and legendary ones are scarce.

Therefore, you should use them with caution and not waste them on low-rarity champions or low tier champions.

You can learn more about the tier of a champion in our RAID: Shadow Legends tier list.

You can obtain skill tomes by completing missions, claiming progression and daily login rewards, opening chests from clan bosses, clan activity, and the arena.

Another way to obtain skill tomes is by participating in events. However, an event that offers skill tomes might not be running at the time of your reading.

When you collect enough stars in faction wars, you also receive skill tomes.

For these methods, the farther into the rewards/content you get, the better the tier of the tome.

You need to collect 335 stars in faction wars challenges before you get an epic skill tome, for example.

All previous tomes are rare, but all tomes after 335 stars are either epic or legendary, so keep grinding.

To show just how rare legendary skill tomes are, you need to complete 226 missions before getting the reward of 2 legendary skill tomes from mission rewards.

The first legendary skill tome you get through daily login rewards is on day 75. Therefore, you should spend your legendary and epic skill tomes wisely.

How to get skill tomes RAID Shadow Legends

How to get chickens

Chickens are powerful items in RAID: Shadow Legends that let you increase the rank of a champion.

Because chicken can be used as fodder when ranking up a champion, they are incredibly valuable and scarce.

Notice, chickens have a star ranking, which means you need a specific kind of chicken if you wish to use it as fodder for upgrading a 3-star champion, for example.

In this case, you would need 3-star chickens.

There are five different ways to get chickens in RAID: Shadow Legends:

  • Faction wars
  • Events
  • Advanced quests
  • Missions
  • Offers
  • Bazaar

To get a detailed explanation on how to get chickens, check out our guide on How to Get Chickens in RAID: Shadow Legends.

One of the ways to obtain chickens is by participating in events, but there might not be an event that offers chickens at the time of your reading, except for daily login rewards

With the introduction of faction wars, players now have a more reliable way of obtaining chickens.

Every time you complete a stage in faction wars, you receive between 1 to 3 stars.

When you collect a certain amount of stars overall, you receive a reward.

A lot of these star rewards are chickens of different star-ranks.

They start at 3-star but go all the way up to 5-star once you get far enough into the star rewards.

Here is a picture of some of the chicken rewards you can get from faction wars and the number of stars you need to collect.

You can check all the rewards yourself in-game by pressing the info icon inside faction wars.

RAID Shadow Legends how to get chickens

How to get energy

You need to have enough energy to challenge a stage, boss, dungeon, or any other content in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Chances are that you won’t find yourself in need of energy at the beginning of the game.

Once you’ve progressed for a while and start farming mastery, etc., you will, however, find yourself running short on energy.

When you level up, your maximum energy count increases.

But, the higher level you are, the more energy you need to spend to fight.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get energy.

Many missions and some monthly quests have energy as a reward.

You can also pull energy from chests obtained from raid bosses, raid activities, and the arena.

Be sure to claim your daily login rewards if you have any left, as many of these rewards are energy.

Some events do offer energy as a reward, but if it is an exchange event, you probably want to spend your event items on shards, tomes, or chickens instead.

The final way to get energy is by collecting stars in faction wars to unlock star rewards or simply wait for your energy to regenerate on its own.

How to get mastery scrolls

Unlocking masteries for your champions is essential for them to reach their full potential.

To unlock a new mastery for a champion, you need sufficient mastery scrolls.

The primary way to obtain mastery scrolls is by doing dungeons, specifically Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

Every time you complete a stage in Minotaur’s Labyrinth, you receive some scrolls as a reward.

The first five stages only give you basic mastery scrolls, but later stages give advanced scrolls and divine scrolls as rewards.

Farming mastery scrolls for your champions is very simple, as it just requires you to complete stages in Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

The only downside to farming mastery scrolls is the energy cost associated with entering the dungeon over and over.

Another way to get scrolls is by completing missions. Some missions include mastery scrolls in their rewards, but it’s very few.

Therefore, if you wish to get mastery scrolls now, go for dungeon runs, they give way more scrolls per hour than doing missions.

Mastery scrolls from dungeon RAID Shadow Legends

How to get XP

Many players want to rush to account level 60 as soon as possible.

To do this, you need to gather a lot of XP.

The primary way to get XP in RAID: Shadow Legends is by completing stages in the campaign and dungeons.

Quests also give XP as a reward, so head into the quests tab to check out which quests are available to you at the moment.

A great way to get more XP fast is by getting XP boosters and playing a lot while they are active.

XP boosters from daily login rewards, events, etc. usually last for 24 hours.

If you play through the campaign while an XP booster is active, you are going to get a lot of XP fast.

How to get silver

You need a lot of silver in RAID: Shadow Legends to do things such as summoning, buying items on the marketplace, and upgrading gear.

By playing through the game’s content, you will obtain a decent amount of silver.

There are, however, methods that give more silver at a faster rate.

Many challenges give silver as a reward, and most of them are relatively simple to complete.

Both the campaign and faction wars give silver as a reward when you collect enough stars.

Every stage you complete in the campaign and faction wars gives you 1 to 3 stars, which count towards your campaign or faction wars star counter.

How to get potions

To ascend a champion to a higher star level and thereby increase its stats and unlock new skills, you need potions.

What potions you need to ascend a champion depends on the champion’s current star level and its affinity.

The easiest way to get potions is by farming dungeons.

Not all dungeons in the game have potions in their drop pool, but many do.

You can see which items you can get from a specific dungeon by checking the looking at the drop pool of the dungeon right before you enter a stage.

You can also get potions by completing missions and quests, but you won’t get quite as many compared to farming dungeons.

Chests from clan bosses, clan activities, and the arena also have a chance of containing potions.

Lastly, you can also get potions through star rewards in faction wars.

How to get summoning shards

To summon champions in the Portal, you need summoning shards.

Summoning is the primary way to obtain new champions in the game.

There are several ways to obtain summoning shards, all of which we’ve covered in our guide on how to get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends.

How to get gems

The premium currency in RAID: Shadow Legends is gems.

You can purchase almost any kind of item in the shop if you have enough gems.

Besides buying gems with real money, you can obtain them by playing the game.

Every time you level up, you receive a small number of gems, meaning you will passively earn gems by progressing through the game.

You also get gems from progression rewards and daily login rewards, which also doesn’t require any other work than playing the game for long enough.

Some quests and missions have gems as a reward, but only a few of them.

Star rewards from the campaign and faction wars both have gem rewards of considerable size, so try to get as many stars as possible from each stage in these two game modes.

Lastly, you also have a chance to pull gems from chests.

Gems reward from missions RAID Shadow Legends

How to get XP brews

When leveling up champions in the Tavern, XP brews come in handy as an alternative to sacrificing champions.

XP brews give a lot more XP than low level and low rarity champions.

XP brews can be obtained from several parts of the game, including dungeons, events, tournaments, free packs, and missions.

Most dungeons, including The Spider’s Den, have a significant chance to drop XP brews as a reward.

Once you’ve used all your XP brews, farming stages in the campaign will yield you the most XP for champions.

How to get glyphs

Glyphs are powerful items in RAID: Shadow Legends that can be placed on artifacts to apply additional stat boosts and buffs.

Glyphs come in different ranks and can be categorized into different types.

You can learn more about glyphs in our guide on how to upgrade and rank up champions.

The primary way to obtain glyphs in the game is by beating faction crypt stages in faction wars.

Inside each crypt, you can see which glyphs have a chance to drop, the rank of those glyphs, and their rank.

You can also obtain glyphs from some events.

That’s how to get all the different resources in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Any methods on how to get specific resources that we haven’t covered are welcome in the comment section below.

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