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Artifacts, also known as gear, and accessories, have a major impact on both the power of a champion and its playstyle.

How you choose to build a champion in terms of artifact sets and the stats on artifacts and accessories can determine what role it plays on your team.

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With more than 40 sets of artifacts and various accessories for each faction in the game, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide on how to gear up a champion.

Though what artifact set and stats are best to build depends on the champion that you are gearing up, there are some artifact sets, stats, and accessories that are better than others.

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In general, the best artifact sets to use late-game in RAID: Shadow Legends are Savage, Stun, Swift Parry, Immunity, and Shield.

Earlier on, game when you are progressing through the game, the best artifacts sets are Lifesteal, Speed, Shield, and Accuracy.

Concerning stats, the best artifacts and accessories to use on a champion are ones that have the stat boosts that you need for the specific build you are building for that champion. Usually, the best stats are accuracy, speed, and HP.

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Best artifact sets

The set effects of artifacts have a major impact on the total power increase that a champion gets from its gear.

There are more than 40 artifact sets in the game, many of which can be useful, but just as many, if not more, will almost never be worth using.

What artifact set is best for a champion both depend on that champion and the build you are going for, as well as how far into the game you’ve progressed so far.

At the beginning of the game, the following artifacts are, in general, the best to use for your champions:

  • Lifesteal
  • Speed
  • Shield
  • Accuracy

All of these artifact sets can be obtained easily at the beginning of the game, and they will make your champions much stronger, allowing you to progress faster.

Lifesteal is a 4-set effect, which makes your champion heal for 30% of the damage they deal to enemies. This allows them to sustain themselves in battle, thus greatly increasing their chances of surviving.

Speed is a 2-set effect that increases speed by 12%. The speed stat determines whether or not your champion will move before others, as well as how quickly they regain their move-meter – higher speed results in more moves.

Shield is a 4-set effect that gives all of your champions on your team a +30% HP shield, which is determined by the HP of the wearer. So, if you give the Shield set to a champion with tons of HP, it will give a massive shield to ally champions, making your team much tankier.

Accuracy is a 2-set effect that gives the wearer +40 ACC. Accuracy determines the probability that your champion applies debuffs to enemies. Higher accuracy means that your champion is more likely to successfully apply their skills’ debuffs.

You can learn more about each stat in our RAID: Shadow Legends Stats Guide.

Once you reach late-game in RAID: Shadow Legends, the following sets are usually the best to build on your champions:

  • Savage
  • Stun
  • Swift Parry
  • Immunity
  • Shield
  • Stone Skin

Acquiring artifacts with these sets is a bit harder to obtain than the ones for early games, as they are all dropped from dungeon bosses, except for Swift Parry, which has to be forged.

Nevertheless, you should be able to farm a bunch of gear until you get the right stats on them in the late-game. It will just take some time.

Savage is a 4-set effect, which makes the wearer ignore 25% of the enemy’s DEF. The Savage set gives the largest increase to the damage output of all sets in the game, so if you’re building for maximum damage, go with Savage.

Technically, the Lethal set, also a 4-set effect, is even more powerful than the Savage set, as it gives the same 25% ignore enemy DEF but also gives a 10% Critical Rate buff. The only issue is that it’s much harder to farm the Lethal set as you have to forge in using drops from Doom Tower, so it’s unlikely that you can get good pieces from the set with the right stats. If you are lucky to get pieces from the Lethal set, though, you should use them instead of Savage pieces.

Stun is a 4-set effect that gives the wearer an 18% chance to stun enemies with every attack. This can be a major advantage in battle, as the enemy won’t be able to move when stunned. Be sure to use champions with multiple AoE attacks when building the Stun set, as all of their attacks will have a chance to stun enemies, almost guaranteeing at least one enemy stunned with each attack.

Swift Parry is a 4-set effect that gives both +18% Speed, +30% Critical Damage, and a 50% chance to survive an otherwise fatal attack. Not only does this set give great stat boosts, but the 50% chance to become unkillable can turn a battle around completely.

Immunity is a 4-set effect that makes the champion wearing it immune for the first two turns of a battle. Immunity means that debuffs cannot be applied to you, making your champion hard to take down quickly.

Shield is still an amazing 4-set effect in the late-game of RAID: Shadow Legends, just like it is in the early-game.

Other great set bonuses that can be incredibly powerful through the game are:

  • Cruel
  • Relentless
  • Immortal

We don’t recommend building these sets early on in the game, as it’ll be easier for you to get the above-listed sets in the early-game with the right stats. Furthermore, these sets are great but not as good as the ones we’ve listed for late-game.

In other words, Cruel, Relentless, and Immortal are more situational and are suitable throughout the middle part of your progression in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Cruel is a 2-set effect that gives +15% ATK and 5% Ignore Enemy Defense. This set gives a great damage boost to the wearer, but, of course, not as great a damage boost as Savage. Cruel is, however, a 2-set effect, which means that you can give it to a champion to whom you’ve only given 4 artifacts thus far for a 4-set bonus or 2 2-set bonuses.

Relentless is a 4-set effect that gives the wearer an 18% chance to get an extra turn every time they attack. This set is situational but can be extremely powerful when used with the right champion.

Immortal is a 2-set effect, which gives the wearer both +15% HP and makes them heal 3% of their HP each turn. The Immortal set can be a great addition to the build of a tanky champion.

Stone Skin is a 6-set effect, which gives both +8% HP, +40 RES, +15% DEF, 2 turns Stone Skin buff at the start of a round, and +15% DEF. The Stone Skin buff gives an 85% reduced incoming damage buff as well as a 50% chance of blocking removals or steals. This set is a Hydra set, and though it is a 6-piece set to get all the bonuses above, it, unlike most other sets, gives bonuses per number of artifacts. So, if you wear only one Stone Skin artifact, you get the +8% HP. If you wear 3, you get +8% HP, +40 Res, and +15% DEF, and so on.

When wearing 4 pieces of the Stone Skin set, you get 1 turn of the Stone Skin buff at the start of a round, which is replaced by 2 turns of the same buff when you wear 6 pieces.

Best artifacts and stat priority

There aren’t specific artifacts that can be deemed the best in RAID: Shadow Legends, as what stats a piece of artifact can give depends on what type of artifact it is. The best artifacts for a champion depend on the build and the stats that are best for that champion.

You can find more info on what stats you generally want to aim for and what stats you want on the different types of artifacts with variable main stat.

All helmets in the game, for example, always give +HP as their main stat. So the best helmet for a champion is the one that fits the set bonus you are building towards. You then also want it to have the right substats, which you can get by farming it over and over.

Substats on all artifacts are always rolled randomly upon them being obtained, while the main stat on weapons, helmets, and shields are always +ATK, +HP, and +DEF.

The main stat on Gauntlets, Chestplates, Boots, and accessories can be different stats. Get a full overview of the various stat boosts the different artifact types can give in our RAID: Shadow Legends gear guide.

Even though artifacts can have many combinations of main and substats, making tons of unique builds possible, there are some combinations that just are better than others.

In RAID: Shadow Legends, the following stats are generally the best and are needed by almost all champions in the game:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed

If a champion has one or more skills that have a chance to apply any debuff or crowd control to enemies, they need accuracy. If a champion is a support or a debuffer with important skills that have a probability to apply, accuracy is the single most important stat for it, followed by speed.

The more accuracy they have, the more likely it is that their debuff or crowd control will work at the probability written in the skill description.

Speed is a stat that every single champion benefits from, as it not only makes them move before other champions if they have a higher speed stat than them, but they also regain turn meter faster.

The faster turn meter regeneration results in more moves per battle, increasing both the utility and damage output of any champion.

The following stats should be prioritized after accuracy and speed, depending on the champion:

  • HP
  • Defense
  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Damage
  • ATK

HP and Defense are important stats to have on a champion to make sure they can survive for long enough.

Early on, you don’t need to build HP or Defense for attacking champions, but late-game, you need to. Otherwise, they will be taken out before they can do any work.

Critical Rate and Critical Damage are both stats that will increase the damage output of your champions significantly. If you’re building an attacker, you want to build towards having 100% critical rate.

ATK can further increase your damage output if you have optimized your critical rate and damage already. Do make sure to read the skills of your champions, though, as you only want to build the ATK stat on a champion if its skills scale with ATK. Some scale with other stats like HP.

When building Critical Damage, be sure to also build Critical Rate to get the most out of the damage increase from Critical Damage.

If a stat has both a + stat and a +% stat, like there is both a + HP and a +% HP on chestplates, then you want to go for the +% stat. Not all stats have a +% alternative, though. Speed and Accuracy do not, for example.

The same exact stat boost cannot appear twice on an item. For instance, if you get +% ATK as your main stat on a pair of gauntlets, then they cannot have +% ATK on any of their substat lines. Similarly, if you get +% ATK on one of your substat lines, then the remaining substat lines cannot have it either.

You can, however, get two lines that boost the same stat, if it’s + stat and a +% stat lines.

Here are some of the main stats that you usually want to aim for on Gauntlets, Chestplates, Boots, and accessories, the artifacts with variable main stats:

  • Gauntlets (Gloves) = +%C. RATE
  • Boots = +SPD
  • Chest = +% ATK, HP, or DEF, depending on champion
  • Ring = Stat corresponding to champion
  • Amulet = +% C. DMG
  • Banner = +ACC or +RESIST

To sum up what the best artifacts are in RAID: Shadow Legends, you want to acquire artifacts that suit the build of the champion that you are gearing up.

The best artifacts in the game are the ones that have the right stats rolled on their main and or substats, including the bonuses you get when enhancing them.

Before you start farming any piece of artifact for a champion to get the right stats, find out what combination of artifact sets you want to build on that champion and then farm the artifact pieces from that set.

Best accessories

There are three types of accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends:

  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Banner

You can equip a ring no matter the ascension level of a champion, but the amulet and banner slots are first unlocked at ascension levels 5 and 6.

Accessories do not have set effects, which means that the only factor in what the best accessory is for a champion is what stats it gives.

The best accessory for a champion is the one that gives the main stat and substats that the champion needs for its build.

All three types of accessories can have various main stats as well as substats, each of which are rolled upon being obtained.

You can see what main stats and substats each type of accessory can give in our artifacts guide.

Accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends are bound to factions, meaning that there is a Lizardmen-specific ring, amulet, and banner in the game, for example.

The best stats to aim for on your accessories depends on how you’re building a champion, just like when you’re deciding what stats to go for on your artifacts.

Again, there are some stats that are usually the best to prioritize for all champions, as outlined in the previous paragraph.

Those are the best artifact sets, artifacts, and accessories in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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