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Collecting champions in RAID: Shadow Legends is essential as you need to build a strong team that can take you through tough battles.

Each champion is one of 5 rarities; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, Common being the worst and Legendary the best.

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All champions also belong to one faction, carry one of 4 affinities, and is either of the Attack, Defense, HP, or Defense role.

There are hundreds of unique champions in the game for you to collect, each with a set of skills suitable for different scenarios.

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The primary way to get champions in RAID: Shadow Legends is through summoning, fusion, fragments, events, Campaign drops, and the Market – find more information on each of these methods as well as every other way to get champions in RAID: Shadow Legends below.

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Most of the champions you’ll acquire through your journey in RAID: Shadow Legends will come from summoning.

Summoning takes place in the Portal, which is located in the City of the game.

When you use the summoning feature, you get a random champion in return for a shard and some silver.

The summoning rates, the probability of pulling champions of specific rarities, are determined by the type of shard you use.

Sometimes, the game runs events where summoning rates are increased temporarily.

Here is a list of all the shards in the game, the silver cost associated with them, and what rarities the champions you summon with these shards can be.

  • Mystery Shard: Cost – 500 Silver. Summons a Common, Uncommon, or Rare champion.
  • Ancient Shard: Cost – 20.000 Silver. Summons a Rare, Epic, or Legendary champion.
  • Void Shard: Cost – 20.000 Silver. Summons a Rare, Epic, or Legendary Void champion.
  • Sacred Shard: Cost 100.000 Silver. Summons an Epic or Legendary champion.

Mystery Shards are the least valuable in the game, as they offer the poorest summoning rates.

Because of this, Mystery Shards are also by far the easiest type of shard to obtain.

Likewise, the Sacred Shard, which is the most valuable in the game because it offers the best summoning rates, is by far the hardest to obtain.

You can learn every way to get each type of shard in our guide on how to get shards in RAID: Shadow Legends.

In the following chart, you can see the summoning rates of each type of shard and thus also the rarities they can summon.

RarityMystery ShardAncient ShardVoid ShardSacred Shard

As most of your champions, including epic and legendary champions, will come from summoning, we recommend actively work towards getting Ancient, Void, and Sacred Shards.

Especially Sacred Shards often require you to complete certain tasks many days in a row before you get one.


Fusion is a feature in RAID: Shadow Legends that allows you to fuse specific champions into another stronger one.

You can access the fusion feature by going to the Portal located in the City and then selecting the ‘Fusion’ tab on the right side.

In the fusion tab, you can see the different champions that you can fuse.

Some champions will remain available for you to fuse until you fuse it, while others are time-limited events, which means you have to fuse it before its event runs out.

If a champion is a fusion event, you can see how much time is left until it’s finished right next to its champion icon when you’ve selected that champion for fusion.

If there is no timer next to the champion icon, like with Relickeeper and Rhazin Scarhide, then there is no time limit on that fusion.

To do a champion fusion in RAID: Shadow Legends, you need to collect all the required champions for that fusion and bring them to the required ascension, rank, and level.

You can see the exact champion requirements needed to fuse a champion in the Portal by clicking it.

Below the fusion target champion, you can see every single champion needed to fuse it.

Sometimes, you can even fuse the champions that you need to fuse the final selected champion.

For example, if you wish to fuse a Rhazin Scarhide, a legendary champion, you’ll need both Lich, Erinyes, Bloodfeather, and Torturehelm, all of which are epic champions.

In this fusion, you can also fuse each of those four epic champions with four rare champions each.

Lich, for example, can be fused with Magus, Marked, Rocktooth, and Penitent.

You do, however, not have to fuse each of the four champions required to fuse the final one if you can get your hands on them in another way.

But often, it’s easier to fuse each of the four required for the final one.

Also, if you find a champion you like and wish to use that is not the final champion, like Lich, then you can just use the fusion feature to fuse him from the four rare ones.


The Portal located in the City has a third way to get champions in the game, the ‘Fragment Summon’ tab.

In the fragment summon tab, you can exchange champion fragments for the champion the fragments are of.

There are always a lot of different champions you can summon by using fragments.

Some of them, however, are time-limited events, which means you only have a specific amount of time to collect and use the fragments for some champions.

Other champions will, just like with fusion, stay until you summon them once or even stay there for you to summon over and over again.

Champion fragments can be obtained through various activities, including Doom Tower, the Bazaar in the Tag Team Arena, and events.

To see how to get the fragments of a specific champion, click the information icon next to its name while it’s selected in the fragment summon tab.

There isn’t always a way to get the fragments of a champion.

Champions that are only available for fragment summon for a short while are usually part of an event, which means you can obtain its fragments through many different tasks.

Therefore, you should make sure to check out the current events and details of these, as you potentially can get your hands on some powerful champions.

Campaign drops

You can get champions in RAID: Shadow Legends is by completing stages in the Campaign.

Inside every campaign chapter, you can see the misc. drops that have a small chance to drop upon clearing a stage in that chapter.

Each chapter has its own set of champions that you can get from drops.

All of these are either Uncommon, Common, or Rare champions.

You cannot get Epic or Legendary champions from campaign drops.

In our test, we’ve obtained six new champions from completing three chapters and a couple of stages in the fourth one.

According to our experience, you can, therefore, expect to get around two new champions per chapter solely from misc drops.

Though you might not be using any of the champions you get from stage rewards, they are still great to have, as you can use them as fodder to upgrade other champions.

Furthermore, some of the champions that you need to perform champion fusions can be obtained from stages in the Campaign, giving you an easy way to obtain those.

The champions you can get from stages in a given chapter do not change depending on whether you choose Normal, Hard, or Brutal difficulty.


The Market offers a wide range of items for you to purchase in exchange for silver.

If you’ve unlocked all purchase slots in the Market, you’ll have a total of 12 items to buy each time it resets.

The Market resets automatically one hour after you’ve checked it, but you can also reset it yourself with gems.

One of the many things you can purchase in the Market is champions.

There are usually quite a few champions for sale, most of which are common, and a few that are uncommon.

Common champions cost around 10,000 silver, while uncommon champions cost around 50,000 silver.

These champions probably won’t be used in battles, but they are a great source of fodder.

If you’ve yet to unlock all the purchase slots in the Market, it’s something we recommend doing after you’ve unlocked and upgraded the Gem Mine if you plan to play for a longer time.

Learn more about this in our guide on the best way to spend gems in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Events and tournaments

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there is always at least one event or tournament running.

An event or tournament often requires you to collect points by completing various tasks.

For example, at the time of this writing, we both the Summon Rush and Artifact Enhancement events running, as well as the Classic Arena Takedown, Spider, and Champion Training tournaments.

In all of these, you earn points by completing the task related to the event or tournament.

In the Artifact Enhancement event, you earn points by upgrading artifacts, and in the Spider Tournament, you earn points by getting accessories from the Spider.

The rewards from these events and tournaments include many useful items like energy and gems, but often also champions.

Furthermore, even if an event or a tournament doesn’t have champions as a reward, you can usually get shards from them, which you can use to summon champions.

We cannot guarantee that an event is running when you are reading this where you can get champions.

Therefore, we recommend you check out both the Events and Tournaments tabs located on the right side of the screen in the City to see what’s currently available.


Missions help you progress through the game by making sure you don’t miss out on vital content and upgrades while rewarding you with helpful items.

Upon completing a mission in the game, you get one so-called mission milestone point.

At the bottom of the missions window, you can see how many mission milestone points you need to collect before you unlock the next mission milestone reward.

Mission milestone rewards are valuable items, including gems, Sacred Shards, and legendary champions.

The only champions you can get directly from mission milestone rewards are legendary champions, and they are a bit tough to acquire, as you need a lot of mission milestone points.

Missions become tougher to complete, which makes it hard for you to get the required number of mission milestone points if you are at the beginning of the game.

You can claim the legendary champion Arbiter once you’ve completed a total of 296 missions, and you can claim the second legendary champion Ramantu Drakesblood after completing a total of 479 missions.

If you’re on the lookout for legendary champions specifically, then check out our guide on how to get legendary champions.

Even if you feel like the two legendary champions are far away from the number of missions you’ve completed thus far, we still recommend keeping doing them, as they’ll help you progress faster and eventually lead to them.

Star rewards

Whenever you complete a stage in either the Campaign or in Faction Wars for the first time, you get a rating between one and three stars.

That number of stars will be added to your total star counter, and upon collecting a certain number of stars, you unlock various rewards.

The final reward you can collect in Faction Wars after collecting 819 stars is a legendary champion, Lydia the Deathsiren.

You do, however, have to have played the game for a very long time before you even have a chance to collect that many stars in Faction Wars.

What newer players instead should focus on is collecting stars in both the Campaign and Faction Wars for the shard rewards, which are given out at much earlier points.

Be sure to check out our guide on how to get stars, as you’ll need as many as you can get your hands on.

Daily login rewards

Every day that you log into RAID: Shadow Legends, you can claim a login reward.

You don’t have to log in daily to keep getting your reward.

Every new day that you log in, you can claim the reward of the day that you’ve made it to.

If you, for example, open and collect the login reward four days in a row and then don’t log in for two weeks, the next time you do, you can claim day 5’s reward.

The more days that you have collected, the better rewards you’ll get.

Every 30 days, the login reward is a champion.

From day 271 and on, the login rewards stay the same in a 30-day cycle, with the 30th-day login reward being a Sacred Shard.

Make sure to collect your daily login rewards, as these champions are all of either epic or legendary rarity.

If you’re really dedicated to the game, we recommend opening the game and claiming the daily login reward, even if you don’t plan on playing that day.

New player rewards

The new player rewards system helps new players of the game get an extra boost through 14 days of rewards.

These rewards are artifacts and two epic champions on day 7 and day 14.

Like with daily login rewards, you don’t have to claim the new player rewards every single day to keep getting them.

You can claim the day you’ve made it to whenever you play the game next.

The first epic champion you’ll get from the new player rewards is Shaman at day 7.

The second epic champion is Jizoh on day 14.

You will get a pop-up allowing you to claim your new player rewards as soon as you open the game, but you can also access it through the menu button on the left side of the screen.

That’s how to get champions in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Know of any other way to get champions in the game? Let us know in the comment section.

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