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The Great Hall building in RAID: Shadow Legends is where you can spend Arena Medals to unlock permanent stat boosts for champions of specific affinities.

Given that the boosts you get from the Great Hall are permanent, we recommend that you start focusing on it early to speed up your progression rate.

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You can start farming Medals from the Arena as soon as you start playing the game, while the Great Hall itself is unlocked a little later.

Once you’ve upgraded a stat boost in the Great Hall, you cannot revert your decision. Therefore, you should give it some thought before you spend your Medals.

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In short, you want to prioritize ACC, C. DMG, and RESIST, then start going for DEF, HP, and lastly, ATK. Because of the way cost per level upgraded increases, you shouldn’t max out one boost at a time – find more information below.

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What is the Great Hall?

The Great Hall in RAID: Shadow Legends is a building where you can spend Medals earned in the Arena to unlock permanent stat boosts for your champions.

There are several stat boosts to unlock, and each stat boost has a separate row for each affinity in the game.

Only champions of the affinity corresponding to the stat boost you’ve unlocked will get the stat boost.

The boosts that you get from the Great Hall are fantastic, making it worth your while to focus on it right from the start of the game.

The Great Hall isn’t unlocked right when you start playing the game. It is unlocked when you reach account level 6.

Great Hall stat boosts overview

There are 6 different stats to upgrade in the Great Hall, each of which has a separate bonus slot for each affinity for a total of 24 bonus slots to upgrade.

Here are the different stats that you can boost in the Great Hall:

  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • C. DMG
  • ACC

You can learn what each stat does in our RAID: Shadow Legends Stats Guide.

Every stat boost for each affinity can be upgraded to the maximum level of 10.

The higher the level you upgrade a boost, the greater the stat boost it gives.

In the following table, you can see a complete overview of what each type of stat boost gives at each level.


Stat boost priority

You cannot revert your upgrade in the Great Hall and get your Medals back, so we recommend that you choose the right upgrades from the beginning.

Don’t worry, though. If you’ve upgraded some boosts that weren’t high on the priority list, just start upgrading the better upgrades from now on.

Either way, you will be upgrading all boosts at some point if you keep playing the game, so you can’t screw anything up. Only slow down your progress a bit at worst.

For new players, it’s tempting to upgrade ATK and HP first, as they are great stats to have in most games. But, these are not the stats that you should prioritize.

The following order is how you should prioritize your stat boost upgrades in the Great Hall in RAID: Shadow Legends:

  1. ACC
  2. C. DMG
  4. DEF
  5. HP
  6. ATK

There are several reasons why you want to prioritize the stats boost in the Great Hall like this.

First of all, the three stat boosts on the right side, C. DMG, RESIST, and ACC, all give higher stat boosts per Medal spent at the same levels compared to the three stat boosts on the left side, HP, ATK, and DEF.

Secondly, Accuracy is an incredibly important stat in RAID: Shadow Legends that almost every single champion needs quite a bit of.

Later on in the game, Resist will be much needed to withstand enemy debuffs, making it a stat all champions will benefit from.

Unlike many other RPG games, not all champions in RAID: Shadow Legends benefit from a higher ATK stat. Some champions’ attacks are based on their DEF stat or their HP stat, meaning that a higher ATK stat for them will not increase their damage output one bit.

Critical damage boost, however, will increase the damage output of every single champion, as it just increases the damage of critical hits, not the stats that determine the base damage of skills.

Furthermore, you want to build 100% critical rate on attacker champions, meaning that any critical damage boost that you give them will directly impact the damage output of every single attack they throw out.

The last three stat boosts on the left side, HP, ATK, and DEF are all great stat boosts as well but should be prioritized last.

Once you start upgrading them, we recommend that you start with defense, as it not only increases the damage output of your DEF-based champions but also makes every single champion that you have tankier.

Upgrading the HP bonus slot in the Great Hall is a similar story to upgrading defense, as it both increases the damage of HP-based champions as well as makes all your other champions tankier.

Generally, you’ll a champion will benefit more in terms of tankiness from defense than HP, which is why we recommend that you prioritize defense before HP.

Attack is the last stat that we recommend you prioritize, as it only increases the damage output of attack-based champions.

What stat priority is the best to go for could, however, be different for you. The priority listed above is a general recommendation, which is sure to bring you great results. But, in certain situations, you might be better off prioritizing differently.

If you, for example, have an incredibly strong attack-based champion that carries you in all aspects of the game, it might be better to prioritize ACC, then C. DMG, and then ATK. It depends on your team.

What the best affinities to upgrade bonuses for are, of course, depends on what champions you have and use.

Besides prioritizing what stats to upgrade first, you should also consider how far to upgrade each stat boost before upgrading another.

You don’t want to upgrade just one stat boost to level 10 before you start upgrading another one. Medal costs increase rapidly with large jumps at some levels.

If you’re still at a relatively early point in the game, we recommend that you upgrade a stat boost to level 3 before moving on to the next one. Once you’ve progressed a bit into the game, start upgrading stat boosts to level 6 before moving onto the next level.

At upgrades from levels 3 to 4 and 5 to 6, you’ll see the largest Medal cost increases compared to the previous level.

You can see both actual Medal cost increase and percentage increase for each upgrade level in the table later in this guide.

How to get Medals

You get Medals, also known as Arena Medals, by winning matches in the Classic Arena, which is the PvP system in RAID: Shadow Legends.

The number and type of Medals that you get from winning a match depends on what your current Classic Arena tier is.

If you lose a match, you do not get any Medals, but you still lose the Arena key that you spent to start the battle.

Therefore, we recommend trying to only do the battles that you know that you can win to maximize your rewards.

The fastest way to get a lot of Medals and fill up your Great Hall bonuses is to get to a higher Arena tier and keep winning matches there.

You’ll start earning Silver Medals and later Gold Medals as you climb the ranks in the Arena, both of which count for more than Bronze Medals.

Here you can see what type and what number of Medals you get from winning a match in each tier in the Classic Arena:

  • Bronze I = 1 Bronze Medal
  • Bronze II = 1 Bronze Medal
  • Bronze III = 2 Bronze Medals
  • Bronze IV = 2 Bronze Medals
  • Silver I = 1 Silver Medal
  • Silver II = 2 Silver Medals
  • Silver III = 2 Silver Medals
  • Silver IV = 3 Silver Medals
  • Gold I = 2 Gold Medals
  • Gold II = 2 Gold Medals
  • Gold III = 3 Gold Medals
  • Gold IV = 4 Gold Medals
  • Platinum = 5 Gold Medals

What tier you want to reach with your current team setup can be a hard balance.

Of course, you want to get as many Medals as possible from each key.

But, if you don’t have time to wait for refreshes over and over, and have to take matches that you cannot win, then you might end up with fewer Medals earned than were you in a lower tier where you could win all 10 matches.

If you believe you would get more Medals if you were in a lower tier because of easier opponents and not enough time to wait for refreshes, then you can put just one level 1 champion in your defense setup.

Medal cost per stat boost level

The Medal cost of upgrading stat boosts in the Great Hall sharply increases per level.

Because of the sharply increasing cost, you don’t want to max a stat boost before upgrading another one.

Especially at certain levels, the cost of upgrading a stat boost to the next increases massively.

The Medal type cost also changes at some levels, which can be deceiving in regards to just how much more expensive it suddenly is to level up a stat boost.

Here is the ratio between Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals in terms of what they’re worth against each other:

  • 1 Bronze Medal = 1 Bronze Medal
  • 1 Silver Medal = 2 Bronze Medals
  • 1 Gold Medal = 2 Silver Medals = 4 Bronze Medals

In the following table, we’ve both displayed and calculated the cost of upgrading a stat boost from one level to the next, denominated in all three Medal types.

From levelBronze Medal CostSilver Medal CostGold Medal CostIncrease in Bronze MedalsPercentage Increase
0 -> 15025*12,5*--
1 -> 215075*37,5*100200%
2 -> 3300150*75*150100%
3 -> 4800*400200*500167%
4 -> 51000*500250*20025%
5 -> 61200*600300*20020%
6 -> 72800*1400*7001600133%
7 -> 83200*1600*80040014%
8 -> 93600*1800*90040013%
9 -> 104000*2000*100040011%

*Medal costs marked with an ‘*’ are not the cost shown in the game. They are values calculated based on the conversation ratio between the three types of Medals to give you an easier time comparing the actual cost of an upgrade.

The column Increase in Bronze Medals shows the difference between the cost of one upgrade level compared to the previous calculated in Bronze Medal cost.

The column Percentage Increase shows the percentage increase in Medal Cost of one upgrade level compared to the previous one.

Using this cost table, you can get an idea of when it starts to become really expensive to level up a stat boost again and at what levels there is a big cost increase.

Stat boost increase per Medal spent

As RAID: Shadow Legends is all about efficiency and being smart with your resources, we thought the following table might be of interest to you.

Above, we’ve shown you that the Medal cost increases quite rapidly at some levels.

At some levels, you do also get more stat boost per upgrade than at previous ones, however.

In the following table, you’ll find a complete overview of how much stat boost you get per upgrade for each stat in the Great Hall shown in Bronze Medal cost (+/MS or +%/MS, MS = Medal Spent).

0 -> 1+0,04%/MS+0,04%/MS+0,04%/MS+0,04%/MS+0,1/MS+0,1/MS
1 -> 2+0,00667%/MS+0,00667%/MS+0,00667%/MS+0,01333%/MS+0,03333/MS+0,03333/MS
2 -> 3+0,00333%/MS+0,00333%/MS+0,00333%/MS+0,00667%/MS+0,01667/MS+0,01667/MS
3 -> 4+0,0025%/MS+0,0025%/MS+0,0025%/MS+0,0025%/MS+0,00625/MS+0,00625/MS
4 -> 5+0,002%/MS+0,002%/MS+0,002%/MS+0,002%/MS+0,01/MS+0,01/MS
5 -> 6+0,00167%/MS+0,00167%/MS+0,00167%/MS+0,00167%/MS+0,00833/MS+0,00833/MS
6 -> 7+0,00071%/MS+0,00071%/MS+0,00071%/MS+0,00107%/MS+0,00357/MS+0,00357/MS
7 -> 8+0,00063%/MS+0,00063%/MS+0,00063%/MS+0,00094%/MS+0,00313/MS+0,00313/MS
8 -> 9+0,00083%/MS+0,00083%/MS+0,00083%/MS+0,00083%/MS+0,00278/MS+0,00278/MS
9 -> 10+0,00075%/MS+0,00075%/MS+0,00075%/MS+0,001%/MS+0,0025/MS+0,0025/MS

Can you reset the Great Hall?

No, you cannot reset the Great Hall in RAID: Shadow Legends. Once you’ve upgraded a stat boost, you cannot revert your decision.

You shouldn’t worry, though, as any stat boost is good, and you would eventually upgrade it anyway.

We just recommend starting following our stat boost priority from now on, as described earlier in this guide.

That’s everything you need to know about the Great Hall and its bonuses in RAID: Shadow Legends!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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