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One of the more interesting machines that you can build in Rust is the Elevator. Though this might not be one of the things that most players would want to build, it is actually really interesting and useful for tall bases.

The Elevator will allow you to quickly get from the ground floor to any other floor that you want to get to inside your base. Not only will you avoid having to jump and run up artificial stairs, but you will also have time to enjoy the view.

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Though it is not the best way to travel through your base, it is an excellent tool for people that like to use tall structures.

In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know about the Elevator in Rust, including how it works, how to build it, and how tall it can get.

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How Elevators Work in Rust

The Elevator in Rust allows you to quickly get from one floor to another just by pressing a button. You can go up and down, floor by floor, or quickly to the top or bottom floor.

The main use of the Elevator would be to either get on top of your base to fight raiders, or to secure most of your loot by placing it on a higher floor, which you can only get to using the Elevator.

Unfortunately, the Elevator doesn’t have an authorization system guided by the Tool Cupboard. This means that hostile players that get inside the base can also use it with no problems if you don’t set up some elaborate ways to counteract this.

This is why you need to learn how to properly build the Elevator in Rust first and then figure out how to make it so that it only works for you.

How to Build an Elevator in Rust

To craft an Elevator in Rust, you will need a level 2 Workbench, High Quality Metal x3, Metal Fragments x200, and Gears x1. Make sure to have much more materials ready, as you will need to build more than one Elevator shaft to make this work.

To build the first shaft for the Elevator, all you’ll need is a square foundation. Just equip the Elevator and place it like you would any other structure. You can also rotate it by pressing R.

After you’ve placed the Elevator, you will need to use more Elevators to make the structure taller. The way you build a full Elevator in Rust is that you will have to stack Elevators on top of one another.

You can then place walls and other structures around the Elevator to protect it from raiders and other unfriendly players.

When you place a new Elevator over your previously placed one, the lower one will disappear and the Elevator will now have two floors on which it can travel.

You should not connect the Elevator to any kind of electricity until you make it the desired height, as your cables will just disappear.

To power an Elevator, you will need to connect electricity to the engine at the top of the Elevator. This engine moves every time you place a new Elevator floor to the top, which is why you should only start connecting cables after you are done with building.

How Tall Can an Elevator Be in Rust?

The maximum number of Elevators that you can stack on top of each other in Rust is 6. This means that the maximum height of an Elevator in Rust can only be 6 floors.

But there are ways to make your Elevator even taller. You will just have to make different shafts.

If you make a 6-floor Elevator, you can then start a new Elevator from that floor.

The maximum building height for a base is 20 floors. However, you can still build the Elevator on the 20th floor, allowing you to get to 25 floors worth of height. Still, the Elevator won’t be protected by any walls at that height, which can be risky.

To build a maximum 6-floor Elevator in Rust you will need HQM x18, Metal Frags x1,200, and Gears x6.

How to Use the Elevator in Rust

Now that you built your Elevator in Rust, it is time to teach you how to use it. First of all, you will need to connect the engine at the top of the Elevator to electricity. The Elevator only needs 5 power to work, no matter the height of the machine.

At this point, all you can do is control the Elevator from the buttons inside of it. You can either go to the next floor by pressing the green button (Raise Elevator) or down to the floor below by pressing the red button (Lower Elevator).

If you hold down the E key while looking at the buttons, you can also select to go to the top or ground floor instantly, without having to go through each floor one by one.

Now, you will have to set up a system to call the Elevator to the floor that you are on. If you check the shaft edges on every floor while holding your Wire Tool, you will see that there are always two boxes named Call Elevator.

How to Call the Elevator to Any Floor

There are two decent items that you can use to call your Elevator in Rust:

  • Button
  • RF Receiver

The Button is the most common thing that you can use to call the Elevator. You just need to place it on the floor where you want to call it and connect the Call Elevator electrical input to the Button’s Output box.

Though the Button, in theory, needs 1 power to work, you don’t actually have to connect it to any kind of power source. Buttons connected to an Elevator work without any sort of power connected directly to them.

You can set up Buttons like these on all your floors, and you can call the Elevator to that floor at any time.

Another interesting method to control the Elevator is to connect RF Receivers to the Call Elevator inputs. If you do this and set each floor’s Receiver with a different frequency, you can use an RF Transmitter to instantly move the Elevator to whatever floor you want.

So, if you set the first floor’s RF Receiver to the 1 frequency, then you just need to send a signal through the RF Transmitter on frequency 1, and the Elevator will come down to that floor.

This way, you won’t even have to touch the buttons inside the Elevator to go up and down, as you can just send a signal to a different frequency to go to the floor you want to get to.

How to Secure the Elevator From Raiders in Rust – Make It So Only You Can Use It

First of all, you should have a Double Door or a Garage Door for every floor where you want to take the Elevator. This way, raiders will have to get through the door first before using the Elevator.

A second way that you can defend the Elevator when players get in is to set up traps or Turrets on the other sides of the Elevator.

If you set up a Chainlink Fence on either side of the Elevator, you can then place Turrets that will destroy anyone trying to use the Elevator.

HBHF Sensor Security

The last, more resource-efficient way to protect your Elevator from raiders is to just stop it from working when unauthorized players approach it. You can do this by setting up a complex electrical system with an HBHF Sensor.

The way you can do this is you can set up 2 to 3 HBHF Sensors inside the Elevator shaft, in between floors. You will now have to set up one AND Switch that gets both electricity and the input from one of the Sensors.

For two Sensors, you will then have to send the wires from the AND Switch into an OR Switch and then connect that OR Switch to the Elevator Engine.

The way this works is that the Elevator will only get power when one of the HBHF Sensors is active. This is why you will have to set up the HBHF Sensors to Include Authorized and Exclude Others.

This system will work almost perfectly if you learn how to set it up somewhere behind the scenes. Make sure that enemies won’t be able to get to your electrical circuit since they can find a way to mess it up if they do.

Another thing you should be careful about is that the Sensors won’t work if the Elevator is hidden behind doors. You will first need to open the doors and then call the Elevator.

Deadly Elevator

Since Elevators also crush players if they descend on top of them, you can try to create a cool trap that locks players inside the Elevator shaft and also brings down the Elevator on top of them to instantly kill them.

Elevators are extremely sturdy, as you need more than 2 C4s to destroy them. If you manage to trap someone in the shaft, then they will have no way out.

That’s everything you need to know about the Elevator in Rust!

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