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Do you find the idea of getting raided often in Rust annoying? Does that happen because everyone on the server can easily see your base?

Well, if you start building bases inside caves, you can mostly avoid the constant raids. You will also have an endless source of ores, stone, and fuel from mine carts.

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If you’ve never found a cave before, or if you did stumble into one by accident, you might not have any idea how to find them.

To find caves in Rust, all you need to do is open the map (press and hold G) and look for craters.

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How to Find Caves in Rust

The only way to find caves in Rust is to open the map and look around for them. They have a distinctive look on the map that easily helps you tell them apart.

Caverns are represented on the map by a relatively big, circular crater. You can see exactly how it looks in the image below. It’s the crater inside the orange circle.

Rust - How to Find Caves Map

Try not to confuse the cave craters with swamps, which have a similar look on the map. The crater that the cave creates on the map is made out of small mountains. You can visually tell since they are shown white/gray on the map.

Caves can spawn in any one of the biomes. It can be harder to spot caves on the map for the desert biome since the colors of the desert are very similar to the ones of the cave crater.

If you want to make a base inside a cave in Rust, you will need to know that caves work a lot like monuments. You can’t build in most places around and inside the cave.

There are special locations inside the caves, marked by very small wooden fences. You can only build inside these delimited build spaces in caves.

Best Cave Type to Use as a Base

Most generated Rust vanilla maps will spawn around 3 to 7 caves that you can find. They have three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

If you have plans of setting a base and have a small team or are solo, you should only settle in small caves. Luckily, you can tell if a cave is small or medium/large if the area of the crater on the map is bigger or smaller. If you are not sure, look at the other caves on the map and compare.

Medium/large caves also have more than one entrance, making them extremely unpredictable and hard to defend.

Small caves usually have only one build spot, which allows you to completely seal a hallway in the cave. However, in most build spaces in the medium and large caves, you will have space around your build space, as you would in the open world.

This means that you lose the whole advantage of a cave base in most build spaces for medium and large caves, as players can attack your base from any direction.

However, one of the better things that the medium and large caves provide is the abundance of loot. You will find a lot of mine carts and crates all over the place. This is why these caves are better for loot runs and outposts.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find caves in Rust!

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