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Animals in Stardew Valley can be very profitable if you take proper care of them and feed them Hay every day. However, the game has made the feeding process unnecessarily complicated for no reason.

You would think that feeding animals should be a relatively easy task, but the ConcernedApe, the game’s developer, has made sure that most new players will scratch their heads when they discover how everything works.

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To feed animals in Stardew Valley, you will need a Silo. The Silo deposits Hay, which you will then have to give to your animals. However, how are you supposed to get the Hay out of the Silo if you can’t interact with the building?

To get Hay out of the Silo in Stardew Valley, you need to approach the Hay Hopper inside the Barn/Coop and interact with it. This will give you Hay out of the Silo that you can now place on the feeding trough nearby.

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How to Get Hay Out of Silo in Stardew Valley

There is no way to directly get Hay out of the Silo in Stardew Valley if you don’t have a Barn or a Coop.

If you approach the Silo and interact with it, you will just see how much Hay you have deposited inside of it.

To actually get the Hay out of the Silo, you will need to interact with the Hay Hopper (the brown container on the north side of the building, which should have Hay sticking out if you have Hay in the Silo).

If you press and hold the Do Action button (right-click on PC) on the full Hay Hopper, you can extract Hay out of the Silo right into your inventory.

You can then place it on the feeding trough to the right to give your animals food or put it in a chest.

Players should often take out all of the Hay from the Silo in Stardew Valley and palace it in a chest to make sure that they have space for new Hay.

Otherwise, when you cut down grass in the future, you might lose out on a lot of Hay.

How to Get Hay Out of Hay Hopper from Deluxe Barn/Coop

How the Hay Hopper works in Stardew Valley is that you get Hay since you need it to fill the feeding trough to the right.

So, if you upgrade the Barn or Coop to Deluxe level, the trough will get auto-filled with Hay.

This means that you can’t get Hay from the Hay Hopper anymore in the Deluxe Barns/Coops since you won’t have a “need” to fill the trough anymore.

This can make everything very annoying since a single Silo only has a capacity of 240 Hay, and you can’t move the Hay anymore.

If Winter comes, you will be stuck with the 240 Hay you collected in the Silo, and you can’t do anything to fix the problem. Unless you do something a bit uncommon.

To get Hay from the Silo, if you have Deluxe Barns/Coops in Stardew Valley, you need to blow the Hay in the feeding trough with a bomb.

This will allow you to withdraw Hay from the Hay Hopper again since the animals need food now.

This also works if you have a spouse that fills the trough for you. Though their intentions are nice, you need to destroy all of their work with a bomb, and you can now remove all the Hay from the Silo using the Hay Hopper.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Hay out of the Silo in Stardew Valley!

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