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There are a lot of villagers in Stardew Valley that you can befriend if you spend the necessary time talking to them and getting to know them. Some of these villagers are more interesting than others, as you can romance them.

Romanceable characters are the bread and butter of Stardew Valley, as you go looking for them every day, hoping to find and give them the perfect gift.

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One of these romanceable characters is Leah, and she is considered by many one of the hardest NPCs to find. This is due to the fact that she almost never leaves her house.

If you are wondering where Leah is located in Stardew Valley, you will need to learn her pattern and see exactly when she leaves her house. This is exactly what we will show you in this guide.

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Where Does Leah Live in Stardew Valley?

Usually, the best way to find where someone is located in Stardew Valley is to wait in front of their house when they start their day.

The exact time when an NPC leaves their house can be very different, but this is what this guide will help you with.

Leah lives in a small house south of Marnie’s Ranch in the Cindersap Forest.

If you don’t know how to reach Cindersap Forest, just head south from your Farm. If you open the map, you can see her house where it says “Leah’s Cottage.”

Stardew Valley – Where is Leah Cottage Map

You can see the exact location of her house in the image above. Just head there at the right time, and you should be able to find her when she leaves the house.

If you want to know Leah’s exact schedule in Stardew Valley for each season and when exactly she leaves the cottage, continue reading below.

Where is Leah Located in the Spring?

Most of Leah’s days start the same in Stardew Valley. She will sleep until 9 AM and then will get up and sculpt until either 11 AM or 12 PM, depending on the day. If you have access to her house, you should be able to catch her before she leaves.

Otherwise, you should know that on Mondays, she leaves the cottage at 11 AM and heads over to Pierre’s for some grocery shopping. At 5 PM, she starts heading back to her house.

The only other schedule changes she has are on Spring 16th when she leaves the cottage at 10:30 AM to get to Harvey’s Clinic.

She will leave the clinic at 4 PM to get to the Stardrop Saloon. She will only start heading home at 11:40 PM.

On rainy days, Fridays, and Saturdays, she will leave her house at 4 PM and head over to the Saloon, which she will then leave at 11:40 PM.

On any other normal day, she leaves the house at 12 PM and walks around the Cindersap Forest until 7:30 PM, when she heads back home.

So, Stardew Valley’s favorite artist, Leah, is usually located at her cottage during the mornings and at the Saloon at night. If you stand outside her house between 11 AM to 12 PM, you should be able to catch her. Otherwise, check the Saloon.

Where is Leah Located in the Summer?

Luckily, Leah’s schedule in the Summer is relatively similar to the one in the Spring, as she is generally consistent. During rainy days, Fridays, and Saturdays, you will see Leah leaving her cottage at 4 PM to get to the Saloon. At 11:40 PM, she will go back to her home.

On Mondays, she keeps things exactly the same as in Spring, as she leaves the cottage at 11 AM to get to Pierre’s Shop. After perusing, she will head back at 5 PM to her little home.

On the other days, she will get out of the house at 12 PM and head over to the Beach to draw. At 7 PM, she will start heading home.

The only other thing that could be different in her schedule is that, on normal days, she could either be on the western Beach or next to the tidal pools on the eastern side of the Beach. This only changes if you fix the bridge to the tidal pools.

If the bridge is there, she will always stand next to those pools and draw them. Otherwise, you will find her on a different side of the Beach, still drawing.

During the Summer, Leah is still easiest to find either at the Saloon at night or in front of her house, at noon.

Where is Leah Located in the Fall?

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Leah’s schedule in the Fall is almost exactly the same as in the Summer.

During rainy days, Fridays, and Saturdays, you will find her at the Saloon from around 5 PM to 11:40 PM, as she leaves her cottage at 4 PM.

On Mondays, she stays loyal to Pierre as she visits his store at around 12 PM, leaving her cottage at 11 AM and coming back at around 5 PM.

The only change is in her normal schedule, as Leah stops heading over to the Beach and starts walking next to the river at the Blacksmith.

She keeps the same times as in the Summer and Spring (leaves the house at 12 PM and comes back at 7 PM), but just the location where she spends most of the time is different.

Where is Leah Located in the Winter?

Winter is the easiest time to find Leah, as she is either at home or at the Saloon. Almost every day during this season in Stardew Valley, Leah is awake and at home from 9 AM to 4 PM.

At 4 PM, she leaves the cottage to head to the Saloon and leaves the tavern to come back home at 11:40 PM.

The only time things change is during Mondays, when she might head over to Pierre’s, as long as it isn’t raining, and on day 15. If it is raining on Mondays, she will keep to her “Saloon” schedule.

On Winter 15th, she will leave her house to head over to the Night Market. She leaves the Night Market at 11:40 to head back home. So, she still keeps the same schedule but changes the Saloon with the Night Market.

During the Winter in Stardew Valley, Leah will mainly be located at her cottage or at the Saloon. The easiest time to find her is exactly when she leaves her house, at 4 PM. Otherwise, from 4 PM to almost 12 AM, you can find her at the Saloon, drinking with the other villagers.

That’s everything you need to know about where Leah is located in Stardew Valley!

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