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The Greenhouse in Stardew Valley is the cheat sheet for farming. This amazing building will allow you to grow any type of crop during any season, as the weather outside will not influence whatever grows inside.

Since you can only have one Greenhouse, and the space inside is limited, you will need to be careful with what type of crops you plant inside. There are only a few options that are actually really good for the Greenhouse, while most would just be a waste of time.

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With so many crops to choose from, it can be very hard for players to discover which type of plant would make them the most money and profit.

In this guide, we will show you exactly which crops are the best to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley and how to quickly make a lot of money.

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Best Crops to Grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

The most profitable crop choices in the late game to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley are the Starfruit and the Ancient Fruit.

If you can’t get your hands on one of those two, Hops and Strawberries are also an amazing choice.


Hops are a simple Summer crop that you can get from day 1 at Pierre’s while you are in the right season.

The main reason why Hops are such an amazing choice for the Greenhouse is that they regrow every day, and they can be turned into Pale Ale.

One problem with Hops is that they will require a lot of monotonous work, as you will have to harvest a lot of Hops every day.

Another problem is that you can’t pass through a Hops crop. This means that you can’t fully fill up a Greenhouse with Hops due to space problems.

Still, even though there are all these disadvantages, Pale Ale is still one of the most profitable items you can create in Stardew Valley. A single Hops Starter costs 60 g at Pierre’s and can be sold once it grows into Hops for 25 g.

Once you manage to turn the Hops into Pale Ale, you can sell the new product for at least 300 g.

Since you get a new harvest every day, if we were to ignore the 11 days it takes for the crop to grow and the initial investment, you will get a daily profit of 300 g per day with Hops in your Greenhouse.

Since there is limited space inside the Greenhouse, you will usually be able to stick around 74 Hops Planters in there.

This means that you would get 74 Hops harvests every day, which would result in a daily profit of 22,200 g, with no other expenses.

The only problem with this is that you will have to spend a lot of time harvesting your crops and then placing them into Kegs.


Strawberries are the best Spring crop in Stardew Valley that you can only get during the Egg Festival. At this event, which always happens on Spring 13, you can buy Strawberry Seeds for 100 g a piece.

Though this might sound like a lot in the first year of the game, it is actually one of the best deals you will ever get. Strawberries grow in 8 days and then will keep regrowing every 4 days.

This would be a problem if you planted them on your farm, in the Spring, right after the Egg Festival.

However, if you want to use them for your Greenhouse, they are an endless source of profit.

A Strawberry sells for 120 g, and it can be turned into Wine in a Keg, which will then sell for 360 g. This means that you will have a profit of 260 g for your first harvest and then an endless one of 360 every 4 days.

A Strawberry crop will make you around 90 g a day. Since you can plant the maximum amount inside the Greenhouse, which is 116, you can make 41,760 g every 4 days after harvest day. That translates to 10,440 g per day.

Though you would make half of what you would with Hops, there is less effort in growing and selling the Strawberry crop in Stardew Valley.

Just knowing that you have to check them every 4 days is much better than having to power through the crops every day, as you would with Hops.

Still, it is more a decision based on how much time you actually want to invest in making money. Strawberries are a good early-game choice for laid-back players.


The Starfruit is one of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley, but it is impossible to obtain in the early game without access to the Desert. You can only get the Starfruit Seeds from the Oasis for 400 g.

Though the other two options we chose are regrowable crops, the Starfruit is actually a really good choice for farmers that like to get their hands dirty.

Starfruit Wine is probably the most expensive artisan good in Stardew Valley.

Since it costs 400 g to buy Starfruit Seeds and you will get 750 g for selling the Starfruit raw, at the worst quality. If you also place the Starfruit in a Keg and make some Starfruit Wine, you can increase the sell price to 2,250 g.

This means that your average profit per Starfruit Seeds bought would be 1,850 g.

Since it takes 13 days for the Starfruit to grow without any fertilizer, it means that you can make around 142 g per day growing this crop in your Stardew Valley Greenhouse.

The only problem is that you will have to constantly replant them every 13 days, which can be an annoying process. You will also have to get new seeds each harvest.

If you think that Hops don’t make you enough money and you don’t mind the work, then the Starfruit is one of the best crops to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley.

With 116 slots available to plant your Starfruit (excluding the Sprinkler slots), you can make at least 214,000 g every 13 days by filling up the Greenhouse with this crop. That comes up to something around 16,508 g a day.

Ancient Fruit

The Ancient Fruit is considered by most players the best crop to grow in Stardew Valley, no matter if it is on the farm or in the Greenhouse. The only problem with this crop is that it can be relatively hard to get.

The only ways you can get its seeds are very random and relatively RNG based, which doesn’t make them a reliable choice at the start of the game. However, once you get your first seeds, you are set for the rest of the playthrough.

Ancient Fruit takes 28 days to grow, which is a really long time, and it will then regrow every 7 days.

The fruit itself can be sold for at least 550 g and can also be sold as Wine for 1,650 g. So, you can make a weekly profit of 1,650 g per crop, which translates to 236 g every day.

You can place 116 Ancient Fruit Seeds in the Greenhouse, which would make you 191,400 g every week (27,343 g per day).

If you looked a bit at the previous results, you can tell that the Ancient Fruit is much better than the other really good choices.

However, the Hops are still relatively close in profit, which shows how much money hard work can make you in Stardew Valley. This means that you have two choices: be lazy or be very productive.

If you prefer to make money relatively passively, then the Ancient Fruit is the best Greenhouse crop for you in Stardew Valley. If you want to make money quickly and work hard for it, go for Hops.

Also, don’t forget to plant fruit trees in the Greenhouse to get maximum profit.

Best Greenhouse Crops in Stardew Valley Stats

To make everything easier to digest, here is a table showing all of the data from earlier, so you can make your own decision about which crops are the best to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley:

CropDaily Profit per CropDaily Profit in Filled GreenhouseDaily Profit in Filled Greenhouse with Artisan ProfessionRegrowth Rate
Ancient Fruit236 g27,343 g38,280 g7 days
Hops300 g22,200 g31,080 g1 day
Starfruit142 g16,508 g23,111 gDoesn’t Regrow
Strawberry90 g10,440 g14,616 g4 days

That’s everything you need to know about the best crops to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley!

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