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There are several things to do in Azur Lane besides battling on the sea.

Many of those things take place in the HQ, which features a bunch of different locations.

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Each location has its own functionality, such as upgrading skills or producing oil.

Therefore, you should take advantage of all these locations to get resources and increase the power of your fleet.

In this guide, we explain what each of the locations in the HQ does, what you can get from them, and how to utilize them.

In short, the HQ is divided into three locations, the Academy, the Dorm, and the Catlodge.

The Dorm is a room where you can place ships to rest and give them supplies, so they passively generate exp.

The Catlodge, also known as the Cattery, is a place where you can assign Meowficcers, earn exp for them, and generate cat boxes.

The Academy is a small town with lots of locations, including the Catlodge.

Two of the most important are the Canteen and the Merchant, which produce oil and coins, respectively.

The Munition is a shop where you can exchange different currencies, including coins, merit, and event tokens for valuable items.

In the Tactical Class, you can train your ships’ skills in exchange for skill books and, of course, time.

The Lecture Hall is a place for ships to gain additional exp and exp bonuses through lessons.

Lastly, the Medallion is a collection of all the medals you’ve collected throughout the game.

You can find more details about each location below.

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The Canteen is an incredibly important location in the Academy because of its oil production.

Oil is arguably the most important resource in the game, as it is required to play.

Your Canteen automatically produces oil for you at a rate determined by its level.

Furthermore, your Canteen has a maximum capacity, which means it’ll stop producing more oil once it reaches that limit.

Therefore, you should always claim your oil before your Canteen reaches its maximum capacity.

Because the Canteen is so useful, we recommend you upgrade it as soon as possible.

To upgrade your Canteen, you need to be of a certain level and have sufficient coins.

When you have the required coins and are of the required level, open the Canteen and click Upgrade.

Here is a table showing you the maximum capacity, oil production per hour, the cost to upgrade to the next level, upgrade time, and level required to upgrade at each level.

Maximum Capacity3006009001200150018002100240027003000
Oil production per hour60636669727578818490
Cost to upgrade (coins)603006001500300045006000900015000-
Upgrade time10 secs15 mins1 hour2 hours4 hours8 hours12 hours18 hours24 hours-
Required level to upgrade-1020304050607080-


The Merchant is another resource producer like the Canteen, but instead of oil, the Merchant produces coins.

The Merchant also has a maximum coin capacity, so you want to collect your coins before it reaches that limit.

You need coins for many purposes in the game, from buying useful items to limit breaking and enhancing ships.

Therefore, we recommend you upgrade the Merchant as soon as possible, just like with the Canteen.

However, if you can only upgrade one of the two, go with the Canteen first and then upgrade the Merchant once you’ve got the resources.

There are many more ways to get coins in the game than oil, so you can just use your oil to farm coins if you need more.

To upgrade your Merchant, open it in the Academy and press upgrade.

Here is a complete table showing you the maximum coin capacity, coin production per hour, the cost to upgrade to the next level, upgrade time, and level required to upgrade at each level.

Maximum Capacity9001800280038004800580068007900890010000
Coin production per hour180192204216228240252264276300
Cost to upgrade (coins)60300600150030045006000900015000-
Upgrade time10 secs15 mins1 hour2 hours4 hours8 hours12 hours18 hours24 hours-
Required level to upgrade-1020304050607080-


The Dorm is a special room in the HQ where you can place ships to rest, which will make them gain exp passively.

The only thing you have to do in order for them to start gaining exp automatically is to give them supplies.

Because of this, the Dorm is an excellent way to level up your ships that will ensure you are always a bit stronger the next time you play, especially if you’ve been gone for hours.

To assign a ship to your Dorm, press the HQ button on the home screen and Select Dorm.

Once inside, press the Train button on the left side and select an empty slot to assign a ship.

In the beginning, you’ll have two available slots, but you can purchase more with gems.

For ships to start gaining exp, you need to give them supplies which you can do through the Supplies button in the bottom left corner.

There are different ways to get supplies, including buying them outright in exchange for oil.

Besides assigning ships in the Dorm for exp, you can also get affinity for them as you’ll occasionally see a heart icon above a ship, which gives them affinity if you press it.

Lastly, the Dorm is a place for you to design and decorate.

You can purchase tons of different decorations, change walls, add floors, and more.

Azur Lane dorm room screenshot

Tactical class

The Tactical Class is where you can upgrade the skills of your ships.

To access the Tactical Class, head over to the Academy through the HQ button and press the Tactical Class building.

You can assign up to two ships at a time, three if you purchase the third slot with gems.

A ship can only be assigned a single slot in the Tactical Class at a time, meaning you can’t upgrade multiple of the same ship’s skills at a time.

Instead, you can and should assign three different ships, all of which will have one of their skills upgraded.

Upgrading a skill costs skill books and will then take a pre-determined time to finish.

If the selected skill book matches the type of skill you’re upgrading, it’ll get additional exp.

Skill book tierAmount of expTime
11001 hour
23004 hours
38008 hours


The Munition building located in the Academy is the in-game currency store of Azur Lane.

You can purchase many different kinds of resources and items in this store, including cubes, tech boxes, and ships.

There are always at least two different tabs in the Munition store, merit and general.

Event tabs aren’t always available depending on whether or not current events have an event token you can exchange.

In the general tab, you can purchase items such as tech packs, quick finishers, and cubes in exchange for coins and sometimes gems.

The merit tab is the PvP shop of Azur Lane, here you can exchange merit, the PvP currency, for things like tech boxes and super rare ships.

Event tabs usually have a wide range of items and resources for sale, including oil and ships, in exchange for the given event token.


The Cattery, also known as the Catlodge, is a building within the Academy where so-called Meowficcers hang out.

You unlock the Cattery at level 40 and can impact the power of your fleet if you leverage it correctly.

There are many complexities in the Meowficcers system, including different cat stats, talents, and more.

Therefore, we recommend you check out Reddit-user Lawleon’s guide on the Meowficcers system here.

He goes into great detail on how to choose your setup in the Cattery, which rewards to expect, etc.

Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is a building in the Academy in which you can transfer excess exp to ships.

Once a ship reaches its maximum level after limit breaking to 6 stars, a portion of the exp it earns gets added to the proficiency bar in the Lecture Hall.

Once the proficiency bar is filled up, you can start a lecture, and all ships assigned to the Lecture Hall in that period of time will gain exp.

A ship cannot be in both the Dorm and the Lecture Hall at the same time, and the amount of exp gained in the Lecture Hall decreases the more ships you assign at a time.

You unlock the Lecture Hall once you reach level 50.


The Medallion is the building in the middle of the Academy in Azur Lane.

Here you will find a collection of all the medals in the game, including the ones you’ve earned.

You can check how to get a specific medal by selecting it in the Medallion and checking its requirements.

Most medals have several tiers to them, which you can obtain by completing their original requirements additional times.

That’s all the locations in the HQ of Azur Lane!

If you have any additions you believe other readers should know, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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