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Three main resources decide if you are doing well in Crusader Kings 3: Gold, Prestige, and Piety.

If you are missing one of them, or one of them is slowly going into the negative, that means it is time to change something about your playthrough.

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In many ways, Prestige can be the most important resource out of the bunch, as it can give you the best modifiers in the game and will help you the most if it reaches a high enough tier.

So, to become the most illustrious ruler in all of the Medieval Era, here is how you can gain a lot of Prestige fast in Crusader Kings 3.

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How Prestige Works in CK3

The Prestige resource in CK3 represents the power of your character amongst other lords and ladies of the land.

This currency will mainly be used for special interactions with vassals or lords, for declarations of war against kingdoms of other faiths, for claim fabrications, and for some decisions.

If you are a tribal ruler, you also pay your men-at-arms in Prestige, which allows tribal rulers to field huge armies with ease without raising their levies.

Tribal rulers can also use Prestige to construct buildings, which will convert to an equivalent ranked building once they adopt Feudal or Clan ways.

The real reason why Prestige is incredibly important is for its Fame tiers. Fame is a secondary resource directly under Prestige, which increases or decreases along with Prestige.

Fame has 6 different ranks that can either give you amazing bonuses or horrible debuffs. Getting to higher tiers of Fame will allow you to use incredible Casus Bellis and enable some amazing decisions:

Level of fameRequired FameMaximum conquest Casus Belli rankFeudal secular opinion of youTribal secular opinion of youNumber of KnightsTribal vassal taxTribal vassal leviesAbility to Adopt Feudal / Clan WaysAbility to found Custom kingdomsAbility to found Custom empires
Disgraced0No None-10-10-100NoNoNo
Exalted among Men10000Kingdom201030.320.6YesYesYes
The Living Legend25000Kingdom302040.40.75YesYesYes

How to Get Prestige Fast in CK3

One of the best ways to make sure you gain a lot of Prestige in CK3 is to make sure that your passive monthly modifiers are good enough for you.

Passive ways to gain Prestige

Many factors will influence your monthly Prestige gain, so increasing those can help you make a lot without even realizing:

  • Being the House/Dynasty Head
  • Controlling territories directly
  • Chancellor task
  • Cultural Traditions
  • Diplomacy stat

The first one can’t be influenced that much. You will receive more and more Prestige each month based on the amount of titles family members have in your house and dynasty.

One thing that you could influence is the number of titles you hold. Each title will give you an amount of monthly Prestige based on its rank:

  • County +0.05 Prestige
  • Duchy +0.2 Prestige
  • Kingdom +0.8 Prestige
  • Empire +1.6 Prestige

So, conquering new lands and personally keeping them can help your Prestige increase. However, you have to make sure you have a high enough domain limit to keep them in check.

Another way to make sure you have good monthly Prestige is to set your Chancellor (the Diplomacy advisor) to do the “Foreign Affairs” task.

Based on the advisor’s skill in Diplomacy, you can make a lot of Prestige monthly.

Various Cultural Traditions can also increase your monthly Prestige. Since this widely depends on the culture you choose at the start, we won’t talk too much about this one.

The last thing that can increase (or decrease) your Prestige gain is your skill in Diplomacy. Every point above or below 8 in Diplomacy will increase or decrease your Prestige gain by 1%.

So, making your spouse concentrate on Diplomacy in the council tab can help you quickly gain a lot more Prestige monthly.

Active ways to gain Prestige fast

Here are some things you can do to get a bit of Prestige in CK3 quickly:

  • Decisions – Call Hunt
  • Win Wars and Battles
  • Raid
  • Create Titles

The Call Hunt decision is a quick way to get Prestige by just following the event every now and then when it unlocks. You can use this decision once every 5 years.

The amount you will get will be based on how long your playthrough has been and how powerful you are at this point in time.

Another great way to get Prestige in CK3 is to go to war. If you have good Martial, you should also command your troops.

This can be risky, as you have a high chance of dying. However, you can get a lot of Prestige just from battles. Fighting and winning a lot of battles can easily get you to the next Fame rank in seconds.

For tribal rulers or unreformed pagans, raiding is an incredible way of gaining Prestige. For every amount of money you get while raiding, you will get an equivalent amount of Prestige.

Not only that, but you also have the chance, through events and battles, to gain even more Prestige. To make sure you get the most amount of Prestige out of this, make sure you send your ruler on the raids as well.

The last thing you can do if you have some Gold and Piety is to create titles. Make sure you conquer some more territories and try to make new titles, which will give you a lot of Prestige depending on their rank.

That’s everything you need to know about how to gain prestige in Crusader Kings 3!

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