Don’t Starve Together – Is Building Walls Worth It?

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Having a reliable base means a lot in the dangerous world of Don’t Starve Together. And the wall is one of the first structures most players may build to secure their base. However, is it actually safe?

In this guide, we will discuss if building walls are worth it in Don’t Starve Together.

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In Don’t Starve Together, walls aren’t really worth building. They are costly and can be easily destroyed by giants and monsters. However, you can use walls for decorations and capturing certain animals.

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Is Building Walls Worth It in Don’t Starve Together?

Walls are solid blocks that prevent most entities from passing through.

As in our first playthrough, we thought Don’t Starve Together was just like other survival base-building games. So the more land you build, the safer you can craft and sleep. Or, at least, that was what we thought.

In Don’t Starve Together, structures, including walls, can be easily destroyed by bosses and monsters.

If built incorrectly, walls also prevent your movement. Moreover, Hay Walls and Wood Walls can ablaze quickly, setting your entire base on fire if you are not careful.

One piece of the wall can’t protect your base that much, and building a whole fortress can be costly, as they cost a lot of useful materials to craft (grass, logs, rocks, or thulecites).

So, we’d recommended saving those materials for crafting rather than building walls.

Walls can still be useful, though. You can use them to create a path to lure hounds into tooth traps, as long as you keep the route clear and don’t block all the entrances.

Moreover, walls can be used to capture certain animals, such as Pigs, Bunnymen, Koalefants, Rabbits, Volt Goats, or Grass Gekkos.

In addition, walls can be used to build a tumbleweed farm and make the Dragonfly fight easier.

For decoration purposes, feel free to choose the wall types that fit your base the most. Wood and Stone Walls have the best appearance while fairly cheap compared to the others.

That’s the answer if walls are worth building in Don’t Starve Together!

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