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If you’ve been wandering around in high mountains in Minecraft, you may have noticed a new creature with thick white fur that moves slowly but steadily and has horns. Those are goats!

Do you love this new neutral mob? In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about goats in Minecraft!

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Goats can spawn in most mountain and snowy biomes. With unique abilities and behaviors like ramming at the players, the goats can be used for many purposes. Besides that, you can breed goats like other passive animals in Minecraft with wheat.

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Where Do Goats Spawn?

Goats only spawn in mountain biomes, with a little bit of cold temperature and high altitude. In fact, there are only 3 biomes that suitable for goats can spawn are snowy slopes, jagged peaks, and frozen peaks.

They spawn on opaque blocks with a light level greater than 7. So make sure you fill as much as solid blocks as you can in these biomes and have direct contact with the sunlight.

To find the correct biomes for the goats, press F3 to open the debug screen and look for the biome in the left corner. Find more details on how to find goats in Minecraft here.

Are Goats a Rare Spawn?

Goat’s spawn chance is considered rare compared to most other passive mobs. First of all, goats only spawn in a group of 2 to 3, while the other can spawn up to 5 or 6.

There is also a rarer goat type called “screaming goat” or “screamer goat” which is louder than most normal goats. And they do ram more frequently.

There are two ways mobs can spawn in Minecraft: spawn when the world is first created and spawn naturally around the player with a random chance.

With that being said, the chance for goats to spawn naturally after the world is created is quite low. So if you’ve come to the right place and see no goats, you should find a new place instead of wandering around.

But still, this depends on you and your luck! Our strategy is to roam around and try to create as much space as possible for the goats to spawn.

Can You Ride Goats?

For now, you can’t ride goats in Minecraft!

Even though riding one and ramming off a cliff is a cool concept, you have to wait for future updates from Mojang for this to turn into reality.

If you really want to take control of the goats or just simply want to lead them home, you can use their favorite food or use a lead item on them. Moreover, using a boat to transport the goats is also a cool idea!

How High Can Goats Jump (How Many Blocks)

Goats in Minecraft can jump incredibly high! They can jump up to 10 blocks high and 5 blocks far. Compared to the player is 1.25 blocks and 3-4 blocks far, respectively.

Goats jump when they have no space to walk, or if their pathway contains holes or powder snow. But goats are smart! They will never jump down if the gaps are higher than 5 blocks unless pushed by players or pistons.

To prevent the goats from jumping from your pen, you can cover the roof up with any block of your choice, or simply use a honey block as the floor. This is because goats can’t jump on the honey block due to its stickiness.

Can Goats Be Tamed?

Sadly, goats can’t be tamed in Minecraft, no matter what food you use. Goats will never fall in love or be loyal to you like wolves or cats.

Although you can’t tame goats in Minecraft, breeding is possible. To breed goats, you will need to gather some wheat and feed them. Then wait for a little while and a baby goat will appear. So adorable!

Can Goats Attack

Even though goats are neutral mobs, they won’t intentionally attack the player or other mobs. If you hit a goat, it won’t fight back. It will not also call their gang to attack you like the zombified piglins.

But goats do randomly ram at you! Well, that’s why they don’t actively attack anything but are still listed as a neutral mob in Minecraft!

Let’s see how a goat can ram at you to avoid it (or to take advantage of it)!

How to Get a Goat to Ram Into You

For every 30 to 300 seconds (5 minutes) in real-life time, a goat can choose one immobile entity in the world around 4-16 blocks around and start ramming at it. They will lower their head, stomp the ground, and charge toward the chosen target.

So in order to not get rammed by a goat, you must keep moving around the goat or idle at least 17 blocks away from the goat. Also, if you’re being rammed once, you still have at least 30 seconds to prepare your gears before the next ram.

If you want goats to ram at you, choose a place where you can be seen by as many goats as possible. Then stop moving and wait! Remember to check your health and gears before doing so since each ram can deal up to 3 damage (1.5 hearts).

The goat can’t ram into you if you’re in creative or peaceful mode.

How to Get Goat Horn

To get goat horns in Minecraft, you have to make them ram into solid blocks, which requires getting a goat to ram into you first.

If the goat is in its process and about to charge toward you (pay attention to its head and movement), you can make a quick move or jump away from your previous position to avoid being rammed.

The goat will stop after passing a few blocks from your previous position. So if you have any solid blocks right behind you, the goats will accidentally ram into them instead. And it will drop one goat horn right after.

Not all blocks make goats drop their horn. Only natural blocks such as logs, stone, packed ice, iron ores, coal ores, copper ores, and emerald ores are eligible.

What Loot Do Goats Drop

Goats have nothing valuable, except for their horns. Although you can get 1 to 3 experience points for killing a goat and up to 7 if you successfully breed one, it’s still nothing compared to other farming methods.

Goats spawn with horns, which will be dropped when the goats ram at a solid block. And the horn is a unique item that you can put in your hot bar and right-click to play a specific song.

For now, there are 8 types of goat horns in Minecraft: ponder, sing, seek, feel, admire, call, yearn, and dream. The first 4 are what normal goats can drop, while the last 4 belong to screaming goats.

Remember that the horns dropped from the same goat will result in the same type. So if you want to look for a new horn, you have to provoke another goat.

Can You Use Goats for Anything

Besides providing experience points and horns, you can use an empty bucket on a goat to collect milk, just like cows in Minecraft.

Goats are fun animals! Whether you like it or not, you will love their behaviors and horn songs!

And that’s everything you need to know about Goats in Minecraft! Happy ramming!

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