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Anyone in their right mind would want their town in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord to produce a lot of money and troops, right?

Well, the only way your settlement is going to give you the results that you expect from them is if you increase their Prosperity to the moon.

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A town without Prosperity is going to give you fewer taxes, bonuses, goods, and notable NPCs, which also means fewer troops to recruit.

This can only tell you that you need to bring it up. So, here is how you can increase your town’s Prosperity in Bannerlord and make your settlement truly profitable.

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How Prosperity Works in Bannerlord

All of the Bannerlord town modifiers are deeply connected, which makes them depend on one another.

If your food or security is low, the others are sure to fall as well. In many ways, Prosperity is the modifier that shows you if you are doing a good job governing your town, as it can be positively or negatively impacted by the other stats the most.

For instance, food and loyalty will greatly affect your town’s Prosperity, as they will directly lower it if they are doing badly.

Prosperity is extremely important because it influences many vital parts of your town, such as:

  • The number of notable NPCs
  • The price and number of goods on the market
  • The profit of the workshops in the town
  • The tax

All of these should be very important to improve, as each one of them can make your campaign much easier.

The more notables you have in your town, the greater the chance of increasing relations with them, gaining you a passive Influence source.

Also, you will get more possible recruits, as you know that you have to get troops from the notables in each town and settlement.

The workshops are one of the best sources of income, and they can become extremely profitable if they are part of a town that has great Prosperity.

Again, the taxes themselves will be even greater, and you will just get much more money from the town if its Prosperity is increased.

How to Increase Prosperity in Bannerlord

As many of the town’s modifiers are interconnected, you will need to learn about all the factors that can increase and decrease your town’s Prosperity in Bannerlord:

  • Food (Surplus/Deficit)
  • Goods From Market
  • Aqueducts
  • Loyalty
  • Housing Costs
  • Quests
  • Governor
  • Housing

Food (Surplus/Deficit)

Food has the biggest impact on Prosperity out of all the other town resources in Bannerlord. If you find yourself in a food deficit, your Prosperity will decrease daily by at least -10.

To increase your Prosperity, you will need to be in a food surplus. This means that you will need to fill your food reserves, and then the food that is being gathered over the limit will turn into Prosperity (10% of the surplus will turn into Prosperity).

However, if you are in a food deficit, 50% of that deficit will eat into your Prosperity daily, practically killing it.

Since food has such a large impact on Prosperity, it would be wise to invest in buildings that produce food rather than Prosperity (such as the Aqueducts) since it will help you more in the long run.

Goods From Market

This is just based on the number of goods you have in the market. This will usually vary based on the number of merchants and workshops that you have in the town.

The “Goods from market” modifier is one of the only ones we can practically ignore.


This is one of the town-only unique buildings that will directly increase your Prosperity. The maximum it can give you is +1 Prosperity per day.


Loyalty is one of the most important town stats, as it can bring rebellions if you don’t pay attention to it.

If you manage to assign the right governors and take care of the settlement properly by getting it over 75 Loyalty, you will gain +0.5 Prosperity per day.

Housing Costs

This is a passive debuff that appears the higher your Prosperity gets. Here is how Prosperity will decrease based on how big you got it:

  • Less than 6k Prosperity -> No Debuff
  • 6k Prosperity -> -1 Prosperity per day
  • 9k Prosperity -> -2 Prosperity per day
  • 12k Prosperity -> -3 Prosperity per day
  • 21k Prosperity -> -6 Prosperity per day

The -6 debuff from Housing Costs is the maximum amount you can get to. If you manage to surpass that, nothing is stopping you from getting to tens of thousands.


Sometimes, the notables in the town will have various quests for you. Depending on which quest it is, your town’s Prosperity can start decreasing.

Here are all the quests that can affect your town’s Prosperity in Bannerlord if you don’t solve them:

  • -0.2 from:
    • Artisan Can’t Sell
    • Bandit Base
    • Help With Brigands
  • -0.4 from:
    • Escort Merchant Caravan
  • -1 from:
    • Extortion By Deserters


The companion governor is one of the best ways to increase your town’s Prosperity and even some of the other stats.

By raising a companion to become a specialized governor, you can easily control how your towns improve.

Here are some of the perks that you can get for your companion to increase your town’s Prosperity in Bannerlord:

  • Level 50 Riding -> Veterinary (+0.5)
  • Level 125 Engineering -> Foreman (+100 per project finished)
  • Level 200 Engineering -> Apprenticeship (+1% per project in town)
  • Level 150 Medicine -> Pristine Streets (+1)
  • Level 200 Medicine -> Clean Infrastructure (+1 per health-related project in town)
  • Level 275 Trading -> Trickle Down (+1 while building)


The last factor that can increase your Prosperity in Bannerlord is the Housing daily default which can gain you Prosperity based on 1% of your construction output.

Depending on how big your town has gotten, this bonus can get you more than +1 per day which can be a big help if you need to increase Prosperity fast.

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase Prosperity in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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