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One of the most important menus in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has to be the Encyclopedia.

It is a nice interface where you can look at some of the most important information in the game, which ranges from basic concepts to character locations.

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You can also see here all the details regarding kingdoms and characters, who someone likes and dislikes, troops trees, and more.

So, to help you reach into this incredible pool of knowledge, here is how you can open the encyclopedia in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

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How to Open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord

Depending on the platform you are using, there are three different buttons that should help you open the game’s information menu:

How to Open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord on PC

All you need to do to open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord on PC is to press the “N” key on your keyboard.

How to Open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord on PlayStation

To open up Bannerlord’s Encyclopedia on your PlayStation, you just need to press the touchpad.

How to Open the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord on Xbox

Finally, to access the Encyclopedia on Xbox you just need to press the “Select” button.

Now, if you want to learn more about how the Encyclopedia functions and what information you can find there, we have more things to show you.

What Information You Can Find in the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord

There are six major categories in the Encyclopedia in Bannerlord, each extremely useful on its own:


This is the first category that you will find in the Encyclopedia, and it is extremely useful if you want to find a certain village, castle, or town.

You can also see who the notables are in these settlements, their culture, and who rules those lands.


This category is very useful if you are searching for a new companion for your party, as you can see all details regarding wanderers, including age and skills.

You can also use this menu to find the location of absolutely every important character in Bannerlord.


The next part of the menu will help you identify all the troop types in Bannerlord. You can see all of their troop trees, what faction they are part of, and what type of equipment they use.

This is the place to go if you are curious about what the best infantry, cavalry, or ranged troops are in the game, as you can easily compare their stats.


The Kingdoms menu will help you easily identify all the factions of the game, including your own, when you create it.

It will also help you learn about their lore, their history, what clans are part of the kingdom, who is the current ruler, and who they might be at war with.


The Clans category might hold the longest list out of all the categories, as there are a lot of families in Bannerlord.

You can easily find all the clans from each faction here, along with factionless clans, such as yours, at the beginning of the game, and also easily pinpoint enemy and allied families.


This menu works like a tutorial that will teach you all about the various important ideas found in Bannerlord.

Most major skills are described here, along with all the troop types and the settlement stats.

That’s everything you need to know about how to open the encyclopedia in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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