Project Zomboid – Can You Kill All the Zombies in the Game?

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Killing zombies, along with fortifying the base and ensuring an adequate food supply, are primary tasks you must accomplish in Project Zomboid.

While reinforcing your base and maintaining your health can be done limitlessly as long as you have sufficient resources, is there a limit to eliminating the undead? In other words, can you kill all the zombies in the game?

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You can eliminate all the zombies in Project Zomboid as long as you turn off the Zombie Respawn setting. You can also adjust the zombie population to low to make it more achievable, but keep in mind that it takes a long time and high survival skills to overcome this challenge.

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Can You Kill All The Zombies In Project Zomboid?

The maximum number of zombies in Project Zomboid is more than 74,000, spreading over the map and mostly in urban areas, making it overwhelming to eliminate.

On top of that, by default, in both single and multiplayer, zombies do respawn. Therefore, if this setting remains unchanged, killing all the undead in Project Zomboid is not possible.

For that reason, you must turn off the respawn feature before creating the world by adjusting the values of “Respawn Hours” and “Redistribute Hours” to 0 to prevent zombies from respawning and migrating.

Next, you can control the number of zombies in your world by adjusting the “Zombie Count” setting in the Population section while setting up.

The choice is yours, depending on your playstyle and previous experience, to pick the most suitable value.

If your goal is to kill every zombie, selecting a Low setting is advisable.

However, regardless of how many zombies there are in the world, your survival skills matter the most.

Acquiring an understanding of what to do first in the game is necessary, as it boosts your journey significantly and reduces tension in the later stages.

Due to the massive size of the map and the high number of undead, it might take at least 4-5 months to explore and kill every zombie. This estimated time might be longer if you’re a newbie.

That’s the answer to whether you can kill all the zombies in Project Zomboid.

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