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In Project Zomboid, walls are special structures to fortify and protect your base from zombies. However, is it actually safe to say inside the walls?

This guide will discuss whether zombies can break walls and garage doors in Project Zomboid.

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The answer is yes. Zombies can break walls and garage doors in Project Zomboid.

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Can Zombies Break Walls in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid offers both metal and wooden walls, which differ in HP and material requirements. However, they are all zombie-attracting when constructed.

If zombies hear the voice from crafting, they’ll come up and break what you’re building. Therefore, make sure to clear out the area where you intend to build the walls.

All other walls are breakable except for the Wooden/Metal Window Walls, which zombies will climb through instead of breaking.

It takes different times for zombies to break the walls, depending on the materials and the wall’s level.

Basically, each wall in the game has a health point, and if the zombies manage to bring this to 0, then the wall will be destroyed. The damage a wall takes varies depending on the number of zombies and their strength.

The table below shows all wall variants with their respective HP:

Type of WallWooden FrameMetal Frame
Wooden Wall Level 1200270
Wooden Wall Level 2250320
Wooden Wall Level 3300370
Metal Wall Level 1300370
Metal Wall Level 2400470

Generally, it takes 4 to 9 in-game hours for 1 zombie to break walls built on Wooden Frame, except Wooden Wall Level 1, which will take way less time.

Walls built on Metal Frames are better, as they can stand for up to 20 hours.

The values above are caused by 1 zombie. In fact, the number of zombies that attack the walls is higher, so the time for the walls to be broken is shorter.

Can Zombies Break Garage Doors in Project Zomboid?

Like the usual doors, the undead can break the garage ones. Based on our experience, it takes around 40-60 minutes for the horde of 8-14 zombies to destroy the garage door.

Generally, if zombies notice you or anything that makes noise in the garage, they tend to go around to check if there are windows to break and climb through before breaking the garage door.

In such situations, learning how to board up and barricade windows is essential.

Besides, you can place vehicles, composters, or fences in front of the garage doors for extra protection.

However, unless you choose garage doors as your base or there is something too rare that you don’t want the undead to take, it is unnecessary to build things like that.

That’s the answer if zombies can break walls and garage doors in Project Zomboid!

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