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Although Project Zomboid is a game where your survival skills are tested based on your experience and how well you gather resources, choosing the ideal spawn location will provide advantages in the early game, thus making your survival easier.

Given the vast map size in Project Zomboid, it’s impractical to visit each city manually to scout for ideal base and building locations. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

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In this guide, we’ll show you the list of the best places to spawn in Project Zomboid.

The best spawn spots in Project Zomboid should have a lower zombie density, be close to resource-rich areas like fire stations, bookstores, and pharmacies, and have access to natural resources such as forests or rivers. Having a base with built-in fences saves valuable time and effort on fortifications. Overall, choosing where to spawn depends on your preferences and experience, though.

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What Places Are Best to Spawn in Project Zomboid?

By default, you can choose one of four starting locations while setting up your world. They are:

  • Muldraugh, KY
  • Riverside, KY
  • Rosewood, KY
  • West Point, KY

Each of them has different advantages and disadvantages. The difficulty of survival in each location also depends on your previous experience.

According to our guide, if you’re new to Project Zomboid, you should choose Rosewood. For those ready for challenges, Muldraugh or West Point might be more suitable.

However, even if you pick a starting spot, you might end up in a random house or base with unknown resources. In that case, check out this guide to learn how to spawn at a specific location.

The best places to spawn are where there are fewer zombies, close to the gas station, and away from tall buildings. Also, it’s good to be near supermarkets, bookstores, and grocery stores to find resources.

Moreover, your base should be close to the forest for easy access to wood, which is important for fortifying it subsequently.

We also included some of the best places in each starting location. You can visit them here or click on the coordinates below to know where they are:

  1. In Rosewood:
  1. In Riverside:
  1. In West Point:
  1. In Muldraugh:

Nonetheless, if these locations don’t meet your needs or if you’re looking for other choices, then we’ve made a list of potential places to spawn below.

1. Houses North of Louisville (Coordinates)

If you traveled to Louisville and want to have a long-life survival here, then it’s advisable to pick any of the houses north of the city.

What makes these houses stand out is their proximity to the river, ensuring an unlimited source of water and fish, and alleviating concerns about hydration and food scarcity.

Additionally, by positioning along the river, these houses reduce the risk of being surrounded by large groups of zombies, thereby increasing the chance of survival and providing clear pathways for existence.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend time building walls or fences because all of these houses are covered by built-in fences.

In addition, the area inside the fences is large enough for crops, and the small forest nearby ensures sufficient wooden resources for survival.

2. Three Mansions Southeast of Louisville (Coordinates)

Many players choose these 3 mansions as their go-to spawn place, even though Louisville, being the largest city, offers multiple ideal places to live. Clearly, there must be a reason behind it. So why?

Similar to the first location, these mansions offer defense with their high-quality built-in metal fences, fortifying your base against threats.

The path leading to each mansion is pretty narrow, with an intersection at the center of the area. As a result, you can implement numerous strategic plans to enhance your base and collaborate with your friends to ensure long-term survival here.

The forest adjacent to the mansions provides substantial resources, and there are multiple houses and storage areas waiting for you to loot to the west of these mansions.

However, keep in mind that because this place is far from the center of Louisville, traveling here takes time and involves risks. Moreover, there aren’t many gas stations nearby to fuel your vehicle.

3. Luxury Mansions in The Center of Louisville (Coordinates)

These mansions in Louisville are fancy and have everything you might need to survive: a heat source, refrigerators, TVs, tools, accessories, and strong fences for safety.

However, the small outdoor space doesn’t allow for a farm. You’ll also need to clear out lots of zombies around to ensure safety first.

4. The House With Fences East of West Point (Coordinates)

If you need a temporary base before heading to Louisville, then this West Point house is perfect!

It’s close to Louisville and surrounded by fences, which makes it unique among nearby houses. It’s also near places like the pharmacy, mart, office building, and auto shop, so it’s convenient for getting supplies and looting items.

Finally, being near the river and forest means you have lots of wood and food, but be careful with the many zombies around your base, as they can be overwhelming.

5. The Police Station In Doe Valley (Coordinates)

Despite its small size, Doe Valley offers various potential spawning and living locations.

The police station stands out as the perfect choice among them, as it’s situated next to vital resources like the bookshop, farm store, and hardware shop.

Additionally, the expansive forest behind the station ensures an unlimited wood supply, a crucial survival resource. However, due to the distance from other cities, Doe Valley is not an ideal choice if you travel regularly.

6. Residential Houses in March Ridge (Coordinates)

March Ridge is not typically a common choice for picking the best places to spawn, but if you prefer innovation, the residential houses southeast of the city are a good pick.

It’s noticeable that there are many residential houses in the large area southeast of March Ridge, and most of them are two-story houses covered by fences, thus meeting our expectations.

Additionally, it’s not too far from the center, where you can easily sneak in and scavenge for items and food.

Most importantly, these houses are next to the pathway that leads to the highway, making it easier for you to relocate.

7. The House Near the Music Concert in Louisville (Coordinates)

It can be infinite to make a list of the best places in Louisville, but just a few of them meet all the criteria we mentioned above, and the house next to the music concert is a notable example.

The first advantage of this house, which comes with a built-in fence, is that it’s located near the forest and the fire department. This makes it easier to collect wood and improve Carpentry skills.

Additionally, the nearby camping area and music concert to the south provide sufficient resources for survival. However, be prepared to handle a large number of zombies in that area.

8. Scarlet Oak Distillery in Louisville (Coordinates)

Moving on to our list, the Scarlet Oak Distillery stands out as the ultimate spawn location in Louisville.

This factory is covered by tall fences, offering only two entrances for transportation and defense. Inside, you’ll find a variety of tools and items that can sustain you throughout your time in Louisville.

Additionally, it’s conveniently close to the gas station and parking area, allowing easy access to high-quality vehicles and fuel.

Positioned near the river and forest, the factory is ideal for trapping, farming, and fishing. If you prefer fresh food, these resources are a boon, as you won’t have to rely solely on canned goods.

Furthermore, this location offers expandability, allowing you to block off a large surrounding neighborhood with wooden or metal walls. In the game’s late stages, creating even a fortress here is possible.

9. The Train Yard in Louisville (Coordinates)

Our final pick for the best spawn places is the train yard near Louisville’s center, which is huge, making it great for placing crates, containers, and building a fortress.

It has built-in fences and is close to the gas station and park, providing a supply for long-term survival.

You might need to add some more fences to keep zombies in the north of the yard, but that’s doable because there’s a nearby forest.

Lastly, the empty space makes it easy to stay on the roof and shoot using firearms.

10. Two Malls in Louisville (Coordinates, Coordinates)

Choosing these two malls as your spawn point means you won’t have to hunt for food or water due to their large size and potential supplies they might contain.

However, these malls lack defensive fences. Fortunately, they are near the forest, so you can gradually build defenses while surviving.

The real challenge here is the high number of zombies. If you’re new, other locations might be better. These malls are best suited for Project Zomboid veterans aiming for the 100-day survival challenge.

Those are the best places to spawn in Project Zomboid.

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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