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Stardew Valley might trick some people that it is a life simulator, but, at heart, it is still a farming sim. There are many ways you can make money in this game, but nothing gets even close to crops when it comes to profit.

As you progress through the game and repair more of your grandfather’s farm, you might think that you should fix that broken down Greenhouse in the northwestern part of the plot of land.

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Well, that Greenhouse is actually the most profitable building in the game, and you should do your best to get it fixed as fast as possible if you want to be Pelican Town’s first millionaire.

To get the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley, you either need to complete the Pantry Bundles at the Community Center or pay 35,000 g using the Joja Community Development Form.

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What is the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

Players can first see the Greenhouse on their first day in Stardew Valley, as its ruin is standing right to the left of the Farmhouse.

This building, once you manage to fix it, will allow you to grow crops inside.

The huge difference between planting crops outside or inside the Greenhouse is that the season doesn’t matter inside this building.

It can be the middle of Winter when nothing grows, and you can have a lot of crops growing strong inside the Greenhouse, producing you a lot of money.

Usually, most players plant the most profitable crop that is available at the moment inside the Greenhouse and there is no room for diversity. The Greenhouse is mostly used as a money-printing machine.

Since there are crops that you actually only have to plant once, and then they will give you harvests forever, the Greenhouse becomes the only resource you need to grow your plants.

You can also place Fruit Trees inside the Greenhouse on the edges where you can’t plant crops, allowing you to also get fruits every day with no real disadvantages.

How to Get the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

There are two ways to get the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley:

  • Complete the Pantry Bundles in the Community Center.
  • Purchase the Greenhouse using the Joja Community Development Form.

Once you unlock the Community Center in Stardew Valley, you will have a choice to make.

You either work with the spirits to fix the Community Center and Pelican Town by completing Bundles of random items, or you join JojaMart and pay to fix all the problems in the town without any other complications.

If you join JojaMart, you cannot go back to the Community Center route, so be careful if that is what you want to do.

Community Center Route

If you are doing the Community Center route in Stardew Valley, then you will need to complete the Pantry bundles to get the Greenhouse.

Once you finish your first Bundle at the Community Center, you will unlock the Pantry Bundles. These Bundles will require you to grow most of the important crops in the game, and it is impossible to complete until you reach Fall.

To fully complete the Pantry Bundles, you will also need to have a lot of animals and learn how to properly process most types of crops into Artisan Goods.

Here are all the Bundles you will need to complete in the Pantry, along with the necessary items:

  • Spring Crops Bundle (x4 items needed)
    • Parsnip
    • Green Bean
    • Cauliflower
    • Potato
  • Summer Crops Bundle (x4 items needed)
    • Tomato
    • Hot Pepper
    • Blueberry
    • Melon
  • Fall Crops Bundle (x4 items needed)
    • Corn
    • Eggplant
    • Pumpkin
    • Yam
  • Quality Crops Bundle (x3 items needed)
    • 5x Gold Quality Parsnip
    • 5x Gold Quality Melon
    • 5x Gold Quality Pumpkin
    • 5x Gold Quality Corn
  • Animal Bundle (x5 items needed)
    • Large Milk
    • Large Egg – Brown
    • Large Egg
    • Large Goat Milk
    • Wool
    • Duck Egg
  • Artisan Bundle (x6 items needed)
    • Truffle Oil
    • Cloth
    • Goat Cheese
    • Cheese
    • Honey
    • Jelly
    • Apple
    • Apricot
    • Orange
    • Peach
    • Pomegranate
    • Cherry

It can be fairly complicated to finish the Pantry Bundles fast in Stardew Valley, and you are most likely to finish it in Year 2, which might make the Greenhouse a relatively impossible goal for some impatient players. Luckily, this is why JojaMart exists.

JojaMart Route

If you dislike hard work and running around in circles, then the JojaMart route is the right way to go. With JojaMart, you just need to use money to get all of the buildings and repairs in Pelican Town.

You don’t need to search for all the possible ingredients to complete some bizarre Bundle, you just need to have a lot of gold.

To become a member of JojaMart, you just need to give the manager 5k g. Once you do this, you will gain access to the Joja Community Development Form.

This piece of paper acts as a menu where you can buy all the upgrades you would get for completing full room Bundles in the Community Center.

To get the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley working with JojaMart, you just need to select the Greenhouse upgrade in the Joja Community Development Form and pay 35k g for it.

That night you should see the workers from JojaMart fix the Greenhouse, and you can move it to any location you want on the farm now that it’s fixed.

If you spend enough time concentrating on the right things, you can make this money by Summer relatively easily, allowing you quick access to the Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse will then allow you to grow whatever you want at all times in less than half a year.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley!

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