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Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV. It is the first you are introduced to and the most important.

This gil tends to rack up quickly, especially if you’re using a free trial and have a cap. Luckily, there are plenty of options to spend gil on.

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You should spend gil in FFXIV on glamour, mounts, and minions with a range of prices. These are great options no matter how much gil you have. For those who want to spend millions at a time, buy a lottery ticket and take your chance at getting a house.

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What to Spend Gil On in Final Fantasy XIV

In FFXIV, most gil is spent on items that make you look and feel cooler. Though there are other ways to spend gil, the “big spenders” buy one (or all) of these.


There are multiple ways to get mounts with gil in FFXIV. You can level up in beast tribes and buy them from the beast tribe shops.

Or, you can buy mounts on the marketboard. Some cost around 1000 gil while others cost up to 50 million.

While not all mounts are available on the marketboard, there are plenty of great choices. There isn’t a great way to check options, but they are under Registerable Miscellany.


There are many minions available on the marketboard available with gil. Most other minion purchases require an alternate currency.

There is a minion filter on the marketboard that you can use. Head to the Items section and click Minions.


Glamour is a fan favorite way to spend gil. At the marketboard, sort by the piece of gear you want as a glamour.

Make sure you change it to all classes and level 90 to ensure you see all options. Most of the popular glamour is level 1.


You can’t buy the best armor sets with gil, but you can buy good armor with gil. Choose your class on the marketboard and then the level of your class.

You can only look at each piece separately (ex. Chest, legs, feet.) The best options will always be at the top.

A House

If you don’t have a house, that’s a good way to spend gil. Although you can manually check which houses are available, there are better ways.

PaissaDB is a popular method that stays fairly updated. Choose your server to track available houses. Then go to the plot and buy a ticket.

A small house is around 3 million, a medium 20 million, and a large around 45 million.


Even if you don’t have a house, you can buy an apartment or FC room and furnish it. This allows you to sink a lot of time and money into the game.

Most furniture is craftable, but it’s also usually available on the marketboard. There is a special section for each type of furniture.

Emotes and Hairstyles

Both of these are available under the Registerable Miscellany. The emotes have a book icon and the hair an envelope.

There are dozens of hairstyles and emotes ranging in price from a few thousand to a few million gil.

Less Common Ways to Spend Gil

A few other ways to spend gil in Final Fantasy XIV involve specific wants or needs. These are niche, but some players invest all of their money in them.

Orchestration Scrolls

If you like playing music in the inn room or your house, then orchestration scrolls are a good option for you.

There is a section with hundreds of song choices for you under the orchestration tab. Unfortunately, you cannot preview the songs.


Crafting is a popular trend in FFXIV. However, not everyone partakes. People who craft often spend millions of gil buying materials.

To do this, it’s best to have a plan of what to buy and what to gather. That way, you make the most of your time and gil.

The Basics to Spend Gil On

None of these items cost very much in FFXIV. But they are a good way to spend a few thousand gil that offers practical benefits.


Food items increase your stats temporarily in FFXIV. Head to the fork and knife icon to buy food to prepare you for battle.

Make sure you know the stats you want to increase, and always choose the appropriate food.


Materia is a good way to spend a few thousand gil, and it’s worth it. There is a materia tab under items on the marketboard.

Materia permanently increases the stats of your armor and weapons after a successful meld. It’s ideal to have fully-melded gear late game.


Potions are less popular than food, but it’s good practice to keep some around. They don’t do much late game, but it’s worth keeping them around for mana and health.

Now you know what to spend gil on in FFXIV.

What’s the one gil purchase you regret and the one purchase you still feel good about? Let me know in the comments!

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