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Before you can hone a tier 1 weapon or a piece of tier 1 equipment, you need to upgrade it using Harmony Shards.

As you need Harmony Shards to upgrade all tier 1 weapons and gear every time you want to hone it to the next level, you end up needing a lot of them.

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There are several different ways to obtain the Harmony Shard in the game, some of which yield them much faster than others.

The primary ways way to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark is by doing Chaos Dungeons, completing Island Quests, and using Maps from Chaos Gate. If you want to get Harmony Shards fast, focus on these methods.

Other ways to get Harmony Shards in the game include Ghost Ship, Pirate Coins exchange, Una’s Tasks, and the Auction House. There are many more ways to get them – find all the different ways below.

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How to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark

Harmony Shards are essential to your progress in Lost Ark, as you need them to upgrade tier 1 gear and weapons before you can hone it.

The two other honing materials that you need for tier 1 gear and weapons are Harmony Leapstones and Destruction and Guardian Stone Fragments.

As you start reaching higher honing levels, the Harmony Shard costs start to increase, and you might find yourself in need of more.

Luckily, there are quite a few different ways to obtain Harmony Shards in the game.

The fastest way to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark is by using your daily Chaos Dungeon runs, your daily Chaos Gate entry, and then complete Island Quests that give Harmony Shards as a reward.

When you’ve exhausted the number of Harmony Shards that you can obtain from those three methods, start utilizing the other sources.

Here is every single way to obtain Harmony Shards in Lost Ark:

  • Chaos Dungeon
  • Chaos Gate
  • Island Quests
  • Dismantling tier 1 gear
  • Pirate Coins exchange
  • Una’s Tasks
  • Mari’s Secret Shop
  • Auction House
  • Quests after Vern Castle
  • Sylmael Bloodstones exchange
  • Ghost Ship
  • Welcome Challenges
  • Events

Chaos Dungeons can be run twice a day with full rewards. One of the rewards that the monsters inside drop in plenty is Harmony Shards.

After you’ve used your two daily Chaos Dungeon runs, you can still keep doing them to earn Chaos Dungeon Shards and Crystals, which can be exchanged at the Chaos Dungeon NPC for different materials, including Harmony Shards. Learn more in our guide on Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Gate is an event that occurs in different parts of the world every hour. One of the rewards from Chaos Gate is a Map, which you can follow to access a secret dungeon that gives Harmony Shards.

You can see where the next Chaos Gate for your item level range starts next through the Calender in the top-left corner.

Lost Ark Harmony Shards from Chaos Gate dungeon
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Many of the questline on islands, so-called Island Quests, give honing materials as a reward for completion, including Harmony Shards.

Some of the islands that give the most Harmony Shards include Starlight Isle, Glacier Isle, and Shadow Island.

Dismantling tier 1 gear and weapons give various honing materials, including Harmony Shards.

As you get Harmony Shards by dismantling tier 1 gear and weapons, you indirectly get Harmony Shards from any content that give either tier 1 gear or weapons, like Guardian Raids.

One of the things that you can exchange Pirate Coins for at the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel in the waters next to major ports is Harmony Shard Pouches.

You can learn how to get Pirate Coins fast in Lost Ark here.

Lost Ark Harmony Shards Tea and Libra Guild Vessel
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

Una’s Tasks are the daily and weekly quests that you can complete on various islands.

Many of the quests that Una’s Tasks offers give Harmony Shards as a reward.

In Mari’s Secret Shop, located in the Store, you can purchase different items for Blue Crystals.

One of the things that Mari’s Secret Shop sells is Harmony Shard Pouches.

On the Auction House, players can sell Harmony Shard Pouches for gold.

If you had enough gold in the game, you could technically buy all the Harmony Shard that you need on the Auction House.

Lost Ark Harmony Shard Pouches on Auction House
Screenshot: Gamerempire.net

After you reach Vern Castle, where you unlock most of the end-game content, including honing, some quests start giving honing material like Harmony Shards as a reward.

In the Sylmael Bloodstone exchange, you can exchange the Sylmael Bloodstones you get from guild activities.

One of the things that you can exchange Sylmael Bloodstones for is Harmony Shards.

The Ghost Ship is another event that occurs every hour in different locations of the world.

Ghost Ship gives Harmony Shards as one of its rewards. You can find the location of the next one on the Calendar in the top-left corner.

Welcome Challenges are challenges or objectives designed to guide you through the various content in the game.

Many of the challenges in the Upgrade Gear tab give Harmony Shards as a reward upon completion. You can find them through the Welcome Challenges icon in the top-right corner next to the minimap.

Events usually offer Harmony Shards as a reward in some way, be it directly or through an exchange shop. Login rewards also give Harmony Shards some days.

As we don’t know what events are running when you read this, we recommend you check out the current events and see if they give Harmony Shards.

That’s every single way to get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark!

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