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Out of the many skills that you can level up in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, Trade might be the most useful one out of the bunch.

Every time you level up your Trade skill, you manage to bring down the price of goods that you want to buy and inflate the price of the equipment you want to sell.

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This is why Trade might be the most profitable skill out there if one knows how to use it well and increase it fast.

So, to make you a Calradian millionaire, here is how you can level up Trade fast in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

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How the Trade Skill Works in Bannerlord

The Trade skill may sound simple when you learn how it works. However, it might be one of the most complicated to use in Bannerlord properly.

Players can get Trade XP by buying an item and then selling it for a higher price than the one they bought it for.

This can either sound really simple to do or extremely hard if you don’t level 50 Trade and can’t see the normal prices of goods.

At level 50 Trade, players will get either the Caravan Master or Market Dealer perks, which will allow you to see the average prices of goods in the market.

Until you get this skill, getting levels in Trade can be quite hard, and you would have to go through towns, see the prices of goods, and then go to other towns and see if they are different.

How to Increase Trade in Bannerlord

To increase Trade in Bannerlord’s early game, you could go to Aserai and Khuzait lands and buy horses. This is where you will find the cheapest horses in all of Calradia.

Head over to Vlandia and sell off the horses you managed to get without suffering the “herd” debuff.

After doing this once or twice, you should be able to see if the price you bought the item for is high or low when trying to sell it.

Once this happens, you can start doing the same thing but actually know the value of the goods you are getting.

You should also look at the goods tab after buying the horses, as there can be goods with lower than-normal prices, which you can sell in the West.

Once you get to level 50 Trade, everything becomes a lot simpler. You will now see the value of the good compared to the average around Calradia.

Now, buy every good in every town and village that has a value 50% lower than the average and then sell everything that is around the average price or higher.

An easier way to understand is: Buy the goods that have a green number and sell the goods that have a yellow to red number.

If you have a lot of money, there is also something you can do to level up Trade a lot:

Trickster Trader

Head over to a town you plan to conquer or attack and buy all of the food in the town. Once in a while, they will get new food, and you can see this by looking at the Food stat in the top left corner.

Continue buying their food until their militia and garrison start dying off. After you’ve done that, siege the settlement or wait until rebels pop off and then siege the town.

You can then, after conquering the city, sell all the food you bought from them for a good profit and Trade XP.

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase the Trade skill in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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