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Along with Trash Cubes, Trade Coins are one of the two currencies you can spend at the Trading Post.

While you can always make Trash Cubes on your raft, getting Trade Coins is a bit more complex.

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The only way to get Trade Coins in Raft is by selling rare fish. You can get rare fish by fishing with any Bait, which can be purchased at the Trading Post with Trash Cubes.

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How to Get Trade Coins in Raft

To have access to Trade Coins, you first need to complete the first story island (the Radio Tower) to get the Recycler blueprint and use it to make Trash Cubes.

Now, head for a large island and look for the Trading Post.

This structure is usually located in a separate area or on high mountains. Based on our experience, it’s easier to find it at night since the Trading Post has a lot of bottle lights hanging around its roof.

The Trading Post’s trading menu has two main tabs: Buy and Sell.

In the Buy tab, you can use Trash Cubes and Trade Coins to buy various items. One of the only things you can buy exclusively with Trash Cubes is Bait.

The Sell tab allows you to sell rare fish for Trade Coins, so you probably know exactly what you need to do already.

First, use Trash Cubes to buy Bait. Any type of Bait will work, so if this is the first time you trade, get a few units of Simple Fishing Bait.

Then, select a fishing rod and hold the right mouse button to select the Bait you just purchased and fish like normally to catch rare fish.

Next, return to the Trading Post and open the Sell tab to sell the fish.

Rare fish have different selling prices and give different numbers of reputation points, depending on your Bait type. For example, if you use tier 1 Bait (Simple Fishing Bait), you can only catch tier 1 rare fish, and so on.

Tier 1 rare fish gives 1 Trade Coin and 10 reputation points.

Reputation points are used to level up your reputation with the Trading Post. By reaching tier 2, which requires 300 reputation points, you’ll have access to more tradeable items, including tier 2 Bait – Advanced Fishing Bait.

This Bait allows you to catch tier 2 rare fish, which can be sold for 1 Trade Coin and 100 reputation points.

There is no point in buying tier 1 Bait when you reach tier 2, as the number of Trade Coins you receive is the same, and tier 2 rare fish give more reputation points.

Once you have 3000 reputation points, you’ll unlock tier 3 at the Trading Post and have access to the tier 3 Bait – Expert Fishing Bait.

Each tier 3 rare fish is worth 2 Trade Coins.

Since tier 3 is the maximum tier and the Trash Cubes cost for all Bait types is the same, you should always buy Expert Fishing Bait to catch tier 3 rare fish, as they give more Trade Coins.

That’s how to get Trade Coins in Raft.

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