Diablo 4 – Should You Salvage or Sell Items?

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You’ll quickly fill up your inventory in Diablo 4 with gear and weapons from slaying hordes of enemies.

To clear up your bag, you can either sell items for gold or salvage them for materials, but which option is the best?

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In the early game of Diablo 4, you should salvage the gear and weapons you find. Later on in the game, towards the end-game, you should start selling most of the gear and weapons you find instead.

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Should you sell or salvage gear in Diablo 4?

You have two choices to get rid of unwanted equipment and weapons that fill up your inventory in Diablo 4 – sell or salvage.

Salvaging items in the game gives you various materials, and selling items gives you gold, both of which you need for several important purposes.

When you first start playing the game, it’s not intuitive which of the two options is better. Here is what we’ve learned.

In Diablo 4, you should salvage all items for materials in the early game, and towards the end-game, you should start selling almost all items instead.

The reason why you want to salvage gear in the early game and start selling them instead later on is that gear, relatively, is worth more materials early on in the game and, relatively, worth more gold the further into the game you progress, which means they are worth much more gold compared to materials late-game.

While you can exclusively salvage gear early on in the game, as you don’t need much gold then, you cannot exclusively sell items late-game, as you still need some materials. You will, however, need much more gold late-game than materials. Thus, why you should sell almost all gear then.

An additional bonus for prioritizing salvaging items in the early game is that you unlock new transmogs upon salvaging some items.

That’s what you need to know about whether it’s best to salvage or sell gear in Diablo 4!

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