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In Deep Rock Galactic, machine events are one type of many events that gives unique challenges and rewards.

However, not all dwarves know how to use those machine events, especially if their blue level less than ten.

In this article, we’ll go over all of the machine events in Deep Rock Galactic, how to unlock them, and what rewards they give.

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Currently, there are four types of machine events in Deep Rock Galactic – the Ebonite Mutation, Kursite Ifection, Omen Modular Exterminator, and Tritilyte Crystal. They can spawn in any normal mission and be activated with the Tritilyte Key – an item obtained after your first promotion. Machine events give you bonus experience, credits, and overclocks.

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When Do You Unlock Machine Events

Machine events can spawn in any normal mission but not in deep dives or elite deep dives.

Depending on the mission length, machine events have a 15%, 20%, and 35% chance, respectively, to spawn in a mission with one, two, and three-length.

Machine events can only be activated by the Tritilyte Key. And you can unlock this reusable item after your first promotion.

However, you don’t need the key for machine events to spawn. They will spawn randomly depending on the mission length mentioned above.

That said, you already unlock machine events the first time you play the game. You just need to find and activate them.

It’s worth mentioning that only one machine event can spawn in a single mission.

What Rewards Do Machine Events Give

Machine events in Deep Rock Galactic give credits, experience points, weapon overclocks, and cosmetic overclocks.

Even if you fail to complete the machine events’ challenges, you’ll still receive the credits and experience points.

That said, you can only receive overclocks after completing a machine event, even if you’re being kicked by toxic dwarves or fail the mission.

Overall, the most useful purpose of machine events is to farm overclocks.

When you’ve completed the machine event challenges, look for the Core Infuser lying around.

You can then insert a Blank Matrix Core into it to choose between 3 randomly generated overclocks. If you’ve already collected all the overclocks, you’ll earn 120 crating materials instead.

Machine Events List in Deep Rock Galactic

When you’ve successfully activated the machine events, you’ll have 3 minutes to complete their challenge to earn shiny rewards.

The challenge objectives will be modified accordingly depending on the player count and the hazard level.

Let’s see the four machine events in Deep Rock Galactic and how to beat them!

1. Ebonite Mutation

Ebonite Mutation is a small green machine.

It’s an easy challenge where you have to kill a certain amount of stony Glyphids. They’re called “Ebonite Grunts” and “Ebonite Praetorians”.

They have the same model as their normal form but with a rock skin, making them immune to guns’ projectiles.

Therefore, you must use your pickaxe, power attack, impact axes, or the Driller’s power drills to kill them.

To complete the challenge, you have to earn amount points by killing the Ebonite bugs. Grunts give 1, while Praetorians give 2 points.

The required points are 15/25/30/40, depending on the player count.

To assist the dwarves, the machine periodically throws out canisters to boost the pickaxe damage and reduce the power attack cooldown.

Besides the Ebonite bugs, other normal bugs will also spawn in this event. So prepare both your guns and pickaxe!

2. Kursite Infection

The Kursite Infection is a slightly larger machine event than the Ebonite Mutation. It has the featured pink color in the machine’s core.

Once activated, Kursite bugs (blue skin with a big yellow crystal) will spawn and attack the dwarves. You must kill them and bring the Kursite crystal to put in the machine.

Three types of Kursite bugs can spawn in the event, including Glyphid Acid Spitter, Glyphid Praetorian, and Mactera Spawn. However, only one type can spawn for each machine event.

To complete the challenge, you have to collect enough Kursite crystals.

If you play alone, you must kill 6 Acid Spitters or 4 Praetorian, or 6 Mactera Spawns and turn in the crystals.

If the game has two to four dwarves, your team has to kill 12 Acid Spitters or 8 Praetorian, or 13 Mactera Spawns.

One important tip for this machine event is you should wait for the Kursite bugs to come closer to the machine. Then kill them so you can quickly turn in the crystals.

This is extremely useful if the machine spawns in tricky locations, such as near a high cliff or with many holes around it.

Other normal bugs will spawn in the challenge, too, so make sure to set up the place properly.

3. Omen Modular Exterminator

OME is by far the most challenging machine event in Deep Rock Galactic!

It can be identified as a tall modern tower with three layers. Each layer has its own health bar and attacks.

To damage the machine, you must attack each layer’s weak points, indicated as green lights, when exposed.

And how to expose the weak points?

There are 3 maintenance platforms generated around the OME tower. And you have to stand on it for around 3 seconds to expose the weak points.

To make it even harder, the machine is partially immune to the explosion, fire, and cold damage. That’s why you should pick weak point damage modifications when fighting the OME tower.

To win the challenge, you have to destroy all 11 weak points of the OME tower.

Depending on the player count and hazard level, each weak point’s HP can vary from 120 to 960.

This machine event requires a lot of setups and hit-and-run tactics. You can have the Driller dig tunnels around the machine to avoid the beams, or the Engineer to place the platform right on top of the maintenance platforms.

The tower will spawn an explosion drone every 6 seconds, dealing massive damage. So watch out for those drones and destroy them immediately!

Also, you should pay attention to the slow red light on the ground. When standing in the red zone, a minigun from the tower can kill you in a second.

4. Tritilyte Crystal

The Tritilyte Crystal is the final machine event on the list. You can recognize it with a giant red crystal and four laser guns.

Once activated, the DRG company will send a Nanite Bomb Dispenser to your location, and the 3 minutes begin.

Within this time, you must carry the nanite bomb from the dispenser and throw it at the Tritilyte Crystal.

Since the bomb is heavy, you can’t do anything while carrying it, just like when carrying Bittergem, Aquarqs, and other giant materials.

You can only destroy the Tritilyte Crystal with nanite bombs. This is why setup a proper path from the dispenser and the crystal is crucial for this challenge.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to complete this machine event because of the dispenser’s location. You can still receive credits and experience points, though.

Each nanite bomb dealt 100 damage within a 2 meters radius. The damage is reduced by 50% between 2 and 3 meters radius.

Depending on the player count and hazard level, Tritilyte Crystal’s health can vary from 315 to 1050.

That’s all you need to know about machine events in Deep Rock Galactic.

What do you want to know next? Let us know in the comment below!

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