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Wine is one of the most profitable Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley, as it will triple the value of most crops. Since some of the crops that you can turn into Wine are worth more than 1k g, you can get 3k g from just a single Wine bottle.

The only crops that turn into Wine at the Keg are fruits. There are 26 fruits in Stardew Valley, and most of them aren’t worth a lot of money.

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Since the Wine is worth 3 times the original crop’s price, you need to be careful which types of fruit you grow to use at the Kegs.

The best crops for making Wine in Stardew Valley are Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, Pineapple, Melon, and Rhubarb. These crops have the best profit ratios when you turn them into Wine.

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How to Make Wine and Use a Cask in Stardew Valley

Once you get to level 8 Farming in Stardew Valley, you will get the crafting recipe for the Keg. If you place a fruit inside the Keg, you will get Wine in 6 days.

The Wine itself will have three times the value of the fruit placed inside the Keg.

Wine also has different types of values, as it can be aged to be silver, gold, or iridium quality. Once you upgrade the Farmhouse to the final level, you will get the recipe for the Cask. This item will allow you to age Wine and increase its base value.

All Wine that comes out of the Keg will be of normal quality. After you place it inside the Cask, it will turn into silver quality in 14 days, gold quality in 28 days, and into iridium quality in 56 days.

Players can sell iridium quality Wine for double the amount of the regular Wine that came out of the Keg.

Even if you place an iridium quality fruit inside the Keg, the Wine that you get will only be 3 times the price of the regular fruit’s value.

Best Crops for Making Wine in Stardew Valley

The fruit crops that have the most value in Stardew Valley that you can make Wine from are Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, Pineapple, Melon, and Rhubarb.

We will go through each one of the crops to help you make the best Wine in Stardew Valley.


The Starfruit is one of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley, and it is the best fruit to use to make Wine. Since the base value of a regular Starfruit is 750 g, the Wine that you will get out of the Keg will be worth 2,250 g.

Considering the amount of time it takes for Wine to process, the Starfruit is incredibly productive.

Wine can be a horrible choice if you use a low-value fruit, as those 6 days would be better used to process other types of crops, such as Hops or Coffee Beans.

Unfortunately, Starfruit is a relatively late-game fruit that you can only get seeds for from the Oasis in the Calico Desert.

Still, many would also consider level 8 Farming late game, so you should generally reach the necessary level for Farming at a point in your playthrough where you already have access to the Desert.

Usually, if you try really hard at the start of the game, there is a slight chance you can grow Starfruit and turn it into Wine during your first Summer in Stardew Valley. However, the most realistic moment to do this would be the 2nd Year Summer.

Ancient Fruit

The Ancient Fruit is an amazing crop that you can’t get through natural ways in Stardew Valley. You can only get it by digging up Artifact Spots with a Hoe.

The Artifact Spots are the random spaces on the ground where worms are twitching.

The Ancient Fruit plant takes 28 days to grow, and it will then regrow every 7 days until Winter comes.

Each Ancient Fruit sells for 550 g at regular quality, which translates to 1,650 g as Wine.

Since Ancient Fruit grows every season besides Winter, and it also regrows (you don’t have to plant it more than once), it is considered by many players the best crop to grow in Stardew Valley.

Usually, it would be a good idea to fill up your Greenhouse with this fruit.

Most players that farm Ancient Fruit for Wine will usually have more fruit than they need if they use the Greenhouse to its full extent. If you also fill up the cellar in the Farmhouse with Casks, you can make a lot of money from these crops.

One iridium-quality Ancient Fruit Wine is worth 3,300 g without the Artisan Profession. With the max 125 Casks that you can place in the cellar, you can get up to 577k g every 56 days it takes for the Wine to age.


The Pineapple is a special crop that you can only get from the Island Trader on Ginger Island.

In many ways, the Pineapple is one of the least-appealing fruits to turn into Wine, as you need access to Ginger Island first.

Since you need to finish everything at the Community Center, you are most likely to see your first Pineapple Seed in the Winter of the 1st Year. By that time, you are most likely to already have one or two Ancient Seeds and access to the Calico Desert.

In general, Pineapple Seeds are easier to obtain than Ancient Seeds, and Pineapple regrows.

If you don’t want to constantly replant Starfruit and you don’t have enough Ancient Seeds to fill up your Kegs and Casks, then the Pineapple is a good choice.

A regular Pineapple is worth 300 g and can be sold for 900 g as Wine. With the help of the Cask, you can sell iridium quality Pineapple Wine for 2,520 g with the Artisan Profession.

On Ginger Island, there is no season, which means you can use the whole farm there as a giant Greenhouse. Use this opportunity to plant as many crops as you want, as the season can never hurt them.


The Melon is one of the best Summer crops in Stardew Valley and probably the easiest to get on this list. Players can quickly get Melon Seeds from Pierre’s once Year 1’s Summer starts.

One regular Melon is worth 250 g, and it can be turned into Wine worth 750 g. With the help of a Cask and the Artisan Profession, players can sell Melon Wine for 2,100 g.

Though you can easily get Melons for a cheap price at the start of the game, you will have to replant them a lot of times.

Still, during your first Summer you can use the space to plant a lot of Melon Seeds and profit once you discover the Keg and Cask.

Since it is the only one out of these fruits we’ve talked about that you can get without having to complete Bundles, it can be the best choice for newer players that don’t want to rush through content.


The Rhubarb is a Spring crop that is probably the worst choice compared to everything on this list. Though it is an above-average fruit, we will only mention it here since it is the last crop worth more than 200 g that can be turned into Wine.

All the other 21 fruits are worth less than 200 g, which means that they won’t even be worth 600 g once you turn them into Wine.

Since you will most likely discover the ability to create Wine later in the game, the Rhubarb won’t really be an option.

The only way you can use this crop and profit later is to grow it in the Greenhouse, but that would be a huge waste compared to some other crops that will make you a lot more money.

List of All Fruit Crops That You Can Turn into Wine in Stardew Valley

To help you understand the exact profit margins of all the possible fruit Wine crops in Stardew Valley, we have created a table to simplify everything.

Here is a list of all the fruit crops in Stardew Valley, ordered by their Wine sell price:

Fruit CropRegular Crop Sell PriceRegular Wine Sell Price (x3)Iridium Crop Sell Price (x2)Iridium Wine Sell Price w/ Artisan Profession (x8.4)
Starfruit750 g2,250 g1,500 g6,300 g
Ancient Fruit550 g1,650 g1,100 g4,620 g
Pineapple300 g900 g600 g2,520 g
Melon250 g750 g500 g2,100 g
Rhubarb220 g660 g440 g1,848 g
Crystal Fruit150 g450 g300 g1,260 g
Banana150 g450 g300 g1,260 g
Pomegranate140 g420 g280 g1,176 g
Peach140 g420 g280 g1,176 g
Mango130 g390 g260 g1,092 g
Strawberry120 g360 g240 g1,008 g
Coconut100 g300 g200 g840 g
Orange100 g300 g200 g840 g
Apple100 g300 g200 g840 g
Wild Plum80 g240 g160 g672 g
Spice Berry80 g240 g160 g672 g
Grape80 g240 g160 g672 g
Cherry80 g240 g160 g672 g
Cranberries75 g225 g150 g630 g
Cactus Fruit75 g225 g150 g630 g
Blueberry50 g150 g100 g420 g
Apricot50 g150 g100 g420 g
Hot Pepper40 g120 g80 g336 g
Blackberry20 g60 g40 g168 g
Salmonberry5 g15 g10 g42 g
Qi Fruit1 g3 g8 g

That’s everything you need to know about the best crops for making Wine in Stardew Valley!

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