Biggest brawl stars youtubers and streamers

Biggest Brawl Stars YouTubers and Streamers

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Brawl Stars has been a popular mobile game ever since its release, especially after its global release in December of 2018. The Esports scene around Brawl Stars is also gaining popularity with more and more tournaments popping up. Casual and pro players are not the only people who enjoy the game, so do many YouTubers and Streamers, so much to the point that some of them almost exclusively makes Brawl Stars content.

Biggest Brawl Stars Youtubers


Molt is a huge YouTuber with more than 2.6 million subscribers. At the time of writing, he primarily makes Brawl Stars videos, often funny moments or brawler challenges. He often plays with another very popular mobile gaming YouTuber NickAtNyte.

Chief Pat

A familiar face within the Brawl Stars community is Chief Pat, another popular YouTuber who makes a ton of Brawl Stars content. He has more than 2.5 million subscribers

Tim Royale

Tim Royale is another YouTuber who has become a known figure within the Brawl Stars community. He mainly makes funny montages or fail compilations about Brawl Stars.

Biggest Brawl Stars Streamers


Nemos is a Brawl Stars streamer who often grinds matches on the popular mobile title. He has more than 25 thousand followers and averages more than 200 live viewers when he plays.


Another Brawl Stars streamer who is sitting near the top of the ladders is Landi1995. He averages around 200 viewers when he plays Brawl Stars and has more than 10 thousand followers.


Yump420 is one of the top streamers when it comes to Brawl Stars. He averages almost 200 viewers when he streams as viewers tune in to watch his skills.

Have we missed any YouTuber or Streamer you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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